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Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Biskut Coklat Dan Peanut Butter

Salam Ramadhan semua,

Pejam celik, pejam celik, dah pun masuk 26 hari kita berpuasa hari ni. Alhamdulillah, Allah panjangkan umur kita untuk meneruskan perjalanan yang singkat ini.

Kebelakangan ni saya agak sibuk, jadi tak banyak masa yang tinggal untuk memasak. Apapun, memandangkan hari raya akan tiba dalam masa tiga lagi, saya cari satu resipi dari satu website dari  Australia dan saya terjemahkan ke dalam bahasa Melayu. Mana tau ada yang berminat nak buat cookies yang sangat-sangat mudah ni.

Saya harus bagi credit kepada website ni iaitu

Jom kita tengok bahan-bahan apa yang diperlukan :

100gm unsalted butter (tengok kat pembalut ada tulis)
200gm dark choklat ( coklat memasak )-hancurkan coklat sehingga menjadi kepingan kecil
1/3 cawan (100gm) peanut butter yang kasar
2/3 cawan gula kaster (150gm)
1 biji telur dipukul sedikit
1  1/4 cawn tepung gandum (185gm)
1/2 sudu teh soda bikarb.
1 sudu makan serbuk koko
2 sudu makan kacang tanah (dipanggang dan kirincik kasar)

1) Mula-mula, panaskan oven sehingga 180 darjah C

2) Didalam periuk yang dalam, masak air dengan api sederhana dan biar sampai mendidih. Tutup api.

3) Masukkan butter dan separuh dari coklat kedalam mangkuk yang tahan panas. Angkat mangkuk ni dan letakkan ke atas periuk yang berisi air panas tadi.
Wap dari air panas tadi akan mencairkan butter dan coklat.
Kalau terus jangan henti sampai butter dan coklat menjadi cair dan berkilat.

4) Bila dah elok cairnya dan berkilat, angkat mangkuk dan letak dibawah. Sekarang masukkan peanut butter, gula dan telur.

5) Kemudian masukkan pula tepung yang dah di ayak, soda bikarb dan koko. Sekarang gaul semua bahan sehingga sekata.

6) Didalam mangkuk asing, masukkan lebihan coklat tadi dan juga kacang panggang. Gaulkan sekali.

7) Sekarang ambil dulang yang dah dialaskan dengan kertas minyak. Ceduk sedikit adunan dan buat seperti bebola kecil. Kemudian leperkan dan tekan sikit dipermukaannya (dengan menggunakan belakang sudu) supaya menjadi lekuk. Sekarang ambil campuran coklat dan kacang panggang tadi dan letakkan diatas permukaan cookies tadi.

8) Buat sehingga penuh dulang.

9) Bakar selama lebih kurang 10~15 minit. Keluarkan dan sejukkan diatas rak dawai untuk 5 minit.

Masa penyediaan : 20 minit
Masa memasak    : 15 minit
Boleh dapat dalam 24 keping

Salam dari saya,
24th.July '14

Saturday, 19 July 2014

The Lowest Of Low of Malaysian Mentality

Good morning everybody,

It's 10.04am in Malaysia at the time I am writing this entry. Malaysia, once again was shocked with the latest horrible tragedy that took away hundreds of innocent lives, the crash or the alleged shot down by the pro-Russian militant of Malaysia Airline MH 17 flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur on July 17th.

Prior to this tragedy, a scheduled flight from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing (MH 370) on the 8th.March '14 had gone missing. The airplane was never found, not even the debris of what's left from the crash. Presumably if the plane had crashed.

There was none of  my immediate families or relatives or friends on board on any of these two flights. Yet, I share the feeling of loss and the heart breaking moment when the news of the loss of their beloved ones was delivered to them. It must be one of their toughest moment to having to accept, at times more than one family members involved in that crash.

While we mourn the loss of lives and extended our condolences to the families involved, there were people insensitive towards others. These scum wrote insensitive remarks or words that surely would hurt the feelings  of anybody, for that matter, on their face book walls, on twitters or any other social network they may have.

For my international readers, Malaysian are so obsessed with politics that they would write or say anything that came to their mind as if they know everything there is to know. I usually don't write about politics because I hate to get into this topic but today I would might as well join in a little, just to let off my steam.

I write, you judge. First I will take instance from the MH 17 tragedy. A woman (a wife to an opposition leader), her name is Yuki Tan, wrote  on her face book wall, "Malaysia is a scary country, what kind of a country is this."   She wrote this in regard to the crash of MH17.
I say, what is so scary about the country? Accident happens, anywhere, anytime. Look around woman!

