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Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Ayam Tomato Rempah Sup

Salam buat semua,

Tak tahu nak masak apa? Nak masak simple2 saja? Okay jom kita masak resipi ni. Selalu kat rumah kalau dah tak ada idea nak masak apa, mak cik Rose masak Ayam Tomato Rempah sup. Senang sangat dan cepat di masak.

Kita kena ada :
i) 1 labu bwg besar
   Halia (sebesar ibu jari)
   3 cili hijau
   (Semua ni di kisar dulu dengan sikit air)

ii) Ayam 5 ketul      (di goreng separuh masak)
iii) Sebelah  tomato ( potong dari tomato yang agak besar - di kisar asing)
    1 sudu besar rempah sup
    sikit serbuk ketumbar
    1 1/2 sudu besar gula merah
    2 sudu besar santan pekat

Mula2 kita tumis bahan-bahan tulisan biru tadi sambil masukkan ayam yang dah digoreng separuh masak.
Biarkan sehingga agak kering.

Kemudian ambil tomato(yg dikisar tadi) dan masukkan kedalam kuali tadi. Kacau sebentar.
Sekarang ambil rempah sup, serbuk ketumbar dan masukkan bersama dengan gula merah tadi.
Kacau biar rata.
Terakhir jangan lupa santan dan garam. Masak sehingga kuah mula mendidih.

Dah pun siap untuk hidangan tengahari kita hari ni. Cukup buat 4 atau lima orang makan.

Selamat menjamu selera.

Salam dari saya,
27th.Feb '13

Monday, 25 February 2013

Black Magic

I am back! Writing is a whole lot easier compared to finding a suitable topic or what people like to read. I usually ended up erasing what was written afraid that the article could be a bore to readers. For this week, I thought of 2 titles, one about black magic in Malay community and the other about death and funeral rituals in Islam. After some consideration, I chose black magic over the latter.

Believe it or not, black magic still exists in today's modern day. It has been practised in many cultures.I don't have much believe in this subject but it kept emerging right on my face be it from friends, acquaintances or those who were unfortunate enough to  experience the chilling period.

We've heard of Indians black magic, the Afrikaans' Voo Doos (or was it Haitians), Thais, Java's and now I wish to write a little about Malaysian black magic according to my understanding. These black magic wasn't widely practised as it used to be twenty or thirty years ago but it does exist.

The most famous black magic over here is called "santau". "Santau" was a way of getting even with a person who had knowingly or unknowingly hurt a feeling or did something damaging to another person. Usually done through the wind. The grudge-holder will find a shaman who'd require some items such as hair (of the persons he/she wants to place the santau), bamboo fine hair, shards or broken glasses and a few other things). The shaman would then say some mantra into these items. From what I understand, the grudge holder would say the mantra (given by the shaman) and later on call out the victim's name sent through the whisper's of the wind. It will work gradually and, slowly one can see the intended person was suffering when he/she coughs blood, falling and thinning of hair and losing weight
The victim to this santau could end up dead within weeks, months or years depend on the strength of the items used. A doctor won't be able to help when presented with this type of case. What can be done is to find an equally strong pious man or a good shaman to fight back or break the black spell.

I had an experience of witnessing my aunt ( I think she is in her seventies now). A very pious person, she was a registered nurse in a government hospital before. Her husband died a few years ago (he himself was a school principal in an elementary school) leaving her a few houses. After retiring from her job, she moved to a house in Penang, not too far away from my sister's place. I didn't meet her for a few years so I didn't know what was going on until I met my aunt and her daughter at a wedding function. We got into talking about her mother. I asked her what happen to her mom's voice. Slowly she said her mom's sick. Her voice had changed from the normal tone to hoarse and choking-like. I swear, that wasn't her voice before. I was told someone from my aunt's husband side bear a grudge against her for owning the house that she lives in. They tried to get her evicted from the house by using black magic. It wasn't santau but something similar to voo doo. After numerous visits to hospital and she never seemed to get better, they went to visit an imam ( a pious man ). He read a few verses of Quran and with a help of a few other things, he said someone was out to destroy her life. At first she was sceptical but after the imam came to her house and did a prayer and an inspection surrounding her house, they found something chilling. A few string-like doll being buried around her house. And each of the doll were choked around the neck.
She is getting better now and had since moved back to her old house.

Another thing is "Hantu Raya". Hantu in malay means ghost. This is not black magic. It's an entity, a ghost that was called upon and required some mantra reading to avail it to become our slave. In olden days, it was being kept by a person to help him/her to look after the farm, or to command this ghost to frighten people but the scariest of all, this thing could change itself to resemble the owner. This happened when the owner had to be away from his home and somebody had to look after his farm or home. It served it's master as long it's being fed regularly. It gives me the creeps just to think about it.

