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Thursday, 28 November 2013

Coklat Kastad

Assalamualaikum semua,

Dalam peti sejuk saya, masih banyak lebihan dark coklat dan single cream yang saya buat cracker coklat hari tu. Jadi daripada membazir, baik saya buat sikit dessert yang saya pasti ramai yang akan sukakannya.
Resipi ni saya ambil dari blog yang sama iaitu
Ada sikit persamaan dengan creme brulee. Kalau creme brulee pakai fresh cream whereas coklat kastad ni pakai single cream. Creme brulee pakai gula putih, yang ni pakai gula merah. Lain-lain bahan tu lebih kurang sama ja.

1 cawan susu segar
1 cawan pouring cream atau  single cream
100gm dark coklat,pecahkan kecil2
4 kuning telur
1/3 cawan gula perang
1 sudu teh vanilla extract

** Kalau tak ada single cream, saya rasa fresh cream pun boleh sebab creme brulee menggunakan fresh cream. Cuma kurangkan sikit kuantitinya menjadi 3/4 cawan instead of 1 cawan.

Panaskan oven pada suhu 150 darjah celsius.

Masukkan susu dan cream kedalam saucepan dan masak pada suhu sederhana.
Kacau jangan henti selama lebih kurang lima minit. Bila nampak ada bubble kecil dah keluar, tutup api.

Sekarang masukkan kepingan coklat dan kacau sehingga licin dan halus.

Satukan kuning telur, gula perang dan vanilla extract kedalam mangkuk . Kemudian tuangkan campuran ini kedalam campuran susu dan cream di atas. Guna whisker atau pemukul telur dan whisk semua bahan ini menjadi licin halus dan sekata. Tangan harus cepat sebab kalau kita lambat takut telur kuning tu jadi telur dadar pulak.

Sekarang sediakan mangkuk kecil (yg tahan panas) atau ramekin.

Ini bekas ramekin. Kalau tak ada bekas ni cari bekas yang tahan haba oven .

Ceduk sikit adunan coklat tadi dan masukkan kedalam ramekin. Jangan terlalu penuh.

Letak satu pelapik atau dulang yang agak dalam didalam oven dan isikan sikit air panas mendidih.
Sekarang letak ramekin kedalam dulang ini.
(Anggaran air didalam dulang ialah separuh dari bekas ramekin itu.)

Bakar selama lebih kurang 45 minit. Jangan di tutup ramekin itu.

masih agak runny sebab baru masak.

Bila dah masak keluarkan dan biarkan sejuk seketika. Kemudian masukkan dalam peti sejuk.


Saya buat malam tadi, masih panas.
Hari ni bila keluarkan dari peti sejuk dan saya makan sikit, tersangatlah sedapnya sebab dah jadi kastad dan sejuk pula.
Coklat kastad ni juga boleh disajikan dengan buah-buahan segar atau buah dalam tin.

Salam dari saya,
28th.Nov '13

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

My Two Girls

Hi all,

Sophie called me the other day. She didn't sound cheerful like usual. She sounded forlorn and down. Every time I hear her voice that way, my heart sank. I wish I could be there to hold her or just to be next to her and tell her every thing's gonna be alright. She misses home and me too much. Like any college student, the assignment given was time consuming and required her full attention.

We talked every alternate days.She made it a point to allocate some time to have a chat with me. I told her she didn't have to do that. Her answers made me admire her even more so. This was what she said, "Ma, I know I don't have to call or text you every now and then. But I want to, even when we don't have much to say. You know why? Because if we start saying hello to one another once a week or once a month, soon we'll become like strangers.We felt awkward towards one another and then we start treating each other differently and the next thing we knew, we are at a loss for words to say to one another. Besides I need to hear your voice to calm me down.
My wise daughter. So, we talked every alternate day. Even when we have nothing much to say, she'll amuse me by singing a new song and made me guess who's the singer. Ahh..I am too old for all these new music and yet they (Sophie and her sister Sara) made me listen and recognise their favourite singers. At fifty, I am a hip mom. I listened to this new music as if I am one of them. Not that I'm overly crazy with modern music but it's alright.
I first heard about Nate of Fun band while she (Sophie) was in U.S last year. She made me listen to his song. (He has a slight resemblance to Mark Wahlberg) I think the song was "Some Nights" and I fell in love with his voice at once. A few weeks ago she introduced me to this English band, Passenger. Beautiful voice! His voice reminds me of James Blunt a little. She made me listen to endless songs she thought I might like.

Normally,she would carry on with her assignment ( lying on her bed with the i-Pad next to her) while talking to me on the phone. That day while talking,I heard an 'azan (calling for prayer for Muslim) clearly. I thought you were in the room, I said to her. She said I am.  "I downloaded the 'azan so that I wouldn't miss the prayer especially the Subh prayer. "(dawn prayer roughly between 5.50am ~ 06:50am) I was pleasantly surprised with what she did.
If one were to judge her, nobody would've believe that she has a great faith in our religion. She's vibrant, strong willed, liberal minded and usually she's in her jeans and T-Shirts. Her hair was let loose as she doesn't wear hijab. At nineteen, she still doesn't have a boyfriend. When I asked her why, she said the boys looked too pretty and if I were to go out with them, most probably I would end up baby-sitting them!
As far as I remember, she started praying five times a day since she was fifteen. She was about to sit for one of the important exams then.
She never skipped the fasting during Ramadhan month except when necessary, she prayed five times daily, and nowadays she recite the Quran (thanks to i-Pad) just so it stays afresh inside her.
Why am I elaborating about the good side of her? I never intended to sound bias or full of myself but rather because I was pissed with one of her school teachers some time ago. I shouldn't bring it up but I just can't let go of the remarks she said of Sophie.
This teacher was Sara's teacher as well. One day she said to Sara, "the hijab has to be wore at all times not only during school days. And your sister, Sophie, was not doing that since she returned from U.S."
To me, such words was not right to be uttered by a religious teacher because for one, Sophie never had her hair covered even before she left for the U.S. Her words bruised my heart.
What we put on doesn't make who we are. The teacher should find a better approach if she were to gain some respect from her peers.
I taught my children since they were little, do what you want to do and do it from your heart with sincerity. Draw a line between right and wrong. Then you'll be just fine throughout your lives.

