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Sunday, 29 September 2013


Salam semua,

Kebanyakkan kita suka makan mee,kan? Tak kiralah mee apa pun, baik mee goreng mau pun mee rebus, semua kita suka. Jadi, saya pun fikir, resipi mee apa pulak saya nak letak kat sini. Saya tak nak lah yang selalu kita buat kat rumah. Cari punya cari, saya dapat resipi mee ni dari satu blog Myanmar. Saya tak ikut 100 peratus sebab nak ubahkan sikit ikut selera kita. Dalam resipi asal mereka gunakan terlalu banyak stok ayam jadi saya kurangkan sikit di sini.

Bumbu bwg besar, bwg putih, kunyit dan halia
Jadi. jom kita cuba buat sama-sama :

1 biji bwg besar dipotong kecil
3 ulas bwg putih
1 inci kunyit hidup
sikit halia
( keempat2 bahan ni dikisar sekali)

Sikit garam dan lada hitam
2 sudu besar tepung kcg kuda (gaulkan dgn stok maggi 1/2 cawan) *

Stok ayam maggi (belum di campur tpg kcg kuda)

3 ketul isi ayam dipotong kecil ( digaul dengan garam dan lada hitam)
2 biji telur  (direbus sehingga masak) dan dipotong spt gambar di atas
1/2 cawan stok ayam maggi dicampurkan dengan 1/2 cawan air (untuk kuah)
5 keping tauhu kering ( dibelah dua)
1 sudu teh serbuk chili thai (kasar)
1 cawan santan

Mula-mula panaskan kuali dan goreng kilas ayam yg disalut garam dan lada tadi. Biarkan separuh masak. Angkat dan ketepikan.

Sekarang, tumis bahan kisar kita tadi sehingga naik bau. Selepas tu masukkan kunyit dan serbuk cili.

Sekarang masukkan ayam, stok ayam, sikit garam dan tpg kcg kuda. Masak sehingga sepuluh hingga lima belas minit gitu. Terakhir masukkan santan dan telur yang direbus dan di hiris nipis tadi.
Kalau nak lebih cair, boleh tambah air. Ikut selera masing-masing.
Warna mee ni memang agak pudar

Ini dia, mee kuah Myanmar. Pendapat saya? Boleh tahan lah rasa dia. Tapi my other half (suami saya) suka, dia kata sedap. Anak-anak dan teman2 kat luar sana boleh cuba sebab cepat dan mudah sangat nak buat. Bahan dia pun senang nak cari.

Salam hormat dari saya,

Rose 29th.Sept '13

Friday, 27 September 2013

Life Of A Human : I Want More

Good day dear friends & readers,

There are three types of living things that live and breathe in this world. The animals, the plants or vegetation and of course, us, the humans. The first two types live the way they were supposed to live according to life chain circle. They grew day by day and when their time comes, they were ripe, ready and good for human to feast upon. These species lived accordingly.

We, the human race had always been on the upper hand when compared to the other two living things. We were bestowed with a perfect physical outlook and a brain to go with.
When we were in the womb of our mothers, crouching comfortably inside there for nine months at the expand of our mother's discomfort, we wanted so eagerly to peep into this world and make a grand entrance announcing to everybody that we are here to stay.

The first thing we did to attract attention was by squealing at the top of our voice. There, we got our first attention. Everybody was fussing  over us. People in white garb were busy attending to us rather than our mothers who had just fight a battle that needed to be a win-win situation, fighting for her life and for our lives. And she did great. She won for both!

And so, we started our life with very basic and humble beginnings. We came into this world with nothing. Naked, penniless and helpless in every way.
Slowly, we wanted to take control of everything. We wanted people to listen to us even at a very tender age. We throw away the food that didn't meet our expectations. Mom would then cook or prepare something else for us just to be certain we had our tummy filled.
We threw tantrums when our requests were denied. Again, mom and dad would give in to us.
 I Want More!

We were sent to school. We always wanted to be seen and sought-after by others. Please God, let me have these cool sneakers I saw the other day in the mall. So we demanded that mommy and daddy get us the finest school shoes and the sneakers. The most up-to-date school bag that nobody in the school realized yet that it's gonna be the new craze. We were so proud of ourselves for being the trend-setter. God had answered our prayer as we got what we asked for.
After a while we got bored with it all. I Want More!

We excelled in our final exam and qualified ourselves to enroll in one of the more prestige college in the country. Now,we had to have each and everybody's attention. Dear God! Let me excel at this place. I want to be a somebody over here.
For that matter, we had to work extra hard to stay on top always. At time, we make enemies just to be where we wanted to be. But we couldn't care less. We worked and studied hard to become the college valedictorian. That way everybody will remember our name and that include the professors and lecturers. We felt so proud of ourselves. We had everything going the way we wanted it to be. Now, we had to remember to always be the number one in everything. There's no other way to doing it than to stay focus. Life is good but I Want More.

Finally, we graduated from college with flying colors.Our parents were so proud of us that nothing else mattered. They shamelessly bragged to anyone who'd care to listen to their blabbering about their genius child's achievement. We on the other hand, couldn't be bothered both with our parents jubilation and people's admiration that much. We love the attention but at the same time we want more. We wanted to be higher than where we were currently. And so our inner soul is crying out I Want More.

We had now crossed the bridge from being a student to being an adult. We prided ourselves as someone who's capable in everything, come what may.
Thus we searched for jobs that promised us big money and even bigger position. We looked down upon those who had to start working crawling from below. That is simply not me, we think to ourselves. We attended interviews anytime anywhere as long as the job offered promised us the big return. We couldn't care less about what others think, we care only about ourselves. Dear God, please listen to my prayer. I had just attended this interview and I want that job badly.
 God had answered our prayer, again. One day, we landed ourselves that much sought after job. We were offered a position as the head of a corporate company. Our dream came true. We achieved what we had always aimed for..  Ahh.. life is a bliss. We were truly a one in a million. At last, we could sit back and enjoy what life had to offer.
We bought ourselves a penthouse in the heart of the cosmopolitan city that could easily cost us millions of dollars. We got ourselves a new shiny, let say an Audi R8? Awesome! Looks sporty enough for a young person like us. We were happy with ourselves for a while.
 But, something is lacking. What is there in life if we were to have money and position without power.
Dear God, I want power. Not just within this little perimeter at where I am working. I want a power that could equate me to some really big names, doesn't really matter if that person was good or bad. Names that struck fear like Hitler or Caesar or someone charismatic like Kennedy.

After contemplating and given a deep thought, we made up our mind. We had to find a way to involve ourselves in politics. Politic is where all the power lies. CEO position paled compared to politics.
The fun just started. The rat race began. We had to prove ourselves to people that we are the right person for them to cast their votes when the time comes. We promised the stars and the moon to our would-be voters. We put on our best behaviour even though that wasn't our true self. We hate being a servant to people yet we love that thing called power that was waiting for us soon. After months of back breaking campaigning, the day arrived.
Dear God, this is the time I was waiting for. I want to win, badly. I can't lose this time.
Again, God give in to us. We won, with a big landslide against our opponent. We were over the top. Great! I have everything. I can do anything. I am a person to be reckoned with.
And so we became a politician. We loved being the public figure. We loved being looked upon as a great person. But that stopped right there because we were never a good and giving person. We were always a taker. We never gave. Slowly, we began to neglect the people who voted for us and we began to spend time for our own luxury. We used people's money and the power given to us for our own pleasure. This is what life is all about. We now had almost everything. Money, position, power, family. What else can a person ask for.