There were still many other stories told by the older generations that I didn't put down in writing as it would be too long and dragging. There's one memory that I can't forget. When I was little, it scare the wit out of me to pass by a house that was said to be keeping "hantu raya" at her home. But now, when I think of it, she seemed like a nice person always smiling whenever we passed by her house on our way for Quran reading. It could just be rumours by the villagers. Poor woman! I felt sorry for her.

Okay, that's all for today. Hope to meet again in my next article. Be happy and don't frown too much. It takes away the beauty from your face! Cheers..

25th.Feb '13

Wednesday, 20 February 2013


Salam buat semua,

Dalam blog terdahulu mak cik Rose ada buat dah gulai udang, tapi yang tu cara kita, orang melayu. Tapi hari ni nak share masak gulai udang cara Siam. Mak Cik jumpa dalam satu blog dalam English (mat salleh pun pandai makan makanan siam). Jadi terus cuba kat rumah. Sedap! Banyak perencahnya tapi semua senang dapat.

Jom kita mula dengan bahan2nya:

* 1 batang serai, *2 biji cili merah (segar), * 1 labu bwg besar, 3 ulas bwg putih,
* sikit lengkuas, * sikit belacan,  1/2 sudu serbuk ketumbar, 
( Semua bahan ni di kisar)

Sediakan juga :2 1 sudu bsr sos ikan, 1 sudu kecil kunyit, 2 helai daun limau purut, 2 sudu bsr gula merah,
                       1 sudu besar sos tomato, nenas dipotong kiub dan sebiji tomato di potong empat dan sikit    
                       perahan limau nipis.

Bahan terakhir : separuh drp *santan RM 1.00,* kelapa yang di sangai tanpa minyak dan juga paling penting *udang.

Sekarang dah boleh mula masak :

i) Panaskan minyak dan tumis semua bahan-bahan berwarna biru.
ii) Bila dah agak kering bumbu tadi, masukkan pula bahan-bahan berwarna ungu.

iii) Kacau sekejap, terus masukkan santan dan udang, kalau agak kering tambahkan sikit air biar berkuah.
iv) Biarkan sehingga udang berwarna kemerah-merahan. Masukkan garam secukup rasa bersama dengan sedikit air limau nipis.
v) Tutup api. Sekarang sangaikan kelapa parut tadi sampai garing dan taburkan keatas gulai udang yang dah masak.

Cubalah. Makan ni dengan nasi yang baru di masak dengan ikan kembung di goreng garing, ada sikit sambal belacan, ni baru kata tak nampak orang dah.

21st.February '13

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Membesarkan anak yang terlebih aktif

                                          Raising A Difficult Child

Hello everyone,

My niece, Ika (remember my November blog of School Holidays & Weddings? I used her wedding photos) was about to have a baby, somewhere within this month.They got married last May.  She must be really looking forward and at the same time a little apprehensive to welcome a new little bundle of joy into her life.
I wanna to be the first to congratulate her for being the first among her cousins to get married and now expecting a baby. Mak Cik Rose wish you all the best, Ika!

Having children is something which all new parents look forward to. Well, there may be a few isolated cases that couple prefer to not have any kids, probably because of their time consuming career, or that they were comfortable with each other or something else. Needless to say, kids bring livelihood into our lives.

Me? I got four children and had gone through all the discomfort and exhaustion of pregnancies, going into the labours and giving birth to all of them, but nothing compared to raising them. The toughest job anyone could take. Numerous sleepless nights, non stop worrying, feeding, diapers changing and the list goes on and on, endlessly.
Each and everyone of us have had bad and good experiences while raising our kids. But raising a difficult kid? This is a true challenge for any parents to cope with. Some children were born with mild manners, some are shy, some are stubborn but a hard to handle child? Oh dear, it ain't easy, I tell ya! I know, I know it too well cause I had to go through heart ache and head ache with mine. A boisterous and active child is nothing when compared to a difficult one.
You may wonder how difficult can a child get. He retaliated to everything we asked/told  him to do. He stopped at nothing, feared nothing and once he set his mind on something, there's no way he'd change, come what may. I am talking about my second child, Soffian, in case you were wondering which one of them.
Let's start the chronicles : i) He once set fire to a garage next to our home when he was about four or five years old. To this day I didn't know where or how did he get the lighter to light that fire. My husband don't smoke and my stove didn't require a lighter to light up. When we asked him about it, he quietly said he didn't do it, that there was another boy who started the fire. When asked who's the boy, he couldn't show us who or which boy.