Both she and Sara adhered to these words and they looked fine to me. Sara was a big contrast compared to her sister. Oh yes, she's a chatterbox at home but she was a no nonsense person as well. Both of us (Sophie and I) were a little afraid of her. We called her "ustazah", means religious teacher. Very prim and proper. You know, she will proof read and check the content of my post before I publish it. If she find in any way I am exaggerating especially about her, she'd make sure I change it.
She pulled face whenever I used foul language especially when driving. Whenever I bought something, she would read closely the content of the said items, checking if its halal or non-halal for us to consume. She would perform her prayer on the dot. Never missed even once. She'd hate it if she misses even one of the prayers.
She had become more attached to me since the absence of Sophie from home and I her.

She is currently sitting for the final exam. Today is the last day of the exam, the Biology paper. She already sat for her English paper three weeks ago. In that paper they had to choose from a few topics given. She chose one topic that had to be ended "....and so I became a better person."
I felt honoured and proud when she told me she chose the topic because of me. She wrote the essay based on my experience. "You know what I said about you in the essay ma?" she asked. I said no, why don't you enlighten me and tell me. She said I wrote, my mom went through many hardships throughout her life and that is one of the things I admired about her.
She also wrote that I was a little tomboyish, doesn't like make ups and hated it when another lady driver overtook me while driving. Does she really has to write down that I am tomboyish?
Unperturbed to my frowning, she went on, "She listens to my Korean music and memorize all nine faces of Girls' Generation girl group."
Of course I'd memorize each and every face of these girls since she'd make me guess who's who by producing pictures of them from the day they debuted till this day.
You think I can get away from her harassment to watch the video clip with her? She initialized a barter system with me. Every thursday night, she will massage my whole body, and in return I will have to watch the girl's group video clip, for ONE hour,  mind you. She could have transformed me into a K-Pop fan had I not been this old. Of course I accepted the offer as I benefited from it as well. Good massage at your own home!

The other day we met an old friend who now lives in Saudi and is doing very well over there. As we were meeting him later in the evening, I made Sara followed us not trusting to leave her alone  at home (too many crime nowadays). During our catching up time, he suddenly asked Sara what does she want to be after school. Without hesitation she said I am thinking of taking up medicine. Why he asked? Because I want my mom to stay healthy always.
There was another time when both of us were alone at home and I was feeling sad and down on that day, I said do you think I've raised you all, the way it should be? Had I failed in any way of raising up the four of you? Her unexpected reply was this, "Mama, you've done the best any mother could have done. I am worried one day when I have a family or children of my own,I will not be able to bring them up as good as you did to us, if not better or will I fail big time."

The few words that she uttered and the story she wrote about me in her essay made me think how lucky I was to have these two beautiful, sensitive creatures to be my daughters. I mean, as a mother, what else do you ask for? My eyes brimmed with tears that threaten to roll down. I told them if it hadn't been for their encouragement all these while, I may not be as strong as they'd like me to be.

My only worry now is, they will soon be on their own. How will I cope without them beside me. I don't believe in mothers being best friends to their children because to me parents are there to protect them, to educate them and to love them unconditionally. But in my case, I feel as if they were my best friends because they were always there for me,come rain or shine. They had never asked for anything except my love for them. And for that, I will love them till the last breath was taken away from me.

Have a great day everybody,
27th.Nov '13

Monday, 25 November 2013

Stir Fried French Bean and Tofu

Hey everybody,

Today I wish to share a simple Malay vegetable dish. Why did I post this recipe? Because each and every country has their own way of preparing a vegetable dish. I wanted to show and share how our vegetables were cooked in this Asia continent.

By the way, when I google, I found three different names for this bean. French bean, String Bean and Green Beans. I chose french beans.

Let's take a look at what's needed :

Some onion, garlic , chili and french beans
10 french beans (cut as picture above)
1 piece of tofu (cut into cube and stir fry a little. Put it aside first)
a handful of cut squid or little shrimp (it will lend a good aroma to the dish)
1 egg
1 red chili sliced
1 onion sliced
1 tea spoon of turmeric
2 tea spoon of fish sauce (if you don't have it, use salt instead)
1 tbl spoon of dark sweet soy
3 garlic crushed and cut in tiny pieces

Tofu & some squid and clam leftovers

First, as usual we need to heat up the cooking oil. Take about 2 table spoon of it and put it into the skillet.
Next, throw in the onion and garlic. Let the garlic brown a little.
Now, put in the squid or clam or whatever your heart fancy and pour a little water (1/4 cup) to moisten it a little.
Let all the ingredients incorporate.
Once the squid is cooked, throw in the green beans together with the lightly fried tofu.
Make a hole in the middle of the vegetables. Break an egg into it and stir until it thickens.
Now, you may add the sweet dark soy sauce, the fish sauce or salt and the sliced chilies.

Cooked for just about two minutes. Put off the fire and scrape it out from your skillet and place it in a plate.
It's ready. Takes not more than ten minutes to prepare and cook.

Fully nutritional. You can either eat it on its own or with a plate of rice. As for us Malaysians, we definitely will go with a plate of rice along with a few other dishes.

Happy cooking!

25th.Nov '13

Saturday, 23 November 2013

Kerang Rebus Dan Sos Nenas

Assalamualaikum semua,

Dah lama tak nampak kerang kat pasar. Kerang yang dah siap di kopek ada la. Tapi saya tak berapa gemar sangat kerang tu.
Jadi, pagi tadi bila nampak kerang , terus saya teringat nak buat kerang rebus dan sos manis. Lama sungguh tak buat sos ni .

Jom kita sediakan bahan-bahannya:

1 kilo kerang (dicuci bersih dan di rebus)
Air hanya separuh dari jumlah kerang di dalam periuk.
Bila kulit kerang dah terbuka, tutup api dan toskan.

Untuk sosnya pula :

air nenas anggaran 1/2 cawan

1/2 biji nenas (saiz sedang) dikisar dan di ambil jusnya anggaran 1/2 cawan
3 biji cili kering dan 5 cili api di kisar bersama dgn sedikit air
2 sudu besar sos tiram
2 sudu besar kicap manis (saya pakai kipas udang)
3 sudu besar gula merah
2 sudu makan air asam jawa
1/2 cawan kacang tanah
3 sudu makan minyak masak
sikit garam

Kita mulakan dengan panaskan minyak dalam kuali.
Bila minyak dah panas, tuangkan cili kisar tadi dengan sikit air. Biar sampai air hampir kering dan cili masak.

