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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ketam Kicap Berempah

Salam malam Jumaat,

Dua hari lepas saya beli ketam kat market. Agak mahal juga. 3 ekor 13 ringgit mungkin sebab bukan musim dia. Tapi agak besar juga jadi saya tak kisah sangat lah.

Nak masak apa pulak dengan ketam ni. Kari ketam? Dah selalu sangat. Chili crab pun kerap juga. Jadi saya ingat hari tu masak yang simple sudah. Buat masak kicap. Masak kicap ni saya pernah makan lama dulu kat Pulau Pangkor. Sedap betul. Saya tak dapat resipi dia yang betul2 tapi version yang saya buat ni pun sedap juga . Boleh cuba sendiri kat rumah. Kalau tak sedap bagi tau saya, saya akan remove dari blog ni.. hehe

3 ekor ketam di belah dua

3 ulas bawang putih di rincik halus
1 sudu besar udang kering di tumbuk kasar
3 pelepah daun kari (ambik daunnya saja)
4 biji cili merah (di hiris)

1 sudu besar rempah daging (saya pakai Baba's)
1/2 sudu teh jintan manis
1 labu bawang besar di mayang
sikit kicap cair dan sikit kicap manis

Kita mula memasak :

Ketam direbus dulu. Tunggu sampai kulit ketam menjadi merah. Rebus kira kira 3 min didalam air panas.
Selalunya saya tak buang kulit supaya isinya tak kecut.
Angkat keluar ketam tadi dan ketepikan dulu. (simpan air rebusan anggaran 1/2 cawan)

Sekarang panaskan minyak sikit didalam kuali yang besar, kemudian tumiskan bahan-bahan di dalam tulisan biru.
Bila dah naik bau, masukkan rempah daging (tanpa air) dan tumis lagi.
Masukkan ketam kita dan renjiskan dengan kedua-dua jenis kicap, air rebusan tadi dan jintan manis.
Kalau rasa kurang masin baru tambah garam.
Bila dah hampir masak bolehlah ditaburkan bawang besar yang di hiris nipis.

Kalau nak sos yang lebih, boleh lebihkan air.

Okay dah siap. Senang kan?

Salam dari saya
31st.Oct '13

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

My Boys :Their Antics gave me headaches

Hello all,

I couldn't sleep well last night. Awake at 04:15am, tossing and turning trying to bring back the sleep without much success. I finally got up, did a sunnah prayer and here I am sitting right in front of my PC. It has the calming effect on me at the wee hours of the day as I didn't hear any noise or sound around me except for the keyboard where my fingers were pressing on it.

In a week's time, Sara will be seating for her final exam in her last year of school. To me and to other parents, this exam will either make or break their future. Her future lies in this exam. She has been studying hard throughout the year and whatever the outcome or result will be,I will always support and love her the same.
As many of you may have knew it , (for  those who followed my blog) I have four children, two boys and two girls. The two boys are the big brother to the girls. I don't know if any of you experiencing the same situation I am (was) in. The girls usually will study religiously or get their homework done without much push or yell for that matter, from us (the parents). I can't say the same for the boys.

Let's start with my eldest, Ariff.  When he was in the final year, he treated this exam like any other monthly test. He acted so cool that one wondered if he was the genius with a score of over 140 in IQ test. Believe it or not, a day before his exam, we thought of going fishing and leave him at home alone to do some revision in peace. I am sure you guys can guess what happened. He insisted to tag along. This will help to clear his mind prior to sitting the exam, he said. As if he'd been burying his head in books all these while!
After the result came out three months later, he casually walked towards me and slid inside the car. It was a nerve-wrecking moment for me. It should be the other way round.
So I asked him, "Well, what did the result says?" I never expect too much from him as I knew the limit of his accomplishment from previous tests and exams.
He replied,"Ok I guess". I pulled the result paper from his hand and squint my eyes over the little printed writing. "You got a D for English and an E for History (I think) and you said "Ok I guess"?
Do you know what's his next words to me? Read this, " Ma, you should be proud of me, it's Damn good for my English (referring to his D in English) and I got Excellent for my History (referring to his E in History).
I looked at him in total disbelief. Half of me was about to laugh at his stupid dry jokes and half of me was ready to explode. I give up. Good thing I had sent him to this preparatory school, a vocational school when I saw him lagging too much behind others academically. In this school was where he studied his baking skill and he is now just a step away from being a pastry chef.

He stands at 5' 7", I think, and weighs  about 95kg (equivalent to 209 lbs). Right, now that you can imagine how he'd look like, can you imagine how he'd behave?  One look at him people will definitely think that he was the quiet type and prefer to be on his own. Wrong, he was neither. He'd sing loudly and he'd do things that will irritate his sisters. He's got a big booming voice and sometimes he intentionally yell their names at the top of his voice. The funny thing is, he is afraid of Sophie. Not afraid as in literally translated afraid. Afraid in a sense that when he mocked or angered Sophie on purpose, and she would dare him to come down from the stair-case, he wouldn't. He kept a watchful eyes on Sophie in case she came after him. And when she did, he ran with his loud thumping sound as fast as he could afraid Sophie might get to him. Just like little children playing chase and catch.