One morning, when we about to wake up and swung our legs down from our bed, we felt weird. We felt heavy as if some kind of bricks were placed on our legs. We can't move it at all. What's happening to me? We called out whoever at home and screamed abusive words towards the doctors when we were told that we will never walk again. A complete loss of muscle function. Our family had long time ago distanced themselves from us due to us being a complete jackass.
We sat alone in our room running our head through many things we did in the past. We tried to figure what went wrong with our lives. There was nothing wrong with me, we thought.
We had to do what we did in the past as that's the way it should be if one were to survive in this world. We felt no remorse at all.

We sat on our bed and began praying again. Dear God, you have got to listen to me this time. I want to walk just like I used to. You have got to listen to me. I need my feet back. I need to go out and... We prayed on and on and always praying for ourselves alone. It's all about us. We want this, we want that and we expect God to listen and give in to us all the time.

But God has his own plan. He created us from the very beginning and he followed our life since day one and he listened to our prayer most of the time. We never for once showed any gratefulness towards our parents, our friends, our colleagues, our people and above all, God. We forgot that he is capable of doing anything with our lives at the blink of an eye.
And that He did. One day, while we were alone in our dark room with nobody attending to us, death came knocking at our door. We died tragically alone, all the money that we accumulated years before didn't do us any good. Our parents came to pay us their last respect but they came as visitor. They had lost their beloved child long time ago. Friends were all too busy to attend the wake. When we were brought to the burial site, and when our body were lowered into the seven feet hole, only a handful attended to see us leave this world for the last time. There was no I Want More this time. The Creator had finally put a final stop to our whining.

It was a big gap compared to when we arrived in this world. We were waited with great elation by our parents and others. We were cuddled with love and affection. We were a sight to behold.
Somehow along the way, we discarded all the good qualities that was within us and transformed ourselves into a despicable monster. We left the world and not many will shed tears for us and many more will not be missing us.
How sad.

Love and be nice always,
27th.Sept '13

Wednesday, 25 September 2013


Assalamualaikum semua,

Perasan dak kebelakangan ni orang suka makan dessert dari luar negara. Contohnya macaroon dan pavlova. Ada lagi satu, iaitu baklava. Pencuci mulut ni berasal dari timur tengah. Orang Turki kata depa punya. Orang Greek pun kata makanan depa, orang Arab pun mengaku depa punya. Tak palah. Yang tu dia orang punya hal.
Yang saya tau, bila saya cuba buat kat rumah malam kemarin, rasanya memang teramat sedap. Bagi saya lah. Kalau pada orang lain saya tak berani jamin.
Dan untuk memuaskan hati saya samada baklava saya ni menjadi atau tak, Saya potong dua keping dan minta suami saya beri kepada pelancong dari Arab (Oman) untuk merasanya. (Kami terlibat di dalam sektor pelancongan)
Alhamdulilah, pelancong tu telefon saya sendiri dan bagi tau memang sedap, rasa macam dari buatan negaranya sebab rasanya yang masih fresh. Memang fresh sebab semua bahannya saya baru beli .
Agak senang untuk membuatnya cuma harus lebih teliti dan sangat renyah.

Baiklah, jom kita mulakan dengan bahan2nya :

1 kotak pastri Fillo/Phyllo (pastri  ni  agak sama dgn kulit popia tapi lebih fragile)
Saya letak serba sikit jenis kcg supaya senang pembaca nak tengok .

 Untuk fillings/ inti :

1 1/2 mug kcg pistacchio
1 1/2 mug almond
1 mug kcg walnut
(kacang2 ni boleh dikurangkan kuantitinya tp kalau nak rasa sedap dan lemak bolehlah ikut sukatan di atas)
Semua kacang diatas kecuali bread crumb, haruslah di kisar bersama. Jangan terlalu halus.

1 sudu teh serbuk buah pala
1 sudu teh serbuk k.kayu manis
1/2 mug bread crumb/ serbuk roti

Bila dah kisar, barulah kita campurkan semua bahan lain seperti bread crumb, serbuk buah pala dan k.kayu manis. Ketepikan.

Tiga jenis kcg yg di kisar bersama

      Untuk Sirap gula
Lemon - ambil jus nya saja
2 cwn gula pasir
1 cwn madu
1 sudu besar jus lemon
1 1/2 cawan air
1 keping kulit kayu manis

Masak semua bahan ( didalam tulisan biru) hingga larut. Masak sehingga sirap ini menjadi agak likat. Jangan terlalu cair dan jangan pulak terlalu pekat.
Bila dah masak biarkan betul betul sejuk dan ketepikan. Elok dimasak 3 atau 4 jam lebih awal.

1  1/2 senduk besar butter yg di cairkan. 
Masak lebih awal juga. Boleh dilakukan sama masa seperti sirap gula tadi.
Ketepikan dan biar sejuk.

Sekarang kita mula buat baklava. Sediakan loyang. Saiz ikut sendiri. Tapi filo pastri ni besar potongannya. Sedangkan loyang saya kecil. Jadi saya potong siap-siap ikut ukuran loyang saya.
Pembaca juga boleh buat yang sama.

Okay, griskan dulu bahagian bawah loyang dgn melted butter kita tadi. Sekarang letakkan sehelai filo pastri dan lekapkan dengan mengguna berus yg agak lebar.
Ulang lagi dengan meletakkan sekeping filo pastri dan griskan lagi.
Ulang perkara yang sama sehingga dapat 8~ 10 keping pastri.

Tengok gambar seperti di atas. Setiap helai kita griskan dengan mentega cair.
Sekarang, kita taburkan kacang kisar tadi diatas pastri. Ikut kita samada nak tabur banyak atau sikit.
Kita masih ada banyak layer lagi nak buat. Jadi buat anggaran yang tepat.

Ini first layer. Untuk layer seterusnya, kita letakkan lagi sehelai demi sehelai pastri tapi kali ni, tak perlu sampai lapan layer, cukup dengan 4 layer sahaja.
Di ikuti dengan taburan kacang. Kita lakukan sampai kcg habis.
Bila dah habis kacang, kita lapikkan lagi dengan empat atau lima layer. Griskan dengan melted butter dan sedia untuk di bakar.
Sebelum di masukkan kedalam oven, ambil pisau yang tajam dan potong seperti gambar di bawah dgn hati-hati sbb pastri ni sgt mudah terkoyak. Tak perlu potong sampai ke bawah sangat.
Sedia untuk di bakar. Dah di griskan dan di spray air.

Sementara tu, pasang oven pada suhu 160 darjah Celsius dan biarkan betul betul panas.
Sebelum kita masukkan Baklava ke dalam oven, ambil spray air, dan spray sikit diatas permukaan atas baklava tadi.
Sebabnya pastri ni cepat kering jadi dia akan cepat terbakar.
Harus di masak selama lebih kurang sejam.