Sekarang masukkan air nenas tadi beserta dengan sos tiram, kicap manis dan gula merah.
Cuba rasa dulu, kalau dah cukup masin, tak perlu tambah garam.
Terakhir masukkan air asam jawa dan taburkan kacang tanah dan tunggu sehingga sos agak pekat.

Bila dah cukup pekat, bolehlah ditutup api dan biarkan sejuk sikit sebelum di sajikan.

Nota : Sos ni juga boleh dimakan dengan lain-lain pembuka selera seperti rojak buah atau salad.

Anggaran Cost :

Kerang            : RM 5.00 sekilo
Nenas              : RM 1.00
Lain-lain bahan : RM 2.00

Jumlah                RM 8.00 untuk 4 orang

23rd.Nov '13

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

A Boring Day

Hey everyone!

How's life with you guys out there? Doing great? Good to hear that. We need all kind of good news every now and then to perk our day once in a while. As for me, life has been easy on me these days. I am happy the way I am leading my life at this very moment. I had had enough of deadlines and headaches a couple of years ago to last me a lifetime.

Much of the time I have at hand these days were filled with daily routine. I am always on the go from dawn till later in the evening. That way I don't feel my life being wasted away. But like any other people out there, there were days when I felt unproductive. There's no challenge for me to take on. What challenge? You're fifty years old. You may say. I know, I know, but it's not a sin right, for a fifty year old to want to have a little challenge to spice up her life? Oh well, I try to  figure out something some day.

Wondering why I am grumbling about my life? Nothing much. Just that yesterday was an awfully boring day for me. As usual I got up early and made some light breakfast for Sara before she left for school. My husband was out early. Soffian was with his friends holidaying in Koh Lipeh, Thailand and Ariff was in the morning shift. I was all alone at home. Just so you know it, I love being alone at home. I am free from cooking and washing. And I am free to write my blog with no disturbances whatsoever. But yesterday was, I don't know how to say it, something like empty. Most probably it was raining outside and the sky was dark and my radio was playing As Time Goes By by Kenny Rogers. It all added up together.

I went out for a while on my own to pay up our utility bills and grabbed some grocery to stock up my kitchen cabinet. I planned it in such a way that I was on the dot to pick up Sara from her school. Since nobody was at home, both of us had lunch at a nice little cafe close to my place. I had Fish & Chips while Sara had a nice grilled chicken. That was quite good.  We got home at close to one o'clock in time to catch a repeat of a Running Man episode.
Ariff got home a little bit later. Gave me a weak smile and headed towards kitchen. "Ma, what did you have for lunch?" He asked. I said casually, "Oh, Sara and I had our lunch outside, since nobody was at home today". I heard him grumbling how hungry he was and that he hadn't eaten anything since this morning. I turned to him and said, "I don't understand you. You worked in a hotel, you worked in one of the hotels kitchen and for heaven's sake you're making cakes and chocolates everyday for the desserts and you came home grumbling to me that you're hungry. I honestly don't understand you."
"Ma, I had enough of hotel food. I even can tell what food they're serving in the cafetaria by the smell of it."
"Oh really? For all you know, I got tired of my cooking too. I too know what's the taste like even before the food was inside my mouth." I countered back.
He will not back down when he continued,"Are you cooking tonight?"
I said I don't know. I will if I feel up to it and I won't if I don't feel like it.
He made a face and cheekily said to me before running hurriedly upstairs, "You will cook then right?"
I shouted back I don't know yet.

It was nearly six when my husband got home. He walked slowly towards the dining table and saw nothing on it.His way of questioning it,"What did you guys had for lunch just now?"
"Oh we had our lunch outside." I answered.
"Anything to eat? I am hungry."
I don't understand them. They were out all day and going places and they can stop anywhere to have that cup of tea but no, none of them did that. They came home and automatically their eyes and hands will reach the dining table to see if there's something that can be eaten. Or the fridge. They will open the fridge to see if I've placed a mystery dessert inside there. Well I do at times, since I have a food blog. But not always and I need to get away from the kitchen too every now and then.

A few hours ago the house was quiet and I thought I'd die of boredom and now I wish that boredom would creep back so that I could lounge a bit more, instead of having this squabbling moment with them.
Guess what happen next? I ended up going into the kitchen. I prepared the easiest and safest dinner for all. Home-made paratha bread with chicken curry and tuna sandwich.

Ariff came down later and saw some food on the table and I can see him grinning and stealing a quick look at my direction. As if I didn't see him.
"What are you smiling about?" I purposely put on my firm voice.
"Oh nothing, just that I think Genie had brought me some food." He said teasing me.
"Genie? Sure, the Genie you're talking about is the same Genie talking to you at this very moment".
He laughed and walked to get his plate and doesn't seem to bother with my remarks.
My husband was next on line to get his plate.

And so my boring day had turned into a normal day. I maybe can stay away from the kitchen when we were away somewhere on holiday.
Dinner served, everybody's happy. Now it's my time to sit back and enjoy a few hours before calling it a night.

Good nite everybody!

Bye for now,
20th.Nov '13

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Biskut Kracker Rapuh & Coklat

Baru-baru ni saya buka satu blog Australia ni:, ada resipi coklat yang menarik perhatian saya.
Agak susah nak faham apa yang dia tulis tapi nasib baik anak teruna saya, Ariff, ada di rumah hari tu. Jadi dia tolong bagi tau apa yang patut di buat. Sebelum ni, tak pernah sekali pun dia buat kek atau cookies kat rumah walaupun itu memang kerja dia di hotel.

Saya ubah sikit2 untuk bagi senang kita nak buat.
Bahan bahan yang diperlukan :

Golden syrup dan single cream

125gm single cream ataupun pouring cream
1 potong dark cooking chocolate
(kedua-dua bahan utk coklat ganache)

3 sudu makan susu pekat manis
2 sudu makan golden syrup
1 sudu makan butter
(ketiga-tiga bahan untuk lapisan manis)

120gm butter (di cairkan)
1 packet cream cracker (dihancurkan)
(kedua-dua bahan untuk biskut rapuh)
saya sengaja pakai cream crackers ni sebab nak contrast kan rasa coklat dan susu yang sangat manis.
Pakai sepotong saja dah cukup
Untuk membuat coklat ganache, kita hanya perlukan sepotong dari dark coklat ini. (pecahkan coklat mengikut outline dia)
Coklat ganache

Buka api perlahan. Masukkan coklat tadi bersama dengan separuh dari single krim (125gm). Kacau jangan henti sehingga coklat cair dan halus. Tuangkan ke dalam mangkuk dan biarkan sejuk.