There's another thing that I find it both amusing and annoying. He has a little problem in hearing on his left ear. If we were to speak softly to him, we would have to repeat another two or three times. He would sometime use this to his advantage. He pretend not to hear what I was saying in case he didn't feel up to doing what I wanted him to do. One day, he drove me and Sara to do a little grocery shopping since it was his day off. While inside the car, I was saying something nice about him in a low voice. I was sitting at the back seat behind his seat while Sara in a front passenger seat next to him. He turned a little and said to me, "You really think so ma?"
Both Sara and I was amazed with his reaction. I slapped on his shoulder and said, "So you can hear when I said sweet thing about you. What about other times when we talk about you. Can you hear what we were saying?" He gave that sheepish smile which suggested that he did. Like mother like son. I used my sickness to my benefit (refer to my post Using My Sickness to my Benefit ) and he used his imperfection to suit his mood.

Soffian was far worse than his big brother. As you guys may know from my previous writing, he was always looking for trouble or in trouble. He was suspended from attending the school a couple of times. Reason being, smoking and fighting. A few times his cases were highlighted during school assembly and a few times too I had to fetch him from police station after making an official  police report. One police officer was about to take down his report saw my son standing in front of him and said, "You again? And he went on, "a person like you should  seriously think about joining the police force or the army.You fit very well."

There was one time, he was walking with one of his classmate within the school compound and passed by a row of teacher's cars. His classmate said to him, This car belong to one teacher that I can't stand to see her face. Let's scratch her car. My son, always trying to be the hero, picked something from the ground and scratch from the the back right to the front. Right at that moment a passing teacher passed by and saw him doing it.
To cut it short, he was suspended from that school. The story didn't end there. The school disciplinary board had asked him to call us his parents to come to the school immediately. He (Soffian) would always call me for whatever misdeed he'd done because he knew how his dad would react should he inform his dad.
For this case, probably out of panic, he had mistakenly gave my husband's cell number to the school board. Imagine my husband's reaction when he received the call. To my surprise, he didn't hit the roof this time. He merely said, "Your son got into trouble again."

There was one incident which make me laugh even though I wasn't happy with what he did.
As far as I remember, he never finishes his homework. My girl's school bags was always full and heavy with books. Soffian's bag was  always empty except for a few exercise books. One day after school has entered it's first quarter of the year, one of his teachers had gave him warning to finish his geography homework within the next few days. That nite, he called Sara and asked and made her write all the notes and whatever exercise that needed to be completed while he sat and watched his sister doing it for him. See how smart he is. When trapped in one situation, he was quick to find a solution to help him wriggle out from whatever problem he was in. If only he would apply that brain into a useful manner.

He skipped school like its his father's property. Each week, he will give excuses not to attend school. Sometimes when I lost my temper, he'd obediently wake up, take his shower, take a leisurely breakfast while his sisters were fuming having to wait for him, I succeeded in making him arrived safely to school. You think he'd be a nice little boy for that day? Nope, you're dead wrong! The moment I left him in school compound, he together with a few of his close buddies will change their direction. Instead of going to their respective classes, they played truant. They skipped school and went out for snooker or something.
Do you know how I found out about all his antics? From he himself. He will always tell me what mischief he's up to and how he lied to me about many other things. How do one describe this type of character.

He has since left the school, about four years now. But his legacy in that school lives on. Earlier this year, a boy in a junior class was telling all his friends that he was Soffian's brother. He'd go like, " Hey, in case you guys don't know,I am Pian's brother". I wonder how he got the wind about Pian's reputation.
Sara's classmate heard about it and asked Sara if she has a baby brother. She answered no.
Her classmate then told her about the boy who claimed to be Soffian's baby brother.
I don't get it! How could anyone idolize someone like Soffian.

To this day, he is still the same. I am still hoping against all hope that one day he'll grow up and be serious in his life. As for his brother, Ariff, he's matured in recent years but the little boy mischievousness is still inside him.

That's all for today!

Good nite people
Rose (21:43hrs)
29th.Oct '13

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Bihun Goreng Thai Style

Salam semua,

Bihun Thai ni, sebetulnya bila saya fikirkan balik ada banyak persamaan dengan cara arwah tok saya masak dulu. Dia tumbuk kacang tanah sikit, dia tumbuk cili kering sikit, then dia campur dengan udang kering. Sedap sungguh. Jadi kalau nak kata kita tiru masakan ni dari orang Siam pun, tak dak bukti sahih kecuali lah tok saya ada darah Siam. Wallahu'alam.