ii) On another day, the whole family were still sleeping( it was about seven something in the morning and it's weekend) when we heard a knock on the front door. I got up still groggy from my sleep and opened up the door to a middle aged man standing while holding my son's hand. While my head was still spinning thinking what the hell was this man doing with my son by his side, he asked me, "Is this your son?" I said yes.
He said, "okay in that case, please take good care of him and don't let him out of your side." I was like, haah, what's going on? He offered his explanation by saying he found my son in the middle of the main road holding up his hand as if to stop the traffic. I thought I could have fainted there and then. The road was downhill and most the vehicles passed by were usually speeding. The angel must be watching over him.
I thanked the man and hugged this little creature and asked him how did he turned the door knob. He demonstrated for me as to how he did it. He placed the little plastic stool by the door. He stood up there on his toes and turned the knob. My heart skipped a beat.

iii) One day I saw him sitting quietly at the living room counting some coins. I said," Hey, what are you doing with the coins and where did you get it?" (I never left coins or anything that I find to be dangerous scattered at home knowing full well what my son was capable of) He didn't even look up at me. " I asked again and he said it's mine. Okay, where is your piggy bank? Do you have a piggy bank that I don't know of? Again, he kept quiet. I was beginning to lose my patience. "Where did you get these coins from"? My pitch was rising. With that doleful eyes, he said he found it. I urged him to show me the place. He still didn't move. After much persuasion, he hold my hand and we walked out to the place he said he found those coins. Guess where he find it? Inside our neighbour's car. The guy washed his car inside out and left both front doors open to air it.
I explained to him that it was wrong to take other people's belonging but he refused to accept my explanation saying the car doors was open and there was no one there. So he took it. I knew then, I will have to keep all my patience, my fullest attention and energy to educate and bring this one up the best I can.

iv) He was playing with one of my neighbour's son for a few hours. Just before dark, he came home and said he wanted to take shower. I think I was cooking then so I asked him to wait for a while. Suddenly I heard a high pitched voice calling my name from outside the house. I walked quickly to the door and saw my neighbour standing in front of my house red-faced. I asked her what's going on. She asked where my son is. Still not knowing what's the noise was all about , I called out to him to come out to the front.  He walked slowly to us and stood next to me quietly. The child's mother angrily shouted (of which I hated) at my son asking what had he poured on her son's body. By now, panic was slowly rushing inside my vein. What had he done? I went inside the house to switch on the light as it was really dark then. As I came back I saw the whole body of that little boy was like a snake skin or something like fish scales! Holy c@#* ! What had he done this time? I am truly in deep trouble. I swear to you this time my heart didn't skip a beat but totally stopped. After gaining my tongue, I asked Soffian, what did he do to his friend. As usual,in his quiet voice, he said he didn't do anything. The boy's mother was truly furious.  She was anything but scream. I told her to calm down. I asked again slowly, where did they play just now and did they used any water or any type of liquid during that time. He said they were playing somewhere behind the landlord's house. We went to where he showed and try to find any liquid or any lead at all as to what happened earlier. Finding none, I asked my neighbour's son for explanation. He re-enact the incidence to us by picking up the coconut shell that was sliced open (probably a week earlier) and according to the little lad there was some water in it. They were throwing to each other using that water. That explained half of the story but the other half, like how the little boy's skin turned to snake-like skin remained unsolved. A few days after the incident, I asked him again. He told the same thing as he did before. But to my relief, the snake skin didn't last long. It was gone after a few days. Thank God! I could have been sued for that.

There's one time, out of exasperation, come to think of it, a few times I would threaten him by saying that I would send him to Penang to his real mother. He seemed frighten a little.That worked for a while but he soon got used to my threat. Of course I am his biological mother but I was out of ideas as to how else to raise him. Child therapists would be jumping angrily in their chairs claiming what I did was  pure mental torture to a child. What else can I do. I even tried reverse psychology as suggested by a paediatrician. Didn't work!

There were many other unpredictable things he did such as burning his thigh through his lycra tights (he loved fire by the way) or refused totally to get in the car because I couldn't find his favourite shirt or that out of no reason at all he pushed his sister's forehead at a running speed (Sophie's forehead) when she was toddling towards me.
These occurred when he was between four or five years old. To write all the impossible things he did would take a few pages so what I can say, just let your imagination roam free and imagine what he's capable of , chances are he might have done it!

To raise this type of child needs us to be sensible, high level of patience and more attention given to them than his/her other siblings. Throughout the years of bringing him up, I think I only ever spanked him twice but his dad doesn't have my patience. There was once after he was spanked by his dad, he sat at the corner of the room (every time he's in that position my heart bleeds, he looks so helpless) quietly not moving at all. I would sit next to him and stroke his head gently and explain why his dad acted the way he did. I told him to be a nice boy so that everyone around loves him. But his answer caught me off guard. He said once he grew up he would never wanted to come back home because dad is bad. Later in the evening I pulled my husband aside and told him what was told by my little boy earlier.I asked him to go easy on our son.
He's grown now and he loves and respects us as much as we do to him.