Untuk membuat manisan susu pekat pula, masukkan susu pekat, golden syrup dan 1 sudu butter dan masak atas api perlahan sampai butter cair dan semua mixture menjadi sebati. Tuangkan kedalam mangkuk dan biarkan sejuk.

Sekarang nak bakar biskut pulak. Mula-mula panaskan oven kita pada 170celsius.
Pada masa yang sama juga, ambil cream cracker yang dihancurkan tadi dan campurkan dengan butter yang kita cairkan tadi. Gaul rata.

Ambil acuan muffin dan letakkan cup cake liners kedalam acuan (utk mengelakkan dari melekat).
Sekarang ambil adunan crackers tadi dan masukkan kedalam acuan dan tekan kesemua bahagian base/bawah dan tepi.
**Ingat ya, biskut rapuh ni memang betul-betul rapuh. Pegang kuat sikit dah berderai.
    Ada satu adunan tu, saya campurkan dengan sikit putih telur utk melekatkan adunan.

Biskut yg dah dibakar. Senang berderai. Mesti dimasukkan ke peti sejuk dulu

Bakar selama lebih kurang 7 ~ 8minit. Biskut akan menjadi kekuningan seperti diatas. Masukkan kedalam peti sejuk selama 1/2 jam dulu.

Keluarkan biskut dari peti sejuk. Sekarang masukkan manisan susu/golden syrup tadi (anggaran 1 sudu makan setiap bekas) dan biarkan dulu. Jangan dimasukkan coklat ganache dulu. Lebih elok kalau disimpan didalam peti sejuk selama 20minit.
Selepas 20 minit keluarkan semula dari peti sejuk dan sekarang bolehlah di siram dengan coklat ganache kedalam biskut cracker kita.

Lagi sekali, masukkan kedalam peti sejuk dan biarkan selama 20 minit. Sekarang barulah boleh dimakan.
pictures by Ariff  Ismail

Sangat sedap! Bahan-bahan yang harus digunakan agak mahal tapi kita boleh simpan untuk masakan lain seperti single cream tadi tu boleh kita gunakan untuk membuat pasta sauce. Coklat pula memang banyak kegunaan dia.

Anggaran cost :

Cooking coklat  : RM 3.00 (pakai separuh )
Single cream      : RM 4.50 (   "         "       )
Cream cracker  :
Butter               : RM 4.00
Lain-lain bahan : RM 3.00

Jumlah               RM 14.50
                         (Boleh dapat 12 biskut)


Sunday, 17 November 2013

Tropical Salad With Peanut Sauce / Gado Gado

Hey there everybody!

I am back again with yet another recipe, a salad recipe. My readers especially those in the U.S, the Great Britain, Germany,Poland and a few other European countries should try this recipe at home. I try to make it as simple as possible so that you too can enjoy it as much as we do out here in Malaysia.
This recipe is most probably originated from Indonesia.  I had to put this in writing so that there won't be any misunderstanding from my Indonesian readers with regards to this recipe.

Let's take a look at the ingredients :

The roasted dried chili
7 dried chili 
Roast in dry skillet
Use your food processor and grind it until it became powdery
Mix a cup of water into the chili powder. Put it aside
300gm of peanut 
Also roast it without oil and allow to cool.
Then use your hand or a piece of cloth to scrunch out the peanut skin.
Grind it using your food processor until half of the peanuts became fine and the other half still chunky
2 tbl spoon of tamarind juice
( Available at any Asian store)
Take about the size of a ping-pong ball and put a little water in it. Squeeze it until it produces the brownish juice. Scoop about 2 tblspoon and put aside.

2 tblspoon of cooking oil
1 cup of coconut cream
3 garlic (crushed)
a pinch of salt
3 tblspoon of sugar
2 table spoon of brown sugar

** Don't get daunted by my explanation above. It isn't as complex as you may think. In fact it is so easy once you get started.

Now lets make some sauce:

Place the cooking oil in a skillet. Let it heat a little.Throw in the garlic for just a minute. Don't burn it.
Next, pour in the chili paste that we put aside just now. Cook under medium heat. Let it boil.

Then, add the crushed peanut into the boiling chili paste and stir it so that it doesn't turn lumpy.

At this time, you may pour in the coconut cream, sugar, salt and tamarind juice all at once.
Let it simmer until the sauce thicken.
Oops, one of my long bean had jumped into the sauce!
picture by ariff ismail
Once fully cooked, the color of the sauce should change into vibrant brownish as the picture above.
See, it's as easy as 1,2,3.
This is how it should be eaten
You should eat it by pouring a lot of the sauce onto your salad and mix well. Not dipping into it.
Take a look at the picture above.

Right, now that you've succeeded with the making of your sauce, let's get your vegetables ready
You will need :
bean curd or tofu and water spinach

300gm of water spinach (blanched for a few seconds, if you can't find them, just leave it out)
3 piece of beancurd (lightly fried and cut into cubes)
2 potatoes (boiled)
2 hard boiled eggs (cut any way you like)
100 gm of bean sprout (blanched for two seconds)
100gm young corn (blanched for about a minute)
8 long beans or snake beans (cut it into 2 inches long each blanched for a minute)

You may add any other vegetable to suit your taste buds.
And that's it. It's ready and it's superbly delicious and nutritious. Please try it and let me know.


Saturday, 16 November 2013

Pengat Pisang Sekaya Pandan

Tiba-tiba rasa teringin pulak nak makan pengat pisang. Dulu arwah tok rajin buat pengat pisang ni. Pengat pisang yang saya nak kongsi ni ada sikit kelainan, saya buat kuah santan berasingan. Jadi bagi sesiapa yang menjaga pemakanan bolehlah ikut resipi ni. Makan pengat saja tanpa santan didalamnya.

Bahan yang di perlukan :

7 biji pisang masak ranum (pisang emas lebih manis)
1 cawan tepung ubi
1/4 cawan gula putih
3 sudu makan gula merah (utk memberi warna)
1/2 cawan air
sikit garam

UTK sekaya pandan pulak :
1 cawan santan
sikit garam
2 sudu besar gula putih
2 sudu besar tepung ubi
1/2 cawan air pandan

Cara nak buat sekaya pandan ni, senang saja. Sediakan periuk kecil, masukkan air pandan, gula putih dan garam. Bila gula dah larut, masukkan pula tepung ubi. Bila dah agak pekat baru dimasukkan santan. Tutup api dan angkat.

