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Thursday, 26 November 2015

Sos Cili Thai

Assalamualaikum semua!

Makan ayam goreng, nak sos cili Thai, makan udang/sotong goreng tepung, nak sos cili Thai, makan koay teow goreng pun nak bubuh sos cili Thai. Itu senario di rumah saya.

Sebab saya berletiaq ni (orang Kedah punya ayat- maknanya berleter lah tu) ialah sebab selang 2 hari nak kena beli sos Thai tu, bukannya murah pulak tu. Harga sebotol rasanya dekat 6 ringgit.

Jadi, dari dok habis ayaq liuq (air liur) beletiaq kat depa, baik saya buat sendiri. Bukannya susah pun nak buat. Modalnya? Kena rajin sikit.

Ini dia bahan-bahannya. Sangat senang dicari di pasar atau didalam rumah kita.

Cili merah yang segar ( saya pakai 5 biji, ikut berapa pedas yg anda suka)
4 ulas bawang putih
1/2 cawan gula putih
sikit garam utk perisa
2 sudu besar cuka
2 gelas air
1 sudu makan tepung ubi yang dicampur dgn sedikit air menjadi pes cair

Cara penyediaan :

1) Mesin cili dan bawang putih (dengan sedikit air). Jangan terlalu hancur.
2) Keluarkan dari mesin. Masukkan kedalam periuk bersama dengan 2 gelas air tadi dan masak atas api perlahan.

3) Masukkan juga gula, garam dan cuka.
4) Bila sos dah agak menyejat, tuang masuk pes tepung ubi.
5) Reneh selama yang boleh untuk mengeluarkan kesemua perisa drp bahan-bahan yang telah kita gunakan tadi.

Saya mereneh selama dua jam. Tambah air sekiranya agak kering. Bila dah dapat kelikatan atau consistency yang kita mau, baru di tutup api dan biarkan betul betul sejuk.
Sos ini boleh tahan sehingga sebulan sekiranya tidak dicemari dengan tangan yang basah atau sudu yang bercampur dengan bahan lain.

Nak tau apa rasanya? Sebiji macam rasa sos cili Thai Maepranom yang kita beli tu.

Salam dari saya,
27th.Nov '15

Monday, 9 November 2015

The Humour In Us Keeps Us Going

Hello all!

Between the six of us in my family, I can say I am the most friendliest and most sociable when it comes to meeting people. Sophie came second. The worst is my husband, who not only became uncommunicative but he could also deadpanned when bored with his surrounding.

The house will come  alive when I am around. Yeap.. I am a mom, so my voice rules the house ( nagging is one of them). But also because I could make a straightforward sentence turned hilarious. Take for instance, Soffian. He went into kitchen looking for something to eat. Then he turned around and said, "Ma, I couldn't find eggs." I started laughing and said to him, "What do you mean you can't find, you've got two with you right?"

Sophie roared out a laughter and chidingly said to me, "Ma , you're talking to your son, please behave yourself." I came back with, " What? Since he's not looking properly for the eggs, then it's only right for me to remind him that he's got some too. To which Sophie replied, "You're impossible." And I retort back, "Whatever it is, I am still your mom." Finality came from me.

That is why Sara would sometime said to me, "One of these days, ma, I'll beat you at your own words." Well, she may come to that, but I still have a few more years to enjoy the banter. She may have to wait for a couple more years to hone her skill in speech and word play.

Between the three of us girls at home, Sara is the serious and solemn type. But she could also crack a joke that put us in stitches. One thing that always keep us extra cautious, especially for Sophie and I is when she's holding her cell phone. This is the time when she'd randomly snap a photo of us doing silly thing or making ugly faces just for the fun of it. We're especially worried when we're deep in our sleep. She'd snap a photo on any one of us sleeping with mouth wide open. Can you imagine how ugly a person can be when caught sleeping with their mouth wide open. There was one time she took Sophie's picture while she was reading lying on her stomach. It was an innocent gesture and there was nothing more to it. But when she should us the picture, it looked obscene. Sophie begged her to remove the picture permanently.

On another occasion, she took a picture of her older brother Ariff, who just got back from work. He changed into his most comfort attire, he in his loose pants with nothing else on except for his boxer inside. The poor brother didn't think of anything when he sat down in front of his computer. Sara was passing behind him when she saw him in his most comfy position. She took out her cell phone and snap a picture that could have gone viral in the YouTube. His pants rolled down just below his hip that showed a little of you-know-what. He ripped the phone away from her but could no nothing about it since it required a password to open it. To this day she still has that picture in her phone.

When Soffian was still in school, I had trouble looking after him. As some of you may know it, he was a difficult child and hard to handle. I tried many ways and approach to guide and watch over him, usually to no avail.
However there was one funny moment that I still remember to this day. He had just passed his driving test and his eagerness to drive the car frightened me immensely. That morning, he woke up early and hit the shower. I knew right away that he was going out shortly. I got up from where I was sitting and took the car key from the hook. Now where is the best place to hide. I looked around the house but I can't think of a suitable place to hide. Finally I found just the right place to keep away from his eyes, inside my bra! Sophie and Sara was rolling their eyes. "Ma, you can't do that." Shout one voice then the other echoed, "Ma, out of hundred other places to hide, why do you need to keep it there?"
I smiled mischievously, " This is one place that he can never find. Even if he finds it he won't dare to get it out easily, don't you think?" Both of them were not happy with me.