Moral of the story, bring up your children the way you seem fit, never rely too much on  parenting books as only you, and you alone know your child best. Use the parenting books as guide line only. Never, ever  use abusive words or language towards your child no matter how mad you were. Most important, if we want our children to respect us, we had to respect them first. Listen to whatever things or stories they were telling you. It's important to them that we listen even when we find their stories to be of no significance. Share your sadness and joy with them. It will help us to bond the ties between the two generations.

Folks, don't give up on your children no matter how much headaches they must have given you. They needed you back then, now and later on in their lives.

Cheers! Have a safe day wherever you are.

17th.Feb '13

Salam semua,

Anak sedara saya, Ika (yang gambar perkahwinan nya saya guna dalam blog School Holidays and Weddings) akan mendapat anak pertama bila-bila masa saja dalam bulan ni. Tentu sekarang ni, dia tengah menunggu dengan penuh debaran untuk menyambut kedatangan seorang lagi umat Muhammad di muka bumi ini. Tahniah Ika, mak cik Rose doakan yang terbaik buat Ika dan Ajmain!

Menimang anak adalah sesuatu yang semua pasangan inginkan.  Adalah juga dua tiga kes yang pasangan itu memilih untuk tidak mempunyai anak, mungkin disebabkan kerja dan kekangan masa ataupun mereka lebih suka hidup berdua saja. Apa apa pun anak-anak adalah penyeri rumah tangga.

Saya? Saya ada empat orang anak dan dah melalui kepayahan dan pening loya semasa hamil, sakit semasa bersalin dan juga bersalin itu sendiri.Payahnya hanya Allah saja yang tahu. Sebab itu la Allah Taala meninggikan darjat ibu lebih daripada para bapa. Tapi itu semua tak ada apa jika dibandingkan dengan usaha membesar dan mendidik anak-anak kita itu sendiri. Pekerjaan yang paling susah dan tidak ada gaji bagi pekerjaan seumur hidup ini. Tidur yang tak cukup, risau sepanjang masa, menukar lampin dan banyak lagi yang tak tertulis di ruang ni.

Setiap seorang drpd kita pernah melalui pahit manis pengalaman membesarkan anak-anak. Tetapi membesarkan anak yang sukar di kawal? Ini merupakan satu cabaran bagi sesiapa saja yang mempunyai anak sebegini. Bukan senang nak mengawal dan mendidik anak sebegini. Saya tahu sebab salah seorang anak saya bersifat seperti ini.

Anda mesti terfikir macam mana payah lah sangat nak mengawal anak berumur empat atau lima tahun. Dia melawan apa yang kita cakap atau suruh. Dia tak tahu rasa takut langsung dan kalau dia kata nak yang itu, itu lah yang mesti dia dapat. Saya sedang bercakap mengenai anak kedua saya, Soffian.

Jom tengok apa yang pernah dia buat : i) Dia ni memang suka api. Satu hari tu, saya terkejut bila dengar ramai menjerit api!api! diluar. Rupa-rupanya ruang kosong sebelah rumah saya terbakar sampai dah ke siling. Siasat punya siasat, kami dapat tahu anak saya yang mulakan api tu. Bila di tanya dia diam ( dia ni masa kecik memang pendiam). Saya pelik mana dia dapat lighter sebab suami tidak merokok dan dapur saya tak perlukan lighter. Saya tanya lagi, dia kata ada satu budak yang bakar. Sapa budak tu, dia tak dapat nak tunjuk siapa budak tu. Jadi saya rasa memang dia lah yang memulakan kebakaran itu. Nasib baik semua selamat.

Ada satu hari lain tu, kami semua masih tidur sebab hujung minggu. Masa tu mungkin dalam pukul 7 lebih. Tiba-tiba saya terdengar pintu depan di ketuk. Masih mamai lagi, saya pergi buka pintu. Kat depan pintu seorang lelaki dalam 40-an macam tu berdiri sambil tangan kirinya memegang tangan anak saya.
Dia tanya saya, "Ini anak awak ke"? Saya jawab ya.
Dia kata, "Kalau macam tu, tolong tengok anak cik ni elok-elok sebab saya jumpa dia berdiri tengah jalan raya sedang menggawang tangan seolah-olah nak suruh kereta berhenti."
Jantung saya terhenti sekejap. Jalan raya depan rumah saya tu curam menurun. Kereta yang lalu lalang semuanya laju-laju. Ada malaikat yang melindunginya, gamak nya.
Saya ucap terima kasih kat saudara tadi dan terus memeluk anak kecil ni sambil bertanya apa yang dia buat pagi-pagi hari di luar sana dan paling penting macam mana dia boleh buka pintu sebab tangannya masih belum boleh capai tombol pintu. Dia bawa bangku plastik dan letak kat depan pintu kemudian berdiri diatas tu.