Pisang yang di lenyek
Untuk membuat pengat pisang:
Mula-mula kisar pisang agak kasar (tengok gambar di atas)

Di dalam satu mangkuk asing, campurkan tepung ubi, kedua2 jenis gula, garam, air dan gaul sekata.

Kemudian masukkan pisang tadi kedalam campuran tepung ini.
Gaul hingga gula hancur dan sebati.

Panaskan steamer kita. Griskan sikit permukaan loyang. Tuangkan adunan pisang tadi kedalam loyang dan kukus selama lebih kurang 30 minit.

Tutup api dan keluarkan dari steamer.

Penat bekerja? Take a break dengan pengat pisang 

Biarkan betul betul sejuk. Bila dah sejuk, potong kecil2 pengat tadi dan tuangkan sekaya pandan keatasnya.

Nota : Pada saya, saya lebih suka pengat pisang saya dimasak memakai tepung ubi drp tepung gandum yang selalu kita guna. Tepung ubi rasanya lebih "light" atau ringan pada perut. Bak kata orang Kedah, tak sebu perut.

Anggaran Cost :
Pisang              : RM 2.00
Santan             : RM  2.00
Lain-lain bahan : RM 1.00

Jumlah            : RM 5.00

16th.Nov '13

Friday, 15 November 2013

The Down Side of Me

Hello readers and friends,

It's 3.36pm Sunday afternoon when I started writing this post. Let's see how many days will I take to finish up the writing. I could complete it today if I put my mind to it or stay focused, who knows.

Now, at this moment, I am feeling totally worn out. It's totally legit for me to say that, since my day starts at 6am. Everything needed to be done in exact time such as sending Sara to school, preparing my little business ( the packed lunch, remember? If not, you can revert to my April post,  A Little Side Income
 Yeap, I am still doing it. Why, that's what helped me to vacationing in Chiang Mai last August.
My packed lunch business must be ready by 10am. Then it had to be sent over to the vendor soon as I am done packing.
 I usually finished the whole regiment, that include doing the dirty laundry and dish washing and lunch cooking by 12:30pm. By now my spinal cord is crying for me to slow down. It wouldn't be so bad if I am still in my thirties. But fifty? Well, think it this way. It's a good form of exercising.

I got some time to relax after 2 o'clock and that's  the time when I can start my blogging. But what usually deter me from writing religiously was my strayed mind. I can't stay focus. There were so many things on my mind that is interfering with my creativity. I prided myself as someone who thinks like a man, yet I am an ultra sensitive person. I cried easily and I dwell on some unnecessary matters longer than it should.
That's what I hate most about myself. I give one example. Lets say, Sophie didn't call me for just about two days and she didn't even text me. Just because of this little slip up, I thought the worse of it. Maybe she's bored talking to me or worse, she had nothing to talk about with me. I found myself assuming things that she herself didn't know about. Then I started feeling sorry for myself. See what I mean?

There's one other thing that I hate about myself. I like to keep things to myself. I may be at my boiling point with someone or anyone (especially those closest to me), but I kept the dissatisfaction bottled up inside me. I can't bring myself to blurt out what/how I truly felt. I thought they would get hurt if I am being honest and truthful.
It didn't help to make the situation better. It only make the matters worse and make me feel terribly stressed. And to wonder how on earth  did I get the cancer!

I also have a heart of jelly. Too soft hearted which could put me in a disadvantage position occasionally. My husband and the two girls knew me like the back of their hands. A number of times they had to stop  me from being overly generous. Not that I am rich, no ma'am, of that I am sure. It's just that, I am a sucker, for sad story. (doesn't sound cool for a fifty year old to use that kind of word,huh?)
If anybody were to walk up to me and tell me their sob story and asked for some donation, he or she wouldn't leave empty handed. When I was at the wet market in the morning, there were some old men selling their home grown vegetable or old ladies selling their home-made cakes, I am torn.To buy or not to buy. Half of me is saying it's gonna go into waste as I don't need those at home, the other half  is urging me to buy. It only cost a pittance. I won't go broke by buying their goods. Honestly, I really don't need those things at home yet I felt sorry for them. It's a back breaking job to toil the land with their bare hands to cultivate some produce and sell it on their own for how much? RM 3.00 for a kilo of sweet potatoes. And the ladies, they had to sacrifice their sleep having to wake up at three or four o'clock in the morning to prepare the Malay cakes and sell at 0.30 a piece. I am pretty sure you guys would do the same as I do. I had toughened up a bit lately but like they say, old habits die hard.

I've got this bad habit of not looking into a person's eyes, as and when I am upset with that particular person. I can feel my facial muscle contracting and my whole body synchronizing as if in agreement with my feeling at that moment. I tried changing the way I behave but I doubt I'll be able to do that at this point of time.

What else? Oh yes, when I am in my foul mood at one of the inhabitants at home, everybody else will feel the heat too. Lets say Ariff was the source of anger for that day, rest assure he wasn't alone. Whoever dares to cross my path will feel my wrath too. Even though I wasn't the nagging type or the yelling type, my quietness and my curt responses will make everyone around uneasy. It took me a longer time to cool off the temperature.

The last one is my forgetfulness or shall I say absent-mindedness? Are the two the same in meaning? Same meaning or not, I am both of the above. I always seem to forget the recent event or conversations that I just had with someone. By far, the worse is when I am driving, be it on my own or with any one of my family members. I tend to forget where I am heading. At times I even forget the route I am taking. What I'd do (if I am alone) I would stop the car and had to take a moment to think back before I left the house. Sound creepy, doesn't it?  Just the other day, coming back from town with Sara and upon reaching home, I asked her if my cell phone was with her. She said no. I walked back to the car and began searching everywhere. I was about to think that Sara is playing me up. Then she pointed to my hand. It was in my left hand all the while. Funny thing is I have a clear and vivid mind for long term memories. I must be suffering from short term memory loss.
The most terrifying thought is I might ended up being an Alzheimer patient. Touch wood! Even to think that I had to depend on people for every single thing can made me cringe.

Despite all the weaknesses and flaws that my mind and body is and was going through, I am blessed for being who I am. I love me.

I finally finished my writing today (Friday 15th) after starting on this topic last Sunday.
Have a nice evening everybody, wherever you may be!