Another woman from East of Malaysia wrote, (she claimed her face book was hacked) "Stupid malay Muslim pilot, if only he had eaten enough, he will be alert enough to steer clear from the no fly zone."
I say : There were 2 pilots piloting that plane. One was Capt Wan Amran (the one that this woman called stupid Malay) and the other was Capt Eugene Choo. He is a Malaysian Chinese. Why did the blame was solely put on the Malay pilot, Capt Wan Amran and not on Capt Choo as well? Besides, from what I read there were 2 other co-pilots on that plane? Why does everything has to be politicised and grazed with racial remarks?

Parwaiz Win:

You want the truth YB...the truth is my family lost a woman who was a wife...mother....grandmother....sister....cousin to many of us. Shut the fuck up !! Why blame MAS...the entire world is not blaming MAS and you calling yourself an MP of Malaysia !!. Why not head to the Russian embassy and demand they allow us full excess to the crash site? What bloody truth !??

The truth is our love one is gone and here you play politics !! Are you a baboon ? A wanker ? A damn fool with no heart for our pain that we and many like us are going through here and all over the world !!?? Do not make me curse you and your entire family for diluting the magnitude of this tragedy by asking questions which many here already know !!??

There is a time and place for you to dwell into MAS for your polticalgimmick...this is now the time for us the families and you the leaders to fight for us so that we get the remains and whatever belongings is left as a form of comfort. We have a love one only god knows in what senseless situation in a field and here you talk about MAS !!?? We will not forget how you are trying to hoodwink for political mileage our loss of a love one with your leading question !!
The truth have proven now to me and my family and many Malaysians you are not fit to represent us. You are nothing but a fucking publicity whore !! WE HAVE A LOVE ONE WHO WE HAVE LOST YOU BLOODY BASTARD !! You are a disgrace to humanity !!
am sad and angry at those responsible for the senseless murder of our love one BUT I am disgusted by your lack of sensitivity towards we who had a love one on board !! If we lived in a world where laws did not exist and if I was not a better person...if I saw you...I would call you out and give to a beating your next 10 generations would feel. You have disgusted me to my very core !! (ANDA BOLEH MEMBACANYA DI SINI DAN SINI)

I copy and paste the above for your reading. The caption above demanding for explaination from Malaysia Airline. Posted by an opposition MP Mr Nga Kor Ming with regards to the crashed MH 17. Many a time this MP had written some controversial issues.
His question was answered by one of the victims immediate families.

I say : Everything that happened in this country, the blame will go directly to the government. I wonder,what if one day he accidentally overslept and late for his senate meeting,  would he blame the government of lacing his coffee with some kind of drugs?

Now let's see another scene. A prominent lawyer and opposition leader Mr Karpal Singh died in a car accident on April 17th. this year. Read what his nephew posted: 

This guy was accusing the government of a foul play.
Needless to say, he goes free because it's hard for police department to take up a case like this. They would be called racist! That's what happened in Malaysia. If any other than the Malays were held for questioning or for demonstration or anything at all, the police force would be called racist and the noise and pandemonium caused was too much, it's as if the government was always at fault and nothing that the government does will be taken at face value. To these people, everything has an interior agenda.

I say : I felt small and helpless in my own country.

Those were some instances that I am sharing with you guys about what's going on in the country. These people are an educated bunch of people. If a bunch of educated people talked and think this way, can you imagine how an uneducated people talked and react? 

You know, a few weeks ago, one of the busiest road in Kuala Lumpur, that is Jalan Imbi, had to be closed to the traffic due to the collapse of the underground tunnel that was being constructed. The road caved in and  created two large holes right there in the city.
As usual, people were quick to respond. Remarks such as corrupt government, stupid government and what is it with this government can be read everywhere. These so-called intelligent people were always on time to point out and hurl abusive words towards the government.

 I say: Why didn't they use their intelligence to help the government to overcome their weaknesses? Throw in and share some of your constructive ideas with the government instead of always finding fault and labeling the government with names.

Malaysia is advancing towards a develop country in year 2020. Are we ready? From my part, I doubt it very much. Yes, we have some of the most advance hospital in the country, some of the highest building in the world, some of the best sports-person in the world, but that is there is to it. Mentally, we are still lagging behind those develop countries in so many ways.  
Malaysians love talking and they talked like they knew everything. What is there in words? It's empty if it wasn't put into action. Even a baby can talk. 

Malaysians were spoil with choices. The country is too peaceful, too good and too easy on it's people that people tend to look for some challenge to spice up their lives. In government they find that challenge because it doesn't harm them in any way, it is kind of an entertainment to write in their lists of social media network and got support from thousands of other people about their negative thoughts.

I will list out some of the good deed the Government of Malaysia had done for her people:
1) Schools in Malaysia: Text books were provided by the government. At the beginning of the new school term, a RM 100 was given out to all the students to lighten up the parents responsibility.