Satu hari, saya nampak dia duduk diam-diam kat penjuru rumah sambil mengira duit syiling yang agak banyak. Saya tanya Pian dapat dari mana duit tu.(saya tak pernah biarkan benda-benda yang agak berbahaya merata-rata kerana saya kenal sangat dengan anak yang sorang ni.) Dia diam. Langsung tak angkat muka pandang saya. Saya tanya lagi, kali ni dia jawab "Pian punya." Okay, kalau Pian punya, mana tabung Pian? Dia diam lagi. Saya dah mula nak hilang sabar. "Mana Pian dapat duit ni"? Suara saya dah semakin meninggi. Dengan mata yang jernih dia pandang saya dia kata dia jumpa. Saya minta dia tunjukkan tempat dia jumpa duit tu. Selepas di pujuk, barulah dia dia bawa saya ketempat duit tu di jumpa. Teka kat mana dia jumpa? Dalam kereta jiran Cina saya. Orang tu baru basuh kereta luar dalam dan dia buka kedua-dua belah pintu depan kereta dia untuk pengudaraan.
Saya terangkan kpd dia adalah salah kalau kita ambil barang orang tanpa izin tapi dia tak mahu terima penjelasan saya. Dia kata pintu kereta tu terbuka. Susah juga nak cakap dengan anak anak sebegini.

Dia bermain dengan anak jiran saya (bukan jiran yang dia ambik duit tu), lama juga lah hari tu. Bila dah nak maghrib, dia balik. Dia kata nak mandi. Saya tengah masak jadi saya suruh dia tunggu dulu. Tiba-tiba saya dengar suara nyaring dari luar. Cepat-cepat saya ke depan. Saya tengok jiran saya berdiri dengan muka merah padam, terlampau marah agaknya. Belum sempat saya tanya dia, dia dah jerit minta panggil Soffian. Saya panggil Soffian ke depan. Dia datang dan berdiri di sebelah saya dengan muka selambanya. Jiran saya dengan suara yang tinggi bertanya apa yang anak saya dah curah kat belakang anak dia. Bila dia cakap macam tu, saya dah mula rasa panik. Apa pulak yang dia dah buat? Saya ke dalam sekejap buka lampu sebab keadaan di luar dah mula gelap sangat. Bila saya ke depan semula, saya terkejut bila tengok badan anak jiran saya tu, macam kulit ular ataupun sisik ikan. Masya Allah! Apa saya nak buat ni? Kali ni jantung saya memang terhenti terus. Bila dah agak reda rasa panik saya, saya pun tanya "Pian buat apa kat badan ...saya dah lupa nama budak tu. Seperti biasa, ddengan suara yang perlahan dia kata tak buat apa. Emak budak tu nampak dah tersangat marah bila dengar jawapan anak saya. Saya suruh dia bertenang sekejap. Saya tanya lagi dengan Pian, dia orang main apa tadi dan main kat mana. Dia kemudian bawa kami ketempat dia orang bermain tadi. Di situ ada buah nyior yang dah terbelah dua. Nampak macam dah lama di belah. Tapi dah kering nyior tu. Kali ni saya tanya anak jiran saya pulak. (anak ni lebih pendiam dari Soffian) Dia pun tunjukkan semula macam mana dia orang buat. Dia orang main simbah air menggunakan air nyior tadi tapi kenapa kulit Pian tak jadi apa sedangkan kulit anak jiran bertukar jadi macam sisik ikan.
Selang beberapa hari saya tanya lagi dengan harapan dapat jawapan tapi masih begitu jugak jawapan yang anak saya berikan. Nasib baiklah kulit anak itu jadi elok selepas beberapa hari. Kalau tak mungkin dah kena saman.

Ada satu perkara lucu yang saya buat, bila dah hilang punca macam mana nak kawal dia sorang. Saya gertak kata nak hantar dia kpd ibunya (Aminah) di Penang sebab tak larat nak jaga. Kesian pulak tengok muka dia. Takut sangat. Berjaya la juga untuk beberapa ketika, lepas tu balik ke perangai dia. Mana ada ibu Aminah kat Penang tu sebab saya ja lah mak dia.
Ni kalau pakar kanak-kanak dengar mesti marah dengan saya sebab mengguna cara yang tidak sepatutnya dan mungkin mencemar mentaliti anak-anak. Habis tu, dah kering idea nak buat macam mana. Ada satu doktor cadangkan guna reverse psychology pun saya dah cuba. Tak berkesan juga.

Ada banyak lagi perkara-perkara yang dibuatnya seperti membakar menggunakan bunga api seluar tight kain jenis lycra sampai berlubang paha dia tapi tetap tak menangis cuma bila nak tidur malam tu ja mungkin dah tak tahan sangat dah kot.
Ada juga semasa adik perempuan dia (Sophie) baru bertatih, berjalan ke arah saya, si Soffian ni meluru dari luar rumah lalu menampar dahi adiknya sampai jatuh terlentang. Tak bersebab pun dia buat macam tu.
Sekali tu kami nak keluar makan, dia menangis tak mau naik kereta selagi baju yang dia nak pakai tu jumpa.
Kalau nak tulis semua hal yang dilakukannya memang berhelai helai muka surat la jawabnya.