15th.Nov '13

Daging Dendeng


Salam buat semua,
Baru-baru ni saya buat daging dendeng. Rasanya masakan ni dari Padang, Indonesia. Tapi sebab dah ramai orang Indonesia tinggal dan menetap di sini, masakan dan makanan dia orang pun dah jadi sebahagian makanan kita. Banyak versi masakan ni. Kita masak ikut senang diri kita. 

Bahan bahan yang diperlukan sangat senang cuma nak masak dia tu agak renyah sikit.

1/2 kilo daging, 
7 cili merah (di kisar agak kasar)
2 biji tomato dikisar kasar

10 ulas bawang merah dimayang (di goreng garing dan ketepikan dulu)

buah keras, bawang merah dan cili merah

3 ~ 4  bawang putih,
sikit  halia dan serai
(dikisar bersama)

4 butir buah keras di tumbuk halus
2 helai daun limau purut
sikit garam
3 sudu besar air asam jawa

3 sudu makan kicap manis 
2 sudu makan kicap cair masin
1 sudu teh jintan manis (di tumbuk kasar) 
1 sudu teh jintan putih   ( di tumbuk kasar)

Mula-mula kita rebuskan daging dulu. Tak perlu empuk sangat. Cukup separuh empuk.
Daging di hiris nipis seperti gambar di bawah. Toskan tetapi jangan dibuang airnya.

Kemudian, ambil daging tu sikit-sikit dan tumbuk menggunakan lesung batu. Jangan terlalu kuat dan lama. Cukup sehingga ia menjadi flat.
Masukkan bahan-bahan (didalam tulisan biru dan gaul biar rata. Ketepikan dulu)

Sekarang baru kita mula masak :

Panaskan kuali dan masukkan sikit minyak. Pakai minyak lebihan gorengan bawang tadi lebih sedap aromanya.

Daging di goreng sebentar dan diperap dgn jintan dan kicap
 Kemudian goreng daging tadi seketika. Jgn terlalu garing. Kemudian angkat.

 Sekarang tumis bahan-bahan (didalam tulisan merah) sehingga naik bau. Kemudian masukkan cili merah yang dikisar tadi bersama dengan daun limau purut dan kacau lagi sampai agak garing.

Bila dah agak garing, masukkan air rebusan daging, buah keras dan juga daging yang telah di perap. Masak sehingga daging hampir kering, kemudian tuangkan tomato kisar tadi.

Terakhir masukkan pula asam jawa dalam 3 ~ 4 sudu besar. Biarkan lagi lebih kurang 5 minit.
Tutup api dan taburkan bawang yang telah kita goreng tadi. Kacau hingga sebati.


13th.Sept '12 (updated on 15th.Nov '13)

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Sotong Goreng Tepung

Saya sangat sure semua orang suka makan sotong goreng tepung kan? Ada macam-macam cara penyediaan masing-masing. Malam ni saya share cara saya menyediakan sotong goreng tepung ni.

Bahan yang diperlukan :

Sotong di potong bulat (kuantitinya ikut keperluan di rumah kita)

1/2 cawan tepung gandum
1/2 cawan tepung jagung
3 sudu besar tepung beras
sikit garam dan sikit lada hitam
1 sudu teh soda bikarbonat

2 biji telur

Caranya :

Gaul semua bahan di dalam tulisan biru dan ketepikan dulu.
Pecahkan telur dan pukul sedikit.

Ambil sebahagian campuran tepung tadi dan masukkan kedalam telur dan pukul biar sekata dan tidak berbiji. Jangan terlalu cair dan tidak terlalu pekat.

Sekarang ambil sotong satu persatu dan ulitkan dengan batter telur tadi. Dari batter telur, salutkan pula dengan lebihan campuran tepung kita tadi.

Panaskan minyak dengan api yang kuat. Tunggu sampai minyak betul-betul panas. (minyak harus banyak sebab sotong ni kita nak deep fry dia)
Masukkan satu persatu sotong dan goreng dalam lebih kurang 2 minit begitu. Jangan lama sebab i) ia akan hangus dan ii) ia akan menjadi liat.

Ini lah dia sotong goreng tepung yang di minati oleh semua orang.

Anggaran Cost :
Sotong 1/2 kilo : RM 6.50
Tpg goreng       : RM 1.00
Lain-lain bahan : RM 2.00

Jumlah               RM 9.50 untuk lima orang

Salam dari saya,
13th.November '13

Monday, 11 November 2013

Gulai Nangka Ikan Bilis

Salam semua,

Saya ni dah lama tak makan gulai nangka masak sendiri kat rumah. Bukannya apa, penghuni di rumah ni tak berapa gemar dengan gulai ni, harapkan saya sorang saja. Kalau ada Sophie kat rumah okay jugak lah. Dia pandai makan semua benda.
Tapi hari ni saya buat jugak. Nanti kalau tak habis saya boleh bagi kat jiran depan rumah.

Bahan-bahannya :

1 paket nangka muda (kat pasar ada jual)
2 sudu makan ikan bilis (di basuh dan di toskan )
1 sudu makan rempah ikan kering ataupun rempah daging ( saya suka pakai Baba's)
1 sudu makan cili kering yang di kisar
1/2 cawan santan
1 sudu teh serbuk jintan manis
Sikit bwg merah,bwg putih dan halia yang di rincik agak halus
5 cili kering yang di sangai

Cara memasak :

i) Panaskan air hingga mendidih di dalam periuk. Kemudian masukkan nangka muda ke dalamnya dan rebus selama lebih kurang 8 minit. Setelah itu, angkat dan toskan dulu.

ii) Panaskan periuk dengan sikit minyak. Tumis bawang putih/merah, daun kari dan halia sampai wangi.
    Tuang masuk pes rempah bersama dengan cili kisar dan ikan bilis tadi. Tutup sebentar dan biar sampai pecah minyak.

iii) Bila dah pecah minyak, masukkan nangka dan satu cawan air. Biarkan sampai empuk.
Kalau masih belum empuk, tambahkan air sikit lagi.

iv) Bila dah empuk dan air mula menyejat, tuangkan pulak santan. Juga, sekarang bolehlah dimasukkan garam, jintan manis dan sedikit gula. Terakhir patah-patahkan cili kering yang disangai tadi dan masukkan kedalam gulai kita.

v) Biar sampai mendidih dan bila kuah dah agak pekat bolehlah di tutup api dan angkat.
    Siap untuk di makan.