2) Government college: Remember when I sent Sara to start her college? We were required to only pay a fees of RM550 for two semester.

3) Everytime we visit a government clinic, we only pay RM1.00  for a fees in exchange for a bundle of medicines, doesn't matter what kind of sicknesses one may have. If you've got diabetes, fever and hypertension, then all three medicines will be given (after a consult with a qualified doctor) at that RM 1.00 fees.
4) A surgery at a government hospital will be charged at RM 30.00

5) When I was undergoing my chemotherapy treatment, I paid about RM 30.00 treatment compared to private hospital which may cost you thousands of ringgit for one treatment. If people were to argue that the medicine was a second grader medicine, then I am still here as a living proof.

6) Every year, the present government would hand out some money to it's people to lighten up their burden. Some will receive RM 250, some will receive RM 650. depends on the criteria required.

7) There were those who occupied some of government land (TOL) probably because they can't afford to buy or build house on their own. If the government ever decided to claim back the land, then these occupiers would be compensated by the government, be it a ready-built house or money.

8) Our food ration such as sugar and flour were subsidized  by the government. That goes for petrol/gas too.

9) Many were not happy with public service sector such as immigration department, police department, hospitals, customs department and many others citing these department as corrupt. There were times when I too was not happy with their performances. Too slow and inefficient. But then again, show me a country that didn't involve in corruption. Yes, I agree some of these officers in public sector were involved in corruption but they are not as rampant as some other countries. Besides it takes two to tango. The giver and the taker. Enough said.

10) Malaysia is a Muslim country but she lets her people to practice their beliefs freely. The Chinese got their own temples and Chinese schools, the Indian got their temples and Tamil schools and the Malays got their Malay school and mosques (which also work as national school).
Everybody is entitled to mass their wealth through hard working. There was no stopping in our daily practice. 

So, readers, please tell me what is so evil and cruel about the Malaysian government? Yesterday, I read the government would even set up a place for the poor to start their little businesses. All they need to do is to bring whatever products they may have and use the facilities set up by the government bodies. 

Many were not happy with the government because of... traffic congestion. Yep, you heard me right. They were upset because of the time consuming traffic jam every single day and they put the blame on the government. Who owned the car? Who drove the car? Who obstruct the traffic rules? Who drove recklessly? From what I see, the government has built a four lane road, an alternative route, a tunnel and light train transportation. What else do they want the government to do?

That's why I said earlier on, Malaysian are spoil for choices. They had everything spoon fed that they had  no qualms at targeting the government as being racist, weak and idiot. We had jobs everywhere. We had food everywhere. We had direct access to complain or chat with the prime minister through his twitter. 
Channel your ideas or thoughts to him via his twitter. For all we know, he might like your idea and you will get the credits from the No 1 man himself.

Where else can you find a prime minister and his sports minister hanging out with football mania at a square watching world cup final through a  big screen TV in the wee hours of the morning?

The prime minister and his sports minister, the out going Khairy Jamaluddin

The prime minister watching football
All I am saying is, if we want to be accepted as a develop country, we must develop our mind as well. Think global, so the saying goes nowadays. Don't think shallow. Broaden your horizon. Look around to other countries. What they got that we didn't. What make them tick as a nation. Do not use skin color to grab your political aims. 

Think big and rational. Too much of racism these days made me sick. I even stopped reading newspaper. (still find time to read gossip though. It's entertaining!)

Gotta go now. I just finish the writing at 14:41pm. 

Have a great day people.

20th.July '14

Sunday, 6 July 2014

It's Ramadhan!

Hello people,

Ramadhan is here and it's fasting month again. Today is the ninth day of fasting. Every Muslim look forward to welcoming this month. For my non-Muslim friends, you might not understand what's the fuss or excitement  over the month that restricted us from taking food and drinks for at least 12 hours during day time. Even the air that we breathe felt different. I can't explain to you why but the feeling is there.

Care to know more about what Ramadhan is all about? Okay, I'll try to share the little knowledge I have. Ramadhan is the ninth month in Muslim calender. In Ramadhan, it is compulsory for every Muslim to fast. Children were taught to fast as early as 5 years old. We started to prepare them for this by skipping breakfast and lasted until lunch time. During lunch, we will let them have some food and drinks but with a very limited portion. Then, they will continue the fasting until the time to break the fast.
Normally, by the age of seven, many of them will be able to complete the fasting until the iftar time. (Iftar means the breaking of fast)

One may wonder, how could anyone lasted for 12 hours or more without food or drinks, especially the drinks/water. It is hard, initially, especially in this Malaysian heat. The temperature could sometime soar up to 38degree C. This is where the faith comes in. In Him we believe. He wanted us to fast and think about other unfortunate people. Those who were deprived from the luxury of having a few selection of meals every day on the table. He gave us the strength and determination to complete the 30 days fasting to cleanse our heart and soul and be humbled with what we've got. Out of 365 days, we were only required to fast for 30 days.