Setengah jam pertama, kita tengok, kalau permukaannya dah keemasan, keluarkan dan tutup dengan aluminium foil. Masukkan semula kedalam oven dan bakar lagi setengah jam.
Baklava dah masak
Sekarang, Baklava kita dah masak. Keluarkan dan ambil sirap gula kita tadi dan tuangkan perlahan-lahan kesemua bahagian Baklava tadi. Semasa sirap dituangkan, akan terhasil bunyi seolah-olah kita menggoreng, bermakna dah masak elok Baklava kita. Tuang lagi sampai air gula itu sampai kesemua tempat.
Saya tak pakai semua sirap ni sebab terlalu manis buat saya.
Ini rupa baklava selepas empat jam

Untuk result yang terbaik, biarkan Baklava ini selama lebih kurang tiga atau empat jam supaya semua air gula itu dapat meresap kesemua bahagian.

Memang agak renyah menyediakan pencuci mulut ini tapi utk special occasion boleh lah kita cuba buat sekali sekala.

Note : Filo pastri cepat kering. Seeloknya kita ambil sekeping atau dua dulu, dan tutup dengan plastik bagi yg belum digunakan. Bila nak guna baru buka dan ambil lagi.

Cost : (Anggaran)
Fillo pastry              : RM 15.00
Semua jenis kacang : RM 35.00
Mentega                 : RM    2.00
Lain lain bahan        : RM    3.00

Jumlah                    : RM 55.00

Resipi yang paling mahal sepanjang saya menulis blog masakan ni.

Salam hormat,
25th.Sept '13

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Burger Dan Gegelang Bawang

Selamat Tengahari semua,

Kita selalu beli burger kat luar kan. Selalunya sebab malas nak buat sendiri. Tapi sekali sekala kita buat sendiri di rumah lagi sedap. Tak susah pun. To go with burger, kita buat pulak onion ring atau gegelang bawang sendiri. Tukar dari kentang goreng ke gegelung bawang pulak. Amacam?
Jom kita cuba buat kat rumah.

Bahan bahan untuk burger :

400 gm daging kisar
3/4 cawan bread crumb (serbuk roti)
1 biji telor
sikit garam
2 sudu teh serbuk lada hitam (serbuk kasar)
2 sudu besar minyak zaitun (klu tak da minyak zaitun, pakai minyak biasa pun boleh)
Bread crumb atau serbuk roti

Mula-mula ramas dan pecah-pecahkan daging kisar tadi.
Gaulkan dengan garam dan serbuk lada hitam.
Pecahkan telur dan masukkan kedalam daging dan gaul rata. Masukkan minyak zaitun.
Kalau suka nak tambah lain-lain bahan pun boleh juga. Saya tambah bwg putih yg diparut sikit utk menaikkan rasanya.

Sekarang masukkan pula bread crumb dan gaul sampai semua dah well blend. Separuh orang pakai tepung utk membuatkan daging tidak pecah. Terpulang kepada kreativity masing-masing.

saya sengaja buat daging yang tebal. Ikutkan boleh dapat dalam 6 keping

Burger kita dah siap untuk di bakar.
Sekarang kita bakar burger ni. Seeloknya burger atau apa saja makanan yang berasal dari barat berasaskan daging, tidak perlu terlalu masak. Biar garing diluar didalam masih juicy atau tidak terlalu masak.

Saya sengaja tidak letak sos untuk pembaca lebih senang lihat gambar burger tu sendiri.

Garing diluar juicy di dalam

Inilah home made burger. Memanglah tak cantik macam kita beli kat luar. Tapi rasanya lebih sedap dan tebal. Nak buat dia pun bukannya payah sangat.

Gegelang bawang ataupun onion ring ni pun sedap juga buat makanan iringan dengan burger.
Jom kita tengok cara nak buat onion ring ni. Ada banyak cara utk membuatnya. Saya pilih satu dari salah satu blog masakan barat yang paling ringkas.

Sorry, saya lupa nak ambil gambar onion ring saja. Tapi boleh tengok gambar onion ring tu di atas burger.

2 biji bawang besar (bawang kuning, lebih rangup)
1 biji telor
1 cawan tepung gandum
2/3 cawan air (anggaran)
1 sudu teh soda b.
2 sudu teh jus lemon
sikit garam
Minyak utk menggoreng

Mula-mula bawang besar di potong bulat. Kemudian relaikan menjadi kepingan gegelung.
Rendamkan kepingan ini didalam ais selama lebih kurang 10 min. (utk merangupkan ring kita)

Dimangkuk berasingan, campurkan tepung, garam dan soda b. Gaul rata tanpa air.
Di satu lagi mangkuk pula, pukul telur ,lemon jus dan air sehingga kembang elok.
Sekarang campurkan adunan telur tadi kedalam adunan kering kita, iaitu mangkuk tepung tadi.
Gaul rata dan pastikan adunannya tidak terlalu runny (atau cair) atau terlalu pekat.

Sekarang panaskan api dan masukkan minyak utk mula menggoreng.
Celupkan bawang tadi satu persatu kedalam adunan dan mula menggoreng.
Bila dah warna bertukar keemasan, bolehlah diangkat. Letakkan di cooling rack dengan tisu tangan untuk mengeringkan minyak yang berlebihan.

Gegelung bawang kita dah siap. Ia harus dimakan segera sebab kalau dah sejuk bawang ni akan menjadi lembek.

Jadi, macam mana ? Nak try dak? Cuba lah. Untuk makan malam ni.

Salam hormat dari saya,
22nd.Sept '13

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Loghat Utara

Assalamualaikum semua,

Tengok tajuk di atas dah tau saya nak tulis pasai apa kan hari ni? Negeri negeri yang termasuk dalam daerah utara adalah Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang dan separuh dari Perak.
Kita orang sebelah utara ni ada banyak perkataan sendiri yang negeri lain tak paham langsung kalau kita gunakan. Separuh orang suka dengar loghat kita, separuh pulak rasa kasar sangat penggunaan ayat dan perkataan kita dan separuh lagi rasa malu nak cakap Kedah bila dah merantau jauh ke negeri negeri lain. (selalunya kalau loghat utara ni orang sebut cakap Kedah, kan)

Bagi saya, walaupun saya asal dari Pulau Pinang, tapi dah hampir separuh hayat saya tinggal di Kedah ni, dah jadi sebati dengan negeri ni dan juga orang-orang dia. Suami saya pun orang Kedah. Arwah tok saya dulupun ramai saudara mara dia berasal dari sini. Dari dia lah saya dapat banyak perkataan yang agak lucu bunyinya masa kecik-kecik dulu.
Umpamanya kalau dia marah kami, anak cucunya (yang ramai kat rumah dia masa cuti sekolah), ayat dia lebih kurang macam ni, "Budak-budak ni, depa terbit pi mai pi mai dengan kaki belutin bukan reti nak basuh dulu."
Hah, boleh faham ke ? Kalau orang utara rasanya memang dah boleh faham tapi kalau orang dari Pantai Timur atau Selatan, mau nya garu kepala jugak nak terjemahkan ayat di atas.  Belutin tu maknanya kotor dan terbit tu maknanya keluar. Lagi satu, dia akan kata, " Pi kedai beli tepung jawi kat tok sat". Saya dah hampir terlupa apa makna tepung jawi tu sampai baru2 ni saya terdengar dalam drama Kiah Pekasam bila depa sebut perkataan tu baru teringat balik. Tepung jawi ialah tepung beras pada sesiapa yang tak tahu.
Ni lagi satu, "Cuba tengok muka tok wan hang, perat saja. Marah kat tok lah tu" (tok wan tu atok bagi sebelah utara  dan tok pula bagi nenek) Perat tu maknanya muka masam, tak tahu nak senyum.