Nota : Kalau nak buat tumis darat pun boleh. Rebuskan nangka muda tadi dengan sedikit air beserta rempah dan cili sampai empuk. Bila dah empuk masukkan santan dan lain-lain perasa kemudian tutup api.
Di kuali berasingan, tumis bwg putih/merah, halia dan daun kari sampai kekuningan. Lepas tu tuang masuk kedalam kuah nangka itu tadi.

Costing :
Nangka muda : RM 3.00
 Santan           : RM 1.00
Ikan Bilis        : RM 1.00
Lain-lain         : RM 2.00

Jumlah             RM 7.00 untuk 6 orang

11th.Nov '13

Saturday, 9 November 2013

Mung Bean Sweet Dessert

Hello again,

Today I am not doing any feature write ups but rather I am sharing one Malaysian recipe with you guys. This recipe is an all time favourite especially in Malay house hold.
I didn't do the recipe in Malay as I know for certain that almost everybody knows how to prepare this simple yet delicious dessert.

What you need are :
1/2 cup of mung bean (soaked for a couple of hours)
2 cups of water
3 tbl spoon of brown sugar
1/2 cup of sugar (granulated sugar will do)
2 cups of coconut cream (most important)
1 pandan leaf (this leaf brings great aroma in cooking, good if you can find some)
a very small pinch of salt
1/2 cup of tapioca pearls soaked for about 1/2 hour. Drained before pouring.
(check availability at your nearest Asian store)

Tapioca pearls about to  be soaked
Let's begin:

Wash the mung beans. Pour the beans into a cooking pot together with 2 cups of water. Turn on the fire at a medium low. Close the lid and let it simmer for about 45 minutes.
The bean is now tender

Pick one or two grains and pinch with your fingers. If the grains split softly at your touch then its good to add other items. If  not, let it simmer again until it soften. Do not let the water dries up. Add (water) a little more if the beans were still not properly cooked.

Now that the bean has turned soft, check the water level. It should be about 1/2 inch above the beans.  (We don't want runny dessert)
Next, pour in the tapioca pearls and stir it with your ladle so that it will not clump together.
Wait until the pearls turned translucent. This tapioca pearl is to give a starchy texture to our dessert.

Now, you may add in the brown and granulated sugar together with shredded pandan leaf and salt.
Stir until the sugar dissolved and it started to bubble up.

At this point, pour in your coconut cream and stir again. Once you see the bubble forming up again, turn off the fire instantly.
If you let the fire on for longer than it should, the dessert will produce oil. Coconut milk produce oil very quickly.

The green leaf is pandan leaf

Your dessert is ready to be served. The aroma of this dessert alone will fill up your home and will make your mouth water.

Note : If you can't find coconut milk, substitute it with evaporated milk.
          Pandan leaf is not a necessity. It only enhance the aroma.
          Leave out tapioca pearls if you can't find one.

* See how easy it is to prepare this dessert?
And full of nutritional value.
1) Mung beans are low in cholesterol.
2) Mung Bean contain protease inhibitors which means it slows down the replication of certain cancer cell including those found in breast cancer. It is also known to block and prevent the formation of tumour cells.
3) Mung beans are high in protein

Give it a try. It is as easy as frying an egg.

9th.Nov '13

Friday, 8 November 2013

Great Movies: As I See It

Hello all,

The other day I watched a movie called Maximum Conviction. Starred Steven Seagal . I was never a fan of him and the next morning Sara grumbled that I fell asleep halfway through the movie, I said to her "well, what do you expect? He's not my type of guy."
I am very selective over what sort of movies to watch. Same goes for books. I  only read books from a few authors. Worse than that,  I only read Jeffrey Archer's books nowadays.  What is becoming of me!

Back to movies, I have a few movies that I will consider as  masterpiece. I was neither a Sci Fi fan nor was I of any action-packed movies. So, we can count those out.
Here's the list of movies that I find intelligent,entertaining and have that good-to-watch qualities : The Silence of The Lamb, The Fugitive, Shooter, The Bone Collector and Above Suspicion. Mind you, this is from my personal point of view.

I will not go into the story line of each movie I had watched. I just want to share the best scene or moment in each movie with you people.

Let's go with Silence of the Lamb first. There was Anthony Hopkins and Jodie Foster. Both had at one time visited this island (Langkawi). Believe it or not, I was standing right opposite Jodie Foster when she was here years ago to film Anna and The King whereas Anthony Hopkins was here last year (if I am not mistaken) for holiday.
Ok, I am blabbering a wee bit.
About the movie. Anthony Hopkins was brilliant as Hannibal Lecter. I can't think of anyone better to play that part. He didn't overdo his part. His greatest asset was his cold blue (dead) eyes. The story line was easy to grasp unlike some other movies that needed us to think and re-think what the movie was all about. He was intelligent yet totally gruesome when he disguised himself using the face of the security guard that he had cut off earlier.
And then there was Foster as Clarice Starling, a rookie at her job and raring to prove her ability at what she was about to investigate. Brilliant!
Then comes the sequel, Hannibal. I was slightly disappointed when Foster wasn't in the cast. And I feel the movie was a little messy. I was kinda lost a few times throughout the movie. Thus, this movie was not in my list. Biased because Foster was not in it? Maybe.

The Fugitive: Let me tell you guys. He is one of my favourite actors. Truly a great actor. I remember watching one of his movies, What Lies Beneath. There was one scene when he was standing by the staircase railing looking down at his wife, I think.  He looked panic, the camera focused to his side profile and I can see him gulping. It looked real. Like he was in panic that he get caught.
Back to The Fugitive, this movie was the greatest among all other movies that I've watched. Ford was excellent as Dr Richard Kimble. My favourite scene was when he went back to the hospital he worked, looking for some clues about the prosthetic limb that could lead him to his wife killer and when he changed a medical's order so that a young boy's case be handled urgently. He was truly convincing playing the part of a surgeon. Intelligent movie and I was glued to my seat until the end.

Next, The Shooter. Mark Wahlberg as Bob Lee Swagger. For a white guy, he's kind of small. Can I say petite? No? Only for ladies,huh? Okay, however one may describe him, he's ruggedly gorgeous. This is another movie I never get tired of watching. My favourite scene? There were two, one was  when they (the military men and him) were at a building scouting the place where the President's speech was to take place. They were talking about the possibility of a shoot out from that distance. They were taking into account about the lightest blow of wind that could ruin the target, the angle, the shooting position and all those cool talk about guns. I was intrigued by it all. The other one was when he was approaching a cabin where a Russian shooter was hiding. The camera focused on a silhouette figure of a man standing in a small boat (or dingy) approaching the hide-out. That was classy. Overall I loved this movie. I had watched it about five times.