Our fasting starts before dawn, sometime between 5.30~ 5.45am. (Malaysia Time) We were strongly encouraged to have a pre-breakfast meal (it's called sahur) before the time stated above. As for me, I would usually wake up at about 4.40am and pre-heat some of the dinner's left-over and make some light to the tummy meal for the whole family.
After that meal, it's haram for us to eat or drink without a valid reason. Valid reasons mean if one is sick or for a woman if they are on menstrual flow, they are excused to not fasting. These are the few instances.

Throughout the day, we were urged to recite the verses from the Holy Quran as much as possible, be a frequent mosque-visitor and perform a jemaah prayer. (Jemaah is doing something with many other people). Be generous, donate to the needy if one is capable of doing so.
Not to forget, we should zip our mouth from slandering, from bad-mouthing others and keeping our temper in check. These negative acts actually applied through-out our lives but it was emphasised during Ramadhan month to train and keep us from being malicious towards others.

Towards late afternoon, moms were the most busiest person, preparing Iftar for the whole family. This is when many of those who lived away from home get nostalgic and missing their homes terribly. The preparation for Iftar, the hype of activities around the house, the rush to get ready prior to breaking the fast, all add up to the joyful of fasting. In every Malaysian table, there will definitely be rice on the table.

Some greens and black soy beef
Curry crab with pineapple

Then other dishes to go along with it such as spicy chili chicken, some pan fried fish, some gravy for the rice and a half cooked vegetable.

This is the Malaysian jelly, sweet cooling and dissolves in mouth

For desserts, a typical Malaysian jelly called agar-agar is the easiest to cook and some dates.

Dates is high in fibre and easy on empty stomach
These (refering to the pictures above) were what we had for Iftar last night. Just to share with you guys.

Everything should be done moderately, especially the food. It shouldn't go to the extend of wasting. Islam forbids that. But today in Malaysia, it has gone over the extend where food bazaar is concerned. (specially licensed during Ramadhan) Hundreds of types of food displayed at the make shift stalls that make people go crazy. It was to be a month with moderation in food intake but now it was the other way round. People went berserk at these bazaar and they bought everything that could lure their taste-buds. They forgot that these act will lead to wastage. Waste of money and waste of food that wasn't consumed upon breaking the fast.

Even though Malaysia were known to be a food haven, don't be surprised if you were to visit our country during this month and found that many restaurants or food outlets being closed. It is compulsory for Muslim vendors and restaurateurs to close their outlets (to discourage the Muslims from eating in the open during Ramadhan month) until after 3 p.m. Then they resume their businesses as usual. Don't get alarmed though, one still can enjoy good meals from Chinese and Indian restaurants as they are allowed to open and can operate their business like any normal day. (Chinese and Indian are non Muslim in majority, thus they don't observe the Ramadhan month)

Okay back to Iftar preparation. Once it's time to breaking the fast, someone from the family will read a little prayer thankful to the Creator for giving us the food to live on. And then we eat. The table went quiet for a few seconds, everybody was busy swallowing the most required liquid, the water. It was heaven, pure heaven! Even the taste of mineral water tasted so sweet and delicious.

We were advised to eat and drink a little first, then set ourselves to perform the dusk prayer, but usually  most of us would finish our eating first before performing the prayer.

Next, at about 20:45 comes another prayer, the last prayer (out of the five daily prayers) to be performed. It's called 'Isyak prayer. After this prayer, there is a special prayer called Tarawih. This is the highlight of Ramadhan month. It is an extra prayer that were done at night after 'Ishak prayer. It is a long prayer, 20 raka'at. But here in Malaysia, many usually would keep up until eight or twelve raka'at. Depends on the Imam, the prayer could take about 45 minutes or an hour to finish. If the Imam choses to recite the long verses of Quran, then the prayer will take longer to finish but if the Imam read a shorter one, then people can leave home earlier. Imam knows best.

We still could wake up in the middle of the night and do some sunnah prayer and do more Quran reading. Not compulsory though. Sunnah prayers was to cleanse our hearts and souls and seek forgiveness from Him from our previous sins.

There! I hope I did a good job in trying to explain about our Holy month, Ramadhan. Hope you guys enjoy reading the little write up as much as I enjoyed writing for you people to read my blog. Thank you from me, from the bottom of my heart for being my loyal readers. I wish I could get as many readers from my home ground as I did with you guys.

Stay safe, stay healthy and stay good always,
7th.July '14