Nak membesarkan anak-anak sebegini, kita perlu mengambil sikap lebih lembut dari biasa sebab kanak-kanak macam ni memang kuat memberontak. Kalau kita pun ikut memberontak, anak jenis ni akan lebih menjauhkan diri dari kita. Kita harus banyak bersabar dan memberi lebih perhatian terhadap mereka. Sepanjang membesarkan dia, saya rasa ada dua kali saya memukulnya. Dah hilang sabar sangat-sangat. Tapi bapanya lebih sikit dari saya. Ada sekali tu, selepas di pukul bapa dia, dia duduk dipenjuru bilik (bila saya tengok dia dalam keadaan begini, hati saya menangis) Saya duduk disebelah dia usap rambut sambil menerangkan sebab dia di pukul. Saya minta dia jadi lebih baik baru orang sayang. Tapi jawapan dia mengejutkan saya. Dia kata nanti bila dah besar dia tak nak balik kerumah ni lagi sebab abah pukul.
Petang tu saya cakap dengan suami agar berhati-hati sebab takut Soffian ni jenis pendendam. Tapi alhamdulilah sampai hari ni dia menjadi anak yang baik. Buas tu tetap buas tapi hati nya baik.

Apa pun, kita besarkan anak-anak mengikut acuan kita sendiri. Tak payah terlalu bergantung pada buku-buku panduan ke ibubapaan. Gunakan buku buku itu sebagai garis panduan harian kita.
Jangan sekali kali menggunakan perkataan kesat terhadap anak-anak walau se marah mana sekalipun kita.
Paling penting, hormatilah anak-anak kalau kita nak dia orang hormatkan kita. Dengar apa yang dia orang nak cerita pada kita walaupun cerita tu tak ada apa-apa sangat. Kongsi kegembiraan dan kesedihan anda dengan mereka. Ini dapat membantu mengeratkan talian diantara ibu dan anak-anak.

Kepada semua, jangan kita biarkan anak-anak sendirian kerana sesakit mana pun hati kita, mereka memerlukan kita dulu, kini dan akan datang.

Sekian. Wassalam.

17th.Feb '13.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Korea Mania

Hah? Konsert Girls' Generation? Apa, Big Bang? Berapa harga tiket dia? RM 300.00, 400,00, 500.00? Bila dan di mana? Bulan May? Oh, boleh simpan duit, sebulan seratus. Boleh..boleh..boleh. Jom kita pi tengok. Ehmm, memang taraf Hollywood box office punya show dah. Mana taknya. Harga tiket konsert Korea ni mahal gila-gila tapi penuh jugak konsert dia orang.
Kebelakangan ni banyak yang kita dengar tentang Korea. Produk telefon bimbit nya seperti Samsung yang hebat, kenderaan nya seperti Hyundai yang semakin diminati, juga surgeri kosmetik yang menjadi kegilaan ramai baik wanita mau pun lelaki.

credit to : Google images

 Sekarang ni pulak anak-anak muda kita ramai sangat yang minat habis dengan kumpulan penyanyi-penyanyi muda dari Korea. Kumpulan penyanyi ni di panggil K-Pop. Dah jadi macam trend pulak. Kat mana-mana saja semua remaja bercakap tentang boy band atau girl's group. Yang menariknya kadang-kadang dalam satu kumpulan itu ada sampai lapan, sembilan  orang. Mai aii ramainya! Tak bergaduh ke dia orang nanti. Pulak tu, dari apa yang saya tahu ( info dari anak perempuan saya, Sara, salah seorang dari remaja yang menggilai kumpulan K Pop ini) kebanyakan kumpulan penyanyi ni tinggal dalam satu rumah ataupun dormitori. Kalau yang lelaki tu okay la sikit. Tapi kalau perempuan macam mana ya? Silap hari bulan dok lawan tarik rambut pulak nanti.

Kalau di tanya pada saya, saya akan kata memang hebat negara Korea ni dan juga orang-orangnya. Kalau dibandingkan dengan negara maju yang lain ataupun jumlah penduduknya (lebih kurang 49 juta orang), Korea ni tak la besar sangat (kecik lagi Korea ni daripada negara kita) tapi ia mempunyai penduduk yang hebat dan berwawasan.
Saya ada juga menonton dokumentari mengenai Korea ataupun orangnya, mereka ini sungguh beradab sopan, menghormati orang yang lebih tua dari mereka dan juga bersifat kekeluargaan. Kesopanan mereka terhadap orang tua kadang-kadang melebihi kita orang melayu yang dikatakan mempunyai adab sopan yang tinggi.