Ada dua orang kawan saya yang tinggal di Kuala Lumpur dah berpuluh tahun tapi loghat Kedah depa pekat macam tak pernah keluar dari sini. Shima, salah sorang teman saya ni, budak Alor Staq kalau tak silap, dia punya Kedah punya pekat sampai pembantu rumah Indonesia dia pun cakap Kedah. Dari dia saya dapat satu perkataan yang saya ingat dan pakai sampai hari ni. Saya jarang dengar orang lain pakai perkataan ni. Keciwi. Ada sesapa tau makna keciwi? Makna nya sesuatu yang kita teringin sangat nak buat dan tak jemu-jemu. Contoh ayat, " Kak Rose, aku tengah keciwi nak bawa kereta ni. Maklum la baru dapat lesen."

Jom kita tengok perkataan yang lain:
1) Kejan : Suruh/minta buat sesuatu dengan segera atau tak sabar sabar. Contoh ayat : Menyampah betul lah dengan bos ni, dah la kita sibuk, dia pulak dok kejan suruh cepat siapkan kerja dia."
2) se belit - buat sesuatu sekejap. " Jom kita main snooker sebelit sebelum balik." Contoh ayat.
3) liau  - merayau-rayau . "Oi, hang nak pi liau mana tu"?
4) mentekedarah : Bahasa kasar menunjukkan makan dengan gelojoh atau menengking seseorang dalam keadaan marah seperti "Hang mentekedarah la sorang2." Kasarnya bunyi.
5) Melingkup : berlalu pergi atau merambus. Nak tengok contoh ayat? " Dia dah melingkup pi dah, lepas aku maki hamun dia tadi.
   ( Kalau perkataan lingkup saja, maknanya rosak.)
6) Loi (cara sebutan nya "loy" ) Makna nya slow dalam satu satu kerja ataupun lembab.
7) Getu makna nya cubit.
8) Raplah (loghat Penang) maksudnya kelam kabut ataupun memberi masalah.
9) Sua makna nya bagi : "Tolong sua sat air tu kat saya."
10) Gerek makna nya basikal.
11) Hemoi makna nya bersikap bersahaja atau buat tak tahu walaupun kita tahu orang tak suka kepada kita, atau orang tak mahu melayan kita, kita tetap melayan orang itu.
12) tungap maknanya mati. Selalunya digunakan untuk binatang. Contoh ayat," Alahai, tungap pulak anak ayam aku ni."
13) celuih maknanya muat. Contoh ayat, "Baju tu celuih dak dengan hang/ Baju tu muat tak dengan kau?

Perasan tak, bahasa Kedah ni, kita banyak short formkan perkataan. Ambik contoh "sekejap," kita di sini sebut "sat" atau satgi.
"Mari" kita sebut jom.
"Pergi" kita sebut "pi" saja. "Datang" kita sebut "mai". "Sedang" kita sebut "dok".
Tak sempat kita sebut "tak dan".
Dia orang atau mereka, kita sebut depa.

Kalau nak huraikan satu persatu memang banyak, terlalu banyak. Saya tak tulis semua sebab takut panjang sangat.
 Ada satu lagi cara penekanan ayat bila kita nak menyampaikan sesuatu situasi dengan berkesan. Kita buat perkataan berganda.
Contohnya makanan yang kita makan kurang garam. Kita boleh saja sebut tawar nya gulai ni, tapi kita sebut "tawaq hebiaq". Maksudnya tawaq sangat lah tu.
Kalau manis pulak kita pandai pandai tambah jadi "manih melecaih".
Kalau bodoh kita sebut melebih lebih jadi "bodoh piang".
Kalau pahit jadi "pahit berdengung".

Banyak lagi perkataan berganda ni. DBP sepatutnya boleh cari dan pilih cari perkataan perkataan ni untuk memperkasa bahasa melayu daripada mencedok dari bahasa Inggeris menjadi melayu seperti destination menjadi destinasi, implication menjadi implikasi dan sebagainya.

Bagi sesiapa yang baru nak mula memahami loghat utara, pertama sekali harus faham hampir setiap perkataan yang berakhir dengan huruf S akan di tukar menjadi "aih atau uih" bila dituturkan oleh orang utara. Umpamanya bagus sebutannya menjadi baguih, beras menjadi beraih, terus menjadi teruih.
Sebab tu kalau orang sebelah utara cakap French atau German sebutan depa sedap sebab kedua dua bahasa ni emphasise pada huruf "R". Saya gurau saja.

Kalau perkataan yang berakhir dengan huruf "R" pulak, contohnya calar, kat sini sebut calaq. Sebut betui betui, 'calaq' bukan 'calak'.
Terketar-ketar sebutan nya terketaq ketaq.
"Seluar" sebut seluaq.
Bila di sebut macam tu baru impak dia sampai. Idgham kena ada bila cakap Kedah.

Pada pandangan saya la kan, kalau kita orang utara bergaduh mulut atau berkelahi (sebelah Kedah sebut berkelei) dengan orang luar dari sini, rasanya orang sini menang banyak. Mau nya tidak, sebutan kita dah la dipendekkan menjadikan kita lebih cepat nak tambah banyak ayat, intonasi kita pulak lebih garang. Cuba tengok situasi penggunaan ayat di sini :
Ayat orang utara, "Awat hang ingat hang terer tara mana sangat, aku bagi penerajang satgi, tak dan sampai rumah kot." Garang tak bunyi ayat tu?
Sekarang kita tengok pulak penggunaan ayat yang sama oleh orang Selatan atau senang cerita K.L., " Ape, kau ingat kau dah terer sangat ke? Aku penendang kang tak sempat sampai rumah kot."

Adik angkat saya di Penang, kembar Fauzi dan Faizal, depa memang pure Penang. Ada sorang kawan depa dari Johor, saya dah tak ingat nama dia. Kalau sesapa sembang ngan dia, memang tak akan tau dia budak Johor tulen sebab lenggok bahasa dia dah sebijik macam budak Batu Ferringhi. Ada sekali dia tidur dirumah saya lama dulu, dia cerita kat saya, katanya masa dia balik Johor, time tu nak makan malam kalau tak silap. Dia dah duduk depan meja, dia jemput mak ke bapa dia, saya dah lupa, macam ni cara pelawaan dia , "Jemput mak atau abah, kita boh dulu". Terkedu sat mak bapa dia nak cuba translate apa yang anak dia cakap .Saya gelak habis hati. Mana la orang tua dia nak paham guna perkataan macam tu.

Sebab tu saya rasa, ini pendapat dan pandangan peribadi saya saja, orang Kedah lebih ngam jadi politician ataupun orang politic. Sebab depa memang berbakat dalam bab bahas membahas ni. Mulut lebih tajam. Ada yang setuju dengan saya? Politician dari Kedah ialah Tun Mahathir, Tunku Abdul Rahman, Tun Daim Zainuddin, Zulkifli Nordin. Ini sebahagian nama politician dari Kedah.

Ada satu dua perkataan yang saya tak berapa suka dengar, bunyi kasar sangat. Salah satunya perkataan "betina garit". Bunyi perkataan ni macam orang tu gedik atau jahat sangat. Walhal tak la teruk mana sangat pun. Ada lagi perkataan lain yang saya nak tulis pun rasa tak selesa. Sapa yang cipta perkataan macam tu memang cipta dari hati sebab kita yang dengar pun terkesan dengan perkataan sebegitu.