The Bone Collector: Another great actor taking the lead role. Denzel Washington. The story line has a slight resemblance to The Silence of The Lamb movie. The way Washington was portrayed as an intelligent quadriplegic homicide detective. His office is the hospital itself. His sidekick was played by none other than the beautiful Angelina Jolie. Since he can't move at all, he depended on Jolie to describe him about the crime scene and evidence carried in by the police and Jolie as well. From  there, he'd put two and two together. Jolie was to be his eyes and ears. Jolie's performance was still raw back then. Overall, I enjoyed the movie.

My last favourite is Above Suspicion. I know, you guys must be thinking, what movie is that? Believe me, I didn't think much of it at first but one day when I had nothing better to do, I sat and watched this movie played by Christopher Reeves (that's right, Superman himself) and I thought to myself, that wasn't bad. Christopher Reeves played a role as a paralyzed cop, Dempsey Cain. (ironically he became paralyzed in real life not long after that movie was shot)
In this movie, his wife had cheated on him with another man, and that other man happened to be his brother. He plot to kill his wife. My favourite scene? When he was required to take the polygraph test to prove his innocence. He trained his voice by controlling the voice vibration so that it will appear positive in the test. Another scene was, when he was cross-examined in the court, by a police officer (played by Joe Mantegna) and out of exasperation the officer stabbed him (Cain) on his thigh. He remained motionless. I forgot most of the story line as the last time I watched was maybe five years ago.

Out of the five movies, my pick would be.... The Fugitive followed by The Silence of The Lamb. I know, many would argue Silence of The Lamb has a good screen play. But I am looking it in a few ways. The Fugitive has a much easier script to grasp. We, the audience could relate as to what Dr Richard Kimble was going through if that were to happen to any us, whereas in Silence of The Lamb, Dr Lecter's intelligence is way ahead of our thinking. It seemed a little far-fetched to think that someone could be that smart while being locked up in a prison.

There were other movies that interest me as well, The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3. Both of my gorgeous leads were in that movie. As usual I am more inclined towards the bad guy. So when Travolta requested for Denzel Washington to shoot him, I was upset. I loved Travolta since his days of Saturday night Fever and Grease. I even tried once to cut a little cleft under my chin so that I could look like him.
My daughter, Sara, many a time got upset while watching movies with me. Reason being, I was always backing up the bad guys. I had to defend myself by saying I am not siding the bad guys but rather their acting, the way they present or carry themselves as the bad guy made me always wanted to be on their side. I guess directors or rather other actors (playing good guys) must find some way to project themselves as someone that audience feel protective towards or drawn to them.

Of course I watched some light movies especially comedies. Adam Sandler had me in stitches in most of his comedy movies. Soffian (my son) is a great fan of him. I love the Big Daddy movie where he looked after a little boy and taught him what every mother wouldn't dream of doing/teaching.  I like Just Go With It, Grown Ups and many more.

Who  says too much movies or TVs were not good to us. I, for one disagree with that line. There were movies or TV series that taught us things we'd never knew in our everyday lives such as C.S.I. After watching countless of episodes, I had learn a few things about blood trajectory, DNAs, the crime scene itself and many other things of which I had no  way of knowing it had it not be from the CSIs. Oh, by the way, Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) is my favourite  detective in CSI.

Okay, had to go now. Hope you enjoy the little write up.
Have a great day wherever you are.

8th.November '13

Monday, 4 November 2013

Puding Mangga

Sekarang ni dah nak masuk musim panas di Langkawi ni. Lagi sikit hari, nak keluar rumah pun dah malas.
Bila dah nak masuk musim panas ni, elok juga kalau kita buat dessert yang segar2 untuk menyejukkan tekak.
Kita kat Langkawi senang dapat buah mempelam ataupun mangga. Jadi apa kata kita ambil sikit buah mangga ni dan buat pencuci mulut di musim panas ni.

2 biji mangga (yang masak ranum lebih elok)
1 botol yoghurt perisa mangga (saya pakai Bliss)
2 cawan gula pasir
2 sudu besar gula perang (utk memberi sikit warna)
2 biji  limau kasturi di perah ambil jusnya
1  1/4 cawn air (kalau suka lebih lembut boleh tambah sikit lagi air)
2 sudu makan serbuk agar-agar

1/2 cawan santan dgn sedikit garam
saya pakai yoghurt ini (200gm)

Jom kita mula :
Mula mula kisar mangga sampai halus. Bila dah kisar, tapiskan dengan penapis air.
Ambil buang serat-serat mangga tadi.

Kemudian tuangkan yoghurt perisa mangga kedalam mangga yg di kisar tadi.

Masukkan pula gula pasir dan gula perang kedalam campuran mangga tadi. Masuk sekali jus limau kasturi.
kacau biar sekata.

Sekarang, masak serbuk agar-agar dengan 1  1/4 cawan air di dalam periuk berasingan.
Dengan api sederhana, kacau terus hingga agar-agar melarut didalam air.

Ambil campuran mangga kita tadi dan tuangkan masuk kedalam larutan agar-agar.
Kacau terus sehingga pudding kita mula mendidih.

Tutup air dan angkat.

Tuangkan kedalam acuan yang kita suka.

Biarkan sehingga suam kemudian bolehlah dimasukkan kedalam peti sejuk.

Puding ni di siram dengan santan.
Bila dah sedia nak makan, keluarkan dari acuan dan siramkan dengan sikit santan.

Yang ini tanpa santan

Puding ni juga boleh dimakan tanpa santan. Lebih menyegarkan.

Kesukaan saya? Yang bersantan sebab mangga dah acidic jadi bila digabungkan dengan santan rasanya lebih sedap, tambahan pula bila dah disejukkan didalam peti sejuk.

Nota : Limau kasturi boleh di tukar dengan limau nipis.

Costing : Mangga 2 biji    - RM 5.00
              Yoghurt 200gm - RM 2.30
               Serbuk Agar2  - RM 1.00
               Lain2 bahan     - RM 2.00

               Jumlah               RM 10.30 untuk 5 orang
               (Boleh dapat dalam 20 biji ikut acuan di atas)

Salam dari saya,

4th.November '13