Si Sara (anak perempuan saya) ni, setiap hari memaksa saya menonton dengan dia klip-klip nyanyian budak-budak Korea ni. Sebelum K Pop ni, ada juga saya dengar sekali sekala lagu-lagu Korea ni, sedap-sedap juga. Sekarang ni pun ada juga lagu-lagu dia orang yang sedap tapi di sebabkan kumpulan penyanyi ini lebih terarah ke tarian dan wajah yang cantik dan comel, maka suara dah jatuh ke tangga ke dua.
Kumpulan SNSD ataupun Girls' Generation salah satu kumpulan yang tengah meledak sekarang ni dikenali bukan saja di negara mereka tetapi juga di Amerika(negara yang bukan calang-calang orang dapat tembusi pasaran mereka), di Perancis selain China dan Jepun.
Jom kita analisa sikit kenapa kumpulan anak-anak muda ni boleh berjaya hampir ke serata dunia.
Pertama: Latihan tarian mereka yang ketat  mengambil masa hampir lima tahun.
Kedua :  Mereka di pilih melalui kepakaran dalam sesuatu seperti hebat dalam tarian, boleh menguasai bahasa asing dengan fasih dan pakej seterusnya adalah rupa paras.
Ketiga : Disiplin yang tinggi. Harus patuhi dan mengikut disiplin yang di tetapkan. (Terfikir pulak saya, bolehkah anak anak muda kita mahu berusaha sehebat mereka ini?)

Rasanya, apa yang membuatkan group Korea ini hebat ialah tarian mereka, koreografi yang agak kompleks tetapi cantik di pandang, tidak terlalu berunsurkan seks dan menarik hati untuk terus menonton.

Kalau teman-teman (terutamanya yang sebaya dengan saya) tengok rancangan hiburan Korea, cuba tengok kumpulan penyanyi lelaki nya. Ya Rabbi, sebijik macam perempuan. Muka dia orang di mekap penuh, betul-betul mekap perempuan, lepas tu tengok pulak gerak tarian dia orang. Dengan kenyit mata nya, dengan gerakan badan dan kaki, betul-betul macam perempuan. Kalau kita tak tahu yang kumpulan itu adalah kumpulan "all-boys band", memang kita akan ingat yang salah sorang dari mereka tu perempuan. Tak tau lah apa nak jadi dengan budak-budak lelaki sekarang!

Okay. cukuplah tentang K Pop. Sekarang jom cakap pasal siri variety mereka pulak. Ada sesapa pernah tengok The Running Man dak? Kalau belum, cuba curi masa sikit dan tonton siri ni. Syok dan menghiburkan.  Dalam rancangan ni ada tujuh orang ahli tetap kumpulan yang terdiri drp pelakon, MC dan juga penyanyi. Setiap minggu akan ada satu atau lebih artis jemputan yang akan beraksi dengan 7 orang ni. Pengarah akan bagi clue untuk mereka memulakan carian. Game ni bukan yang jenis boleh menghentikan jantung kita ataupun makan makanan yang tak boleh di terima oleh tekak ataupun duduk dalam kotak penuh dengan lipas. Game dia orang biasa ja macam jenis budak-budak main. Kadang-kadang dia orang bertujuh bekerjasama tapi kadang-kadang pulak kena khianati sesama mereka tapi dengan cara yang lucu.
Cubalah tengok cerita ni, selalunya hari Jumaat pukul 8malam atau 11:45malam.

Saya masih lagi tertunggu-tunggu pengarah Hollywood buat rancangan yang macam ni tapi tak pernah nampak lagi. Malaysia? Tak berani nak kata apa. Tak tau pun samada kita akan ada penerbit yang boleh menerbitkan rancangan yang menarik seperti ini. Kalau adapun yang berlatarkan nyanyian ja.
Secara logiknya, pada pandangan saya, rancangan seperti ini tak perlu banyak sangat belanja ataupun seorang yang bergeliga otaknya, cukup dengan menjadi kreatif dan pandai mencari sumber-sumber untuk membuat rancangan seperti itu menarik perhatian ramai. Itu saja.

Ada beberapa rancangan variety seperti ini yang berbaloi di tonton seperti Hello Counselor ( anda mesti terkejut dengan pendedahan cerita peribadi atau apa saja oleh peserta yang terpilih) di tambah pulak dengan iringan ayat yang lucu atau witty drp hos rancangan ini dan juga The Invincible Youth (kumpulan penyanyi K Pop dan juga artis lain) mewarnai rancangan ini. Kumpulan ini harus tinggal di kawasan ladang atau perkampungan di Korea dimana mereka harus bekerja di ladang dan juga memasak makanan sendiri.
Rancangan2 ini sungguh menghiburkan, lucu dan disertai dengan nilai-nilai murni yang diterapkan untuk kita menonton bersama dengan anak anak yang di bawah umur.