Arwah bapa saya dulu kalau cakap dengan anak-anak terutamanya anak perempuan, bahasa dia lembut. Sedap kita dengar. Cara soalan dia kalau nak tanya kita dah makan ke belum lebih kurang begini bunyinya ,: Rose, cek dah makan ma?" Ataupun dia mulakan dengan, " Ma, cek tolong ambik rokok bapa sat". Sedapnya bahasa dia.
Kami adik beradik tidak pernah menggunakan perkataan hang atau aku kat rumah. Semua sebut nama. Tapi dengan sepupu sebelah mak, yang paling rapat dengan saya, kami bercakap pakai hang aku. Jadi kadang kadang terlupa, masih gunakan hang aku depan bapa saya. Dia akan pusing dan sound slow aja, "amboi, bapa dengar sedapnya bahasa masing2." Itu ja dia cakap. Kami semua terdiam terus.Lepas tu depan dia cakap sopan panggil nama segala bagai. Tapi belakang dia, tetap..

Itulah serba sedikit yang saya nak tulis pasai loghat utara ni. Memang la kalau kita dengar, loghat kita ni bunyi agak kasar tapi saya suka dengar dan saya bangga dengan loghat kita.
Kalau ada apa yang saya tulis tersilap translation ka atau kurang tepat, sila hantar comment anda. Saya akan betulkan.

Wassalam dari saya,
19th.Sept '13

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sotong Asam Berempah

Salam semua,

Tadi tengahari saya masak yang ringkas-ringkas saja. Masak kari ikan, sayur campur dan sotong asam yang akan saya tulis resipinya di bawah. Masak asam macam ni sedap di makan bila mulut rasa payau (bahasa kedah. Saya tak tau tempat lain sebut apa.

Jom kita tengok bahan2nya:

Bwg putih/merah, halia dan rempah garing

Sotong 6 ekor (dipotong dan dikelar sikit serta dibelah dua)
6 tangkai cili kering
Bwg putih, bwg merah dan halia
1 sudu makan sos sotong
2 sudu besar kicap manis
1 sudu besar air asam jawa
1 sudu besar rempah daging
1 sudu teh serbuk cili
3 sudu besar santan
Batang saderi di potong memanjang

Kita mulakan dengan menumis rempah daging dulu. Tumis sedikit bwg putih dan merah dan masukkan rempah daging tadi bersama dengan serbuk cili. Bila dah pecah minyak, masukkan pula santan.
Masak sehingga rempah menjadi garing dan hampir kering. Ketepikan dulu.

Sekarang dengan sedikit minyak, di dalam kuali berasingan, masukkan cili kering dulu dan goreng sekejap. Selepas tu baru dimasukkan bwg putih/mreah dan halia, tumis sehingga naik bau.

Ambil sos sotong dan kicap manis  dan masukkan kedalam tumisan kita tadi. Tambah sikit air.

Bila semua dah sebati, baru campak masuk sotong kita tadi. Tak perlukan garam tapi kalau rasa kurang masin, bolehlah di tambah sikit garam.

Gaul sebentar. Masukkan air asam jawa dan juga batang saderi.

Terakhir baru dimasukkan rempah garing yg kita goreng awal tadi.

Tengok dah pun ready sotong asam berempah kita. Sedap tau. Tak payah makan dengan lauk lain lagi dah. Makan ni dengan nasi pun dah cukup sedap.

Costing : Anggaran
Sotong 6 ekor                       - RM 3.00
Santan                                   - RM 0.50
Bahan bumbu                        - RM 1.00
Bahan hiasan & rempah ratus - RM1.00

Jumlah                                  : RM 5.50 untuk 4 orang

18th.Sept '13

Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Eid Open House and The Man

Last Thusday, that was on the 5th.September, I together with Sara went to an Eid open house graced by our former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamed. It was organized by Langkawi Development Authority (LADA). I've never attended any big scale open house before. It was to start from 8pm until 10pm.

I was contemplating whether to  go or not to go. First, because both of us hated crowd and second, it was raining cats and dogs. But since my deepest respect lies in the guest of honor,the former Prime Minister,  I chose to go. No invitation needed. It was an open house after all, so everyone is invited.

We left the house about 7.30pm. My husband was still working. Both the boys were working as well. However, Ariff, will be temporarily based at the banquet center where we were going. He was to man the booth (for their hotel) together with his pastry chef and some other staff providing desserts for all guests and visitors.
Upon arrival, we were relieved to see the that the crowd was bearable. Or perhaps it was still early. We walked around and I met many familiar faces and we started talking for a while. My eyes were wandering searching for my son. I've always wanted to see him in his white uniform while in action. There! I saw him on the other side of the hall. We walked hurriedly afraid he might left for some other things needed to be done. As if on cue, he lifted his face and saw us walking towards him. He looked handsome in his uniform and it made me smile brightly.

We left him to carry on with his duty and started to collect some food (if I may use the word collect since the food is everywhere). Sara and I took one plate of satay each. (satay is pieces of beef or chicken put together on a skewer) Later on I saw my favorite dish, ketupat palas (sticky rice wrapped in palas leaves). This dish goes well with beef rendang. And I can see many booths prepared these two dishes.
There were almost six or more hotels involved in this function. Besides the hotels, restaurants and some private bodies chipped in as well. There were all type of noodles, all type of rice,  fried/grilled chicken or beef, cookies, tropical fruits and plenty more.

We found ourselves a table for ten. It's empty. Great! We had the whole table to ourselves. Both of us were digging in our tasty satay when suddenly a family of five came and asked if other chairs were taken. It's vacant, I told him. And so they joined us. The guy who asked me earlier was friendly but the ladies didn't even acknowledge the existence of the two of us.Not that I am craving for their attention. I should have said the chairs were taken. Snob!  
We ate slowly and looked around to see the quiet room fifteen minutes ago turning into a jam packed room with people thronging and milling about aimlessly. The family that sat with us, were carrying plates after plates of food to our table. There were five of them but the plates were more than ten, I think, I couldn't be sure. I turned slightly towards Sara and she understood what I was trying to say. This was the habit that I am talking about in my previous post The Difference between us,Malaysians and The Westerners/Europeans. They would dump everything onto one plate. It's as if they were afraid that there might not be any food left for second serving. After a few minutes, the guy turned to me and said, "Oh is that all you're having?" I said we'll get some later. He probably realised how we may have thought about the spread of food they placed on the table and tried to explain, " We took more than usual since there were too many people out there". I nodded and smiled.

We excused ourselves and walk into the other room.
This was why I was at this function on the first place. To see and meet first hand my beloved former P.M. We made our way slowly towards the center stage. There were some entertainment on stage and there was Malaysian rock singer, Amy Search singing one of my favourite songs, but he failed to entertain me as my eyes were busy searching for Dr Mahathir. Suddenly Sara pulled my dress. "Ma, turn to 3 o'clock. Sitting with his back against us." I turned my head slowly not wanting to appear too obvious and there I saw him sitting at a table with a few other dignitaries. He was cocking his head to the right trying to listen to what his son was saying amid the loud music. Right, now that I see him, I am not about to move even an inch, thinking to myself. After about ten minutes, I saw the crowd started to build up around the center stage but they were not enthused by the artists. It seemed each and every one inside there were trying to catch a glimpse of him. Silly me! I thought nobody would bother about him and leave him alone. I was dead wrong.