Half an hour later, he was all set looking neat in his white collarless T-Shirt and ragged blue jeans. He walked straight to the door where the key was usually hanged. It wasn't there, he didn't ask any of us but went to the counter top next to the wall. It wasn't there either. He went over to dining table in case someone placed it there but still couldn't find it. "Ma, where is the car key?" He had to ask.
 "I don't know, you were to last to come home last night right." I pretend to be nonchalant about it.
He persisted on it and said he had hung it where it supposed to be. He walked over to me and started wringing my arm to the back. It hurts and I had to yell out to him to stop it. Both Sophie and Sara were smiling from where they were sitting.
I keep my ground and repeated that I don't know. He pulled both my arms to my back and tugged a little to make me give up my secret. So much for a secret agent! I gave in and said it's inside my bra but I am not going to let you drive today.
He is the type that would never take no for an answer. He took a pen from the counter top and walked over to me. "You wouldn't dare". I looked at him in disbelief.
Obviously I didn't know him that well for he used the pen to fish out the car key out from my bra. He succeeded you know. I should be angry but I can't help laughing so hard at his persistence.

I can safely say that Sophie, Ariff and I had good singing voice, whereas Sara, my husband and Soffian, well what can I say about them. They fared better in other fields. No offence, luv!
Sophie is good with song lyrics. She'd memorize any lyrics in any language within minutes. Ariff sang well and dances well too even though his weigh has surpassed the ideal weight. The best thing about it is both he and Sophie can memorize the old evergreen songs. So whenever I am in my nostalgic mode and humming some good ol' song to myself, they knew instantly and hum along with me harmoniously. And we could altogether started to sway our bodies and tapping our feet on synchronization.

Happy, that's the word that is slowly disappearing from our vocabulary. I know it is hard to keep our sanity intact in today's crazy world but this is the only thing that can help us to stay focus and carry on with our lives. Yeah, I agree that we needed money to pay our otherwise mounting bills but we must not forget if we're unhappy with our current existence, we are definitely not going anywhere.
I for instance, has been going through too many hardships and out-of-luck all through my life but as you can see, I am still standing. Sure, I broke down once in a while when it's too much for me to swallow in but I rise back with a better determination.

Like I said before, if I can, why can't you?

I am off for today. Have a nice day people and stay safe!

10th.Nov '15

Monday, 2 November 2015

Ayam Bakar Keju Cheddar

Salam semua,

Dah lama sangat-sangat saya tak muat naik blog makanan ni kan? Ada rasa malas bertakhta dihati nak ambik gambar dan nak kena download pulak ke dalam laptop. Tu pasal yang bertapa sekejap tu.

Ok lah, tak payah saya nak mengomel panjang-panjang. Malam tadi sebab dah tak tahu nak makan apa lagi dah, saya buat hidangan yang agak mudah untuk disediakan iaitu ayam yang dibakar (betul ke penggunaan 'bakar' tu sebab dalam bahasa Inggeris sebut bake. Apa-apa pun saya harap anda kat luar tu faham dengan maksud saya .

Saya ambil resipi ni dari link yang di share dari face book anak sedara saya, Ika. Saya buat sikit olahan untuk mengikut citarasa kami di rumah.

Sila tengok di bawah untuk mendapatkan resipi ini :

1 cawan susu segar
1 cawan keju cheddar yang diparut
1 cawan breadcrumb (serbuk roti)
sikit serbuk kasar lada hitam
1 sudu teh serbuk rosemary

(Untuk penggunaan garam, sila gunakan paling minimal sebab keju dah ada kemasinannya)

Separuh dada ayam tanpa tulang (potong secara hirisan anggaran 2 jari kita)

Cara penyediaan :

Asingkan susu segar, keju cheddar dan serbuk roti didalam bekas berasingan.
Ambil sekeping demi sekeping ayam tadi dan mula celupkan kedalam susu dahulu.
Diikuti dengan keju cheddar. Tekan sikit supaya melekat.
Langkah terakhir, ambil ayam tadi dan pedapkan pula kedalam serbuk roti yang telah digaul dengan lada hitam dan garam.

Panaskan oven pada suhu 210C.
Sediakan bekas pembakar dan gliskan dengan minyak disekelilingnya.

Masukkan ayam yang siap dipedap tadi ke dalam bekas pembakar, taburkan serbuk kasar daun rosemary dan tutup ia dengan tin foil.

Bakar selama lebih kurang 35 ~ 40 minit.
Setelah itu, keluarkan sekejap ayam tadi,

Buka dan keluarkan tin foil dari bekas pembakar. Sekarang bakar lagi selama 10 minit bagi mendapat warna keemasan ayam bakar kita.

Bila dah kuning keemasan angkat keluar dari oven dan biarkan sekejap.

Untuk sosnya pula:

1/4 cawan chicken soup cream
3 sudu makan sour cream
2 sudu makan mentega
1/2 sudu makan chili flakes
3 sudu makan jus lemon
sikit garam dan lada hitam

Tuang masuk chicken soup cream, sour cream dan juga butter ke dalam periuk kecil.

Masak diatas api perlahan.
Bila dah sebati dan sekiranya agak pekat, bolehlah ditambah sikit air untuk mengurangkan kepekatannya.

Terakhir masukkan chili flakes, lada hitam, garam dan jus lemon.

Sekarang keluarkan sekeping demi sekeping ayam dan susun didalam pinggan. Kemudian tuangkan sos keatas ayam tadi. Dah siap utk di makan.

** Kalau tak suka nak makan dengan sos sebegini, boleh aja dimakan dengan sos cili kita atau pun sos Siam.

Salam dari saya,
3rd.Nov '15