Jadi, itulah serba sedikit tentang Korea atau pun orang Korea. Walaupun dah di dalam arus kemodenan, mereka tetap menerapkan nilai-nilai murni dan kekeluargaan ini dan dapat diterima dengan baik hampir diseluruh pelusuk dunia.
Kepada penerbit-penerbit di luar, tak payah lah terlalu  nak menggunakan bentuk badan perempuan untuk menarik perhatian ataupun membuat duit.

Itu lah saja untuk hari ni. Baca ya! Harap tak boring sangat tulisan hari ni.

7th.Februari '13

                                                     KOREA MANIA

Lately, we've heard a lot about Korea, South Korea. From it's cell phone (Samsung) to it's Hyundai car which is breaking the wave in Malaysia and not forgetting the best cosmetic surgery that can be found there.

And now, currently, the Korean music or best known as K-Pop, be it the boy band or girl's group is sending waves into our society especially among the teens. What's interesting is that, these singing groups sometimes consist of eight or nine people in one group. Don't they get into a verbal fight or things like that?  From what I know (info from my daughter, Sara, one of the teenagers that is so crazy over the K-Pop group) they live together in a dormitory under the supervision of their management.

If I were to be asked about Korea, I would say this country and it's people were an awesome lot. If we were to make a comparison between this little country to other developed countries, I'd say they were a force to be reckoned with. Not to be taken lightly. Watching some documentaries and their TV products has left quite a good impression about these people. They are the type that were taught to respect the elders better than us here in Malaysia, very modest and family oriented. I have some Korean readers so please correct me if I am wrong. Their stage dressing was not too over-whelming or in other words too much of flesh being exposed or revealing.

credit to : Google images

There's this all girls group, SNSD or Girls' Generation that Sara loves. Currently,they are at their prime and are well known through out Asia. Let us analyse a little as to what contribute to the success of these Korean singing group. First, their dance regime were as tight as an army battalion. Before their first debut in public, they were to take roughly about five years of rehearsals and preparations.
Second, they were chosen according to their expertise, such as, one person is great in dancing,one person got a better voice than the rest (even though each and everyone of them must possess a singing voice) and the next person speaks fluently in foreign language. These attributions, help these groups rise to stardom and and earned them a world wide acclaim.
Third, discipline : They had to have and maintain a sense of  high discipline.
I guess what makes these Korean groups famous was the choreography of the dance steps. Hard yet feminine, complex moves yet sexy, and not forgetting their sweet faces. All these done without much of insinuating sexual gestures. (Yes, we do get sick of watching too much video clips full of sexual innuendos)

There's a little thing I am unhappy with the boy's group. They resemble too much of a girl. Watch it and you know what I mean. Their dance moves with the eyes winking make me shocked. Now plus their hair dos and face dolled up, OMG! That is too much. Why did they have to go to that extend? It's like they're confuse with their own identities whether to be a boy or a girl.
 I might be bashed harshly by their avid fans but  I am just stating my thoughts.

Enough about their singing sensations, let's talk about their variety show. How many of you guys have watched "The Running Man"? If you haven't, take some time and watch it. It is fun and entertaining. I don't know how to begin to narrate the concept of this show but I try. There were seven fixed members. They themselves are top Korean celebrities such as actors, singers and TV host. Every week they will invite a guest or guests to appear in the show. The race begins when they were given clues of the day. The game given were not the kind that makes your heart stop or eating an inedible food or confined in a box filled with roaches. Their games were straight forward and simple and sometimes child like games. They sometimes had to gang up together and at times they had to back stab each other in a humorous way.
Just try and watch this show. In no time you'll be like me, glued to the TV watching them making fools of themselves by not being slapstick.

I have yet to see Hollywood version of these kind of variety show. Malaysia? I dare not think if we'll ever come up with one. Logically, from my view, it doesn't have to involve a lot of money producing this show or  a super genius person to create it but one has to be creative and resourceful. That's all it takes.

There were a few other variety shows that is worth watching namely Hello Counselor ( one will be shocked with revelation from selected participants about their personal lives) filled with witty remarks from the hosts and The Invincible Youth ( artists involved) where they had to live at a farm house or at a village for sometimes and working together with the villagers at the farm and cook on their own food during their length of stay.
These shows are informative yet funny, filled with moral values and entertaining for the whole family to watch.

So, there, something about Korea/Korean. Liberated as they are in today's world, they instilled their fine moral values coupled with wittiness and voila! still acceptable throughout the world.
For movie or TV producers, you don't have to exploit women flesh too much to make money.

Okay, enough for today. Have a safe day and stay healthy people!