By now I was standing inches away from him with my hand holding a book "A Doctor In The House" written by him. I must get him to autograph for me. He looked around and smiled gently at the crowd. Then I saw a young couple (maybe in their early 20's) bold enough to walk over to him and bowed with respect to shake his hand. He looked stunned, never thought anybody would just walked up and shake hands with him during dinner. Even his bodyguard who was slacking in his guard (I like the rhyme) was taken aback. He was more alert after that.
Not wanting to miss my chance, I walked up to the bodyguard and tapped him gently on his arm. "Will Tun (the highest title for a politician in Malaysia) be meeting the people later on?" I asked. He said no but maybe after dinner you can approach him. Sounded good enough to me.

It wasn't to be my night. Tun together with his son was called for cake cutting and later was called up onstage to distribute some money for children under twelve. Seriously? How could they arrange such a thing for an eighty eight year old man. He may look strong for his age but making someone his age standing and distributing money to hundreds of children? I could be wrong but I seriously think there were about three to four thousand people that night.Could be more.

What a way to organize a function. He looked frail to me even though the smile never left his face.
By now, the MC must have realized the pandemonium caused by this money giving. Almost every parents with young children were pushing their way up to get the money for their children. At last they(the MCs) took charge and announce the money will be given later and the former Prime Minister was ushered back towards his table. Half way across the room, people were seemingly inching their way closer to Tun trying to shake his hand. The police and bodyguards suddenly changed course and ushered him towards the exit door.

What does that mean? That means I lost my chance of approaching him and lost my chance of telling him that I admired him greatly. I loved him as a person. I love his personality, his witty remarks, his advance thinking and his love for the country. To me he is and always will be a true statesman. When I write about him like this, I wouldn't be surprised if I were to be bashed and lashed out by those who hated him. Malaysian has become obsessive when it comes to politics. Even the smallest and simplest conversation would be turned into political issue.
Allow me to write something about The Man. He is a simple man. He was a medical doctor prior to being a politician. I remembered long time ago I read, (or was it on TV) his wife, Tun Hasmah, said when she was trying to get adjusted to becoming a Prime Minister's wife, they were in a car to attend something somewhere, the outriders would ride ahead of them to control the traffic. She said she would slide herself down until nobody can see her through the window because she felt ashamed of having the luxury of riding with the road being cleared up for them.
As for him, he was called a dictator, a pharaoh and many more harsh names labeled out to suggest that he was a tyrannical person. Was he? If he was, he could have said or retaliated with some snide remarks when the then, U.S Vice President Al Gore humiliated him and then stomped out during dinner thrown by him (Dr Mahathir) in conjunction with Apec meeting, if I am not mistaken in 1998.

He is an outspoken person and he wasn't popular among Western countries but he cared for his people. And if I were to get the privilege of being his friend, I'd do anything for a friend like him. Why did I say this? Because when he fired his deputy, the famous and popular Anwar Ibrahim, he was bombarded with hates comments and harsh words that wasn't even fit to the most hated enemy. To this day, many still don't forgive him for sacking Anwar Ibrahim from his post. Fifteen years ago, Anwar Ibrahim's wife had written a letter to Tun Hasmah (Mahathir's wife), probably pouring out her misery about her husband's antic. Nobody knows for sure what was the content of the letter. Anyway, what I am trying to say is, both Dr Mahathir and his wife had hold this secret for fifteen years even when he (Dr Mahathir) was at a very thin line in his political career. He never for once used that letter as a weapon to attack Anwar Ibrahim because he was a man that hold true to his words. He kept mum about it and let people attacked his life relentlessly. He could have had the upper hand anytime by showing the letter to public.

For me, it is difficult to find a good politician and a good person combined as one in this modern era.
There were many other things that I'd like to write and share about him but as it is, I've taken long enough of your time, dear readers. I hope Malaysian readers would give me some space to write about the person I admired the most. This is not about politics. So enjoy and stay fresh.

Out for now,
12th.Sept '13

Monday, 9 September 2013

Tart Multi Lapis

Assalamualaikum semua,

Jenuh juga nak cari resipi apa pulak nak letak dalam entry terbaru saya ni. Jadi bila saya belek2 balik resipi yang dah ada kat blog ni, saya ternampak egg tart resipi yang saya letak dulu. Dari situ saya dapat idea nak buat tart multi lapis ni.
Jom cuba, agak senang tapi banyak kerja. Rasanya? Memang berbaloi, sedap betul.

Untuk pastri, kita perlukan bahan sama macam nak buat egg tart:

i) 50 gm butter (keluarkan dari peti sejuk dulu)
   80 gm gula kastor
   230 gm tepung gandum
   1 biji telur
   sikit esen vanila

Mula-mula pukul gula butter sampai kembang. Warna agak keputihan
Lepas tu, masukkan pula telur dan esen vanila. Pukul lagi sampai sebati elok.
Sekarang masukkan pula tepung dan pukul lagi sampai rata.
Kalau mixer kita dah tak boleh nak pusing adunan tu, kita gunakan tangan.
Adunkan sehingga menjadi doh. (Di sini kita kena tengok tepungnya. Seeloknya tepung tu tak terlalu padat. Sebab kalau terlalu padat, pastri dia tak jadi crumbly (ataupun rangup)

Tengok gambar diatas. Kita nak doh yang mcm ni.
Okay, bila dah siap doh kita, balutkan dalam cling wrap dan simpan dlm peti sejuk dalam setengah jam.

ii) Sekarang kita nak buat filling dia pulak.
    Filling satu : 3 sudu besar seri kaya
                      3 sudu besar susu segar
                      1 sudu besar tepung gandum
( Pasang api perlahan dan masukkan susu segar bersama dengan seri kaya. Lihat kepekatan dia. Kalau agak cair lebihkan tepung. Kalau tidak ikut sukatan di atas. Angkat dan ketepikan )
Atau pun kalau nak kerja senang pakai terus serikaya yang kita beli di kedai tu. Lebih cepat.

   Filling dua  : Santan RM 1.00
                      Sikit garam
                      2 sudu tepung gandum
                      1 1/2 sudu tepung beras
 ( Seperti diatas, buka api perlahan, masukkan santan dan garam dan kacau sebentar. Kemudian masukkan pula tepung gandum dan tpg beras. Sikit pewarna hijau (kalau suka). Kacau sehingga menjadi kental.
Angkat dan ketepikan.

Filling tiga     : 50gm tepung hoen kee (tiub putih)
                      Gula 4 sudu besar
                     Air 1 cawan
(Masukkan kesemua bahan dan masak atas api perlahan sehingga warna hijau tepung ini bertukar menjadi hijau jernih. (Boleh buka tengok resipi kuih tako)

Dah siap semua fillings tadi, kita buat pastri dia pulak. Keluarkan doh dari peti sejuk. Sekarang canaikan doh dan potong bulat-bulat (pakai cawan untuk bulatkan pun boleh)

Kalau nak kulit pastri tebal, tebalkan doh nya. Saya tebalkan doh hampir 34cm, kemudian bila masukkan dalam acuan dan ditekan, pastri dia tak mudah berderai sangat.

Pasang oven pada suhu 170darjah. Bila dah panas masukkan acuan kedalam dan bakar lebih kurang 15 hingga 20minit atau sehingga pastri menjadi keperang-perangan.

Keluarkan pastri dan sejukkan sekejap. Sekarang bolehlah kita isikan inti selapis demi selapis. Boleh letakkan tepung tako paling bawah, kemudian, lapisan kepala santan (lapisan santan ni utk mengimbangi rasa manis yang ada pada inti2 lain), terakhir serikaya di atas. Ikut mana yang kita suka nak buat.

Alhamdulillah, dah pun siap tart multi lapis kita. Masa yang di ambik agak lama iaitu lebih kurang 1  1/2 jam tapi berbaloi. Kulit pastri ni boleh di buat banyak2 dan simpan dalam peti sejuk.

Selamat mencuba!

9th.Sept '13

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Cooking From My Heart / Memasak Dari Hati

Hello all and greetings from Langkawi,

Finding a new and interesting topic for my blog has been an endless task for me nowadays. I've written a few topics and they ended up in my draft box. So finally for this week, I thought why don't I write something about cooking and food. Everybody loves food. Even the anorexic person love food, I am sure.

As most of you know, besides this featured article, I open up another page for cooking blog. I wasn't into it initially as I wasn't a trained cook or chef for that matter. But Ariff, my eldest encouraged me saying, people, doesn't matter who they are, where they come from, loved looking at the pictures of food and the food itself. The chemistry between human and food is magical. It's an instant attraction, period.
I was still skeptical. All the while I cook for my family and occasionally for my friends and now I am to write a recipe for all to see? Intimidating, truly intimidating. If any of you browse through my initial posts of some of my recipes, you could see some awkwardness both about the write up and the photos taken.
I purposely didn't pull out those pictures yet so that I can make a comparison between then and now to enhance and motivate myself into doing a better job in the future.

Am I a good cook? Well my husband and children didn't complaint too much. And they looked healthy to me until today. My friends usually seemed to be happy and contented with what I presented and none of them needed to be sent to the emergency room after tasting my food. So I guess I am an okay cook.

I wasn't into cooking a few years ago. I mean, I cook daily, yes, but that is all there is to it. In fact, I never liked cooking. I am more into outdoorish thing. Somehow along the way,I might have inherited some gene from my grandma who was a good cook then. School holidays was kind of a fiesta for us, the grandchildren, since we will be going home to her place in flocks (sounds like birds) to spend our holidays and to feast on her cooking.
My husband loves my chicken curry. He didn't say as much but I know he looked forward if I were to cook that curry on that day. Sophie loves my fried rice. She says I make the best. My secret? I used all the leftovers in the fridge to concoct that fried rice she loves so much. Ariff loves my nasi lemak (rice cooked with coconut cream) He would usually helped himself with second helpings. Sara loves the sweet and sour fish. She's a little picky when it comes to eating but for this dish, you better stay away from her. Soffian, as usual, the hardest to please. He doesn't seem to have any favoured food. I can please him by making some egg in tomato sauce and fried chicken. That will make his day.

Three years ago, when I was working full time, I thought I would never find a day when cooking will come out as priority in my life. Lately, since I am almost always at home, (office work was done from the luxury of being at home) I started to feel a little liking towards being in the kitchen. I told Sophie the other day, I needed a bigger kitchen to accommodate my new found hobby.

So what do I think of my cooking blog? It is still a long way from perfection. But I tell you one thing. I enjoyed doing it lately. The family is happy too since they got to sample a lot of cooking which I wouldn't cook if it wasn't for my blog. Everyday, I would think a little rigorously, as to what should be my next dish. I kind of dedicated this blog for young adults, those who are still studying and live away from home and young married couples who may never cooked before. I made cooking simple as possible. Ingredients that were easy to obtain and the kind of food that Malaysian loved.

Cooking requires a lot of patience, passion and sincerity. I believe if these three elements were to be combined together, one can be a great cook and I would say that person cook through his or her heart. And when that happens, trust me, the dish served by these people are something to be talked about.
I watched many cooking programs and some hosts looked convincing enough for me to try out their recipes. Among the hosts/chef that I  admire is Anna Olson. She does her cooking with flair especially when it comes to pastry and cakes.

Now comes the part of photographing the dishes. I am so out of touch when it comes to photography. Luckily Ariff is around, so when he got a day off from work, I will cook something on that day. After arranging the table, doing a simple plating and things like that, I will get his help to photograph my dish. I want everything to look good and the finesse must be perfect to my untrained eyes. Usually he did a good job. There were times when he was not in the mood, he'd chided me about doing the photographing on my own. Well, I did try a few times under his supervision but still, I am none the wiser. What's the point of having a good photographer at home without exploiting his knowledge to my convenient, right?

The above picture was taken by me.

The next picture was taken by Ariff. Can you see the difference? Can you see now why I had to wait for him to photograph my cooking? Mine looked terribly dull whereas his looked vibrant. And this picture wasn't shot properly. He was just testing the lighting!
So, whether he liked it or not he's stuck with me for the time being!

I thought of doing the write up in English but time is my utmost enemy at this moment. I haven't got enough time to do it just yet. Perhaps one of these days when everybody has left home and I got excessive time at hand to spend it any way I like, then I will start in English version.

So people, it's time for me to pen off. Hope everybody is having a great time and be safe!

Out now,
4th.Sept '13


                                         Memasak Dari Hati

Nak cari satu-satu topik yang menarik untuk dimasukkan kedalam blog saya adalah satu tugas yang agak payah dan berat juga. Saya tulis juga beberapa topik tapi semuanya ada didalam kotak simpanan draft saya.
Akhirnya pada minggu ni, saya terfikir kenapa tak tulis saja tentang makanan dan masakan. Kan semua orang suka bab-bab makan ni? Malah, pada pandangan saya, orang yang mengalami penyakit anorexia pun sukakan makanan.

Seperti yang kebanyakkan daripada anda tahu, saya juga menulis blog masakan. Mula-mula tu saya tak berminat langsung sebab saya bukannya seorang tukang masak yang handal ataupun chef hotel. Cuma tukang masak di rumah saja. Tapi anak sulung saya, Ariff, bagitau saya, mama mesti cuba sebab kebanyakkan orang, tak kira dari mana asal mereka atau siapapun mereka, semuanya suka berkenaan bab-bab makanan ni. Kalau ada blog masakan tentu orang akan buka dan baca. Hubungan antara makanan dan manusia ni umpama magik.
Saya agak ragu ragu pada awalnya. Sebelum ni saya cuma masak untuk famili dan kadang kala untuk teman-teman yang mai ke rumah. Macam mana nak tulis resipi masakan dalam blog pulak? Ahh takut nya.. Kalau anda perasan post saya yang awal-awal agak teruk terutamanya dalam pengambilan gambar dan tulisan pun masih macam tak confident lagi. saya sengaja tak keluarkan gambar dan post tu untuk memotivatekan diri sendiri. Harap-harap dimasa depan saya akan lebih menjadi matang didalam penulisan saya.

Adakah saya seorang tukang masak yang hebat? Suami dan anak2 saya tak complain sangat. Dan depa pun nampak sehat elok saja sampai hari ni. Teman-teman saya selalunya  nampak happy bila makan di rumah saya. So far tak ada lagilah yang terpaksa dihantar kerumah sakit disebabkan masakan saya. haha.. Kira okay lah tu.

Saya ni sebenarnya tak berapa minat bidang memasak ni. Maksud saya, memang la saya masak setiap hari tapi itu sajalah. Dah nama pun kerja kita. Saya lebih suka kerja-kerja lasak. Tapi tak tahulah dari mana datangnya, tiba-tiba saja saya mula minat nak masak, maksud saya betul-betul mendalami ilmu memasak. Mungkin ada sikit turun dari tok saya. Dia memang pandai masak. Dulu2, kalau cuti sekolah (saya memang duduk dengan dia sampai umur 12 tahun) kebanyakkan anak cucu dia akan balik kampong untuk menghabiskan cuti sekolah. Waktu tu lah semua nak dia masak sebab memang best gile kalau dia masak. Rasa macam kenduri pun ada sebab ramai di rumah dia.
Suami saya suka kari ayam saya. Dia tak la bagi tahu berdepan tapi boleh tau yang dia memang suka kalau saya masak kari tu. Sophie suka nasi goreng nasi saya. Dia kata sedap. Mana tak sedapnya, saya pakai lebihan lauk-pauk yang tersimpan dalam fridge. Ariff suka nasi lemak saya.  Sara sukakan ikan masak sweet and sour. Dia ni cerewet sikit bab makan. Tapi kalau sweet and sour ni, duduk jauh2 lah semua orang jawabnya. Soffian? macam biasa. Susah nak tahu apa yang dia suka atau tidak. Payah sangat, saya cuma goreng ayam dan buat telur masak sos.

Tiga tahun dulu, semasa saya bekerja sepenuh masa, tak pernah terlintas pun di fikiran yang saya akan minat memasak macam sekarang. Kebelakangan ni, disebabkan saya selalu berada dirumah (kerja office pun saya buat dari rumah) minat untuk memasak tu dah mula timbul. Saya dah mula suka berada didapur untuk mencuba pelbagai jenis masakan. Saya bagi tahu Sophie hari tu, saya perlukan dapur yang lebih luas untuk mengisi hobi terbaru saya ni.

 Jadi, apa pendapat saya tentang blog masakan saya sendiri? Masih jauh dari sempurna. Tapi saya boleh bagi tau satu benda. Saya enjoy memasak sekarang tak macam dulu. Keluarga lagilah happy sebab dapat makan macam2 yang sebelum ni memang jarang saya masak. Setiap hari, saya memerah otak (bunyi macam serius sangat) nak cari apa pulak resipi terbaru yang nak saya letak didalam blog? Saya dedikasikan blog masakan ni untuk anak-anak muda yang sedang belajar, yang duduk jauh dari keluarga dan juga untuk pasangan yang baru memulakan kehidupan sebagai suami isteri. Sebab tu saya cuba buat resipi seringkas yang boleh supaya semua senagn nak mencuba. Bahan-bahan pun senang nak cari.

Memasak memerlukan banyak kesabaran, minat dan keikhlasan. Saya percaya kalau ketiga2 elemen ni bersatu, seseorang itu boleh menjadi seorang tukang masak yang hebat. Orang sebegini masak dari hatinya. Dan sudah tentu masakannya pun menjadi lebih sedap.
Saya menonton banyak program masakan untuk belajar sikit sebanyak cara-cara masakan dari negara lain supaya dapat saya adunkan untuk memberi cita rasa yang dapat di terima oleh orang kita. Tapi masih dalam peringkat pembelajaran.
Salah seorang host/chef yang saya suka ialah Anna Olson. Cara dia memasak sangat bersahaja terutama bila berkaitan dengan pastry atau kek.

Sekarang bahagian gambar pulak. Alahai! Saya ni kalau bab mengambil gambar ni memang out terus. Nasib baik lah Ariff ada. Jadi bila hari cuti dia tu, saya masak apa-apa dan minta dia ambil gambar. Saya susun atur tempat, buat plating yang ringkas dan bila semua dah ready, saya panggil dia ambik gambar. Saya nak semua nampak cantik dan berseri walaupun saya bukanlah seorang yang professional. Selalunya dia buat kerja yang elok, tapi ada hari yang mana mood dia tu kurang sikit, dia muncung sikit la dan suruh saya belajar cara-cara mengambil gambar.  Saya dah cuba beberapa kali dengan di selia oleh dia tapi dok takok tu jugak. Maklum sajalah bila dah masuk angka lima ni. Lambat sikit nak tangkap. Lagipun apa gunanya ada jurugambar dalam rumah kalau tak di guna? Rugi ja kebolehan dia kan?

 Gambar diatas di ambil oleh saya

Gambar kedua diambil oleh Ariff. Nampak perbezaannya? Gambar saya nampak tak bermaya manakala gambar dia nampak meriah warnanya. Dan yang lebih menyakitkan hati lagi, dia testing lighting camera dia saja dan gambar dia nampak cantik banyak dari gambar saya.
Jadi buat masa ni, samada dia suka atau tidak, dia kena buat apa yang saya suruh.

Saya ada terfikir nak tulis dalam bahasa Inggeris pulak untuk blog masakan ni tapi masa tak cukup. Tunggulah tengok. Nanti bila anak2 semua dah tak ada dirumah, saya berseorangan, bolehlah saya mula menulis secara lebih serius.

 Jadi buat semua, sampai disini dulu. Dah penat dah jari menaip dalam dua versi. Saya doakan semua sihat selalu dan jaga diri.

Salam dari saya,
4th.Sept '13

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Bubur Pulut Hitam

Assalamualaikum semua,

Ada sesapa yang suka makan bubur pulut hitam tak? Senang kan nak buat dia? Tapi saya masukkan juga untuk anak2 remaja kita yang nak belajar buat bubur ni.

Bahan-bahan  pun senang nak dapat :
200 gm Pulut hitam
Santan RM3.00
Gula secukup rasa
Sikit garam
Daun pandan

Pulut hitam eloklah direndam semalaman ataupun sekurang-kurangnya 3 jam.
Ada dua cara untuk memasaknya.

Pertama: kita boleh terus merebus pulut tadi dengan air yang banyak sehingga empuk

Yang kedua kita kukus dulu (selepas ditoskan dari rendaman) selama lebih kurang 1/2 jam.
Bila pulut dah agak kembang, angkat.
Kemudian dimasak seperti biasa iaitu masukkan air dan rebus ( jangan lupa masukkan gula dan sikit garam )
Carikkan daun pandan dan masukkan kedalam rebusan pulut tadi.
Bila pulut dah kembang dan lembut, masukkan santan dan biarkan sekejap.
Jangan biarkan santan mendidih (ia menjadi pecah minyak)

Memasukkan santan terus elok dimakan semasa panas. Separuh orang lebih suka santan dimasukkan apabila nak makan. Boleh juga macam tu.

Untuk menyimpan pulut lebih lama, saya lebih suka merebus pulut tadi dengan gula dan garam tanpa santan. Dengan cara tu, pulut dapat di simpan di dalam peti sejuk dan tahan lebih lama. Bila nak makan, baru tuangkan santan ke atas pulut tadi.

Costing (Anggaran ) :
Pulut Hitam     RM 2.00
Santan            RM 3.00

Jumlah            RM 5.00untuk 5 orang

Jadi, selamat mencuba untuk anak2 diluar sana. Sangat mudah. Cuma ambik masa sikit nak makan.

3rd.September '13