Apa pun jom kita cuba buat bersama :

1/2 packet bihun
3 ketul ayam yang dipotong kecil atau jenis makanan laut
2 keping tauhu di potong dadu dan di goreng separuh masak
1/4 cawan udang kering yg di tumbuk agak kasar
2 biji telur
4 ~ 5 biji bwg merah
1/4 cawan kcg tanah ( disangai dan ditumbuk agak halus)
sedikit taugeh

3 sudu besar chili flakes
sikit daun bawang
sebiji limau nipis (di belah dua)

1 sudu teh gula
1 sudu besar kicap cair,
1 sudu besar sos tiram
sikit sos ikan
2 sudu besar chili sos

Mai kita mula masak :

Panaskan minyak sikit dalam kuali. Goreng kilas ayam yang dipotong kecil tadi. Angkat dan ketepikan.
Goreng tauhu biar setengah masak. Angkat dan ketepikan.
Kemudian goreng sekejap udang kering. Angkat dan ketepikan.
Sekarang, dgn minyak yang sama, goreng bawang merah sampai kekuningan. Tolak ke tepi kuali.

Sekarang, pecah2kan pula dua biji telur macam kita nak buat scrambled egg tu. Sekejap saja.
Bila telur dah pecah, tarik masuk bawang goreng tadi serta ayam goreng kilas.

Kemudian, masukkan pula bihun kita  kacau sampai sekata.Jangan lupa masukkan udang kering yg di goreng kilas tadi serta tauhu.

Selepas tu tuang semua bahan dalam tulisan biru dan kacau lagi.
Tak perlu garam lagi sebab semua bahan diatas dah cukup untuk memasinkan bihun kita.

Terakhir masukkan taugeh dan goreng sekejap. Tutup api .

Cara dia orang hidangkan bihun ni ialah, letakkan bihun di dalam satu pinggan, bahan-bahan seperti, kacang tanah, chili flakes, limau nipis diletak dikeliling bihun. Siapa yang suka pedas boleh ambil cili yang diasingkan tu. Dan begitu jugak dengan garnishing yang lain.

Selamat mencuba dan menjamu selera.

27th.Oct '13

Friday, 25 October 2013

Laksa Utara


Saya sebetulnya tak tahu nak taruk tajuk apa, Laksa saja ka ataupun Laksa Penang ka or Laksa Utara. Last-last saya pilih Laksa Utara lah sebab kita sebelah utara buat laksa tak pakai santan.

Rasanya dah banyak blog yang masukkan resipi laksa ni. Saya pun turut memuatkan resipi laksa di sini. Bukan apa, kita boleh saling belajar dari sesama sendiri cara penyediaan dari orang lain. Macam resipi laksa yang akan saya paparkan ni pun mungkin lain sikit dari orang lain.

Tak payah saya membebel panjang, jom kita mulakan dengan bahan nya :

5 ekor anak ikan parang (kalau ikan besar kurangkan kuantitinya/ Ikan ikut pilihan yang anda suka)
3 ketul ikan sardin dan ambil 3 sudu sos-nya (canned sardine)
5 sudu besar cili kering yang dikisar atau cili boh (boleh kurangkan kalau tak suka pedas)
2 kuntum bunga kantan
1 ikat daun kesom (sebelah utara panggil daun cenohom kalau tak silap)
1/4 cawan air asam jawa dan 2 keping asam gelugur
sikit garam dan gula
1/4 buah nenas dibelah empat
1/4 nenas dan bunga kantan
6 biji cili merah
1 batang serai
sikit halia
sikit belacan
3 ~ 4 ulas bwg merah
(semua bahan ni di kisar)  

Sebelum kita masak kuah dia, ikan harus direbus dan diceraikan dari tulangnya.(Air rebusan jangan di buang) Ikan parang banyak tulang halus jadi ambik masa sikit nak buang tulang dia.

Ambik isi ikan parang ni dan juga ikan sardin, lenyek2kan sampai hancur.
Masukkan semula semua isi ikan kedalam periuk air rebusan ikan tadi. Masukkan juga cili kering kisar dan rebus dengan api sederhana.

Dikuali yang lain, isi sikit minyak ke dalam kuali dan tumiskan bahan-bahan yang dikisar (dalam tulisan merah). Tumis sampai garing dan naik bau. Tutup api dan angkat bahan tumisan tadi dan terus masukkan kedalam periuk yang sedang kita rebus kuah itu. Ini akan memberikan aroma yang lebih harum.

Selepas tu bolehlah dimasukkan segala daun kesom, bunga kantan, air asam jawa, garam dan gula. Juga campak masuk buah nenas tadi untuk memberi perisa yang lebih kepada kuah laksa kita ni.

Masak dengan api sederhana sehingga kuah mula sedikit pekat. Sekarang bolehlah dipadamkan api dan siap untuk dimakan.
Tau apa rahsia kuah laksa yang sedap? Senang saja. Simpan satu hari. Esok tu baru makan. Ehmm..delicious!

Untuk laksa, seperti biasa kita hanya perlu celurkan di dalam air panas. Celur selama lebih kurang lapan ke sepuluh minit. Kemudian ambil se urat dan cuba pecahkan dengan jari. Kalau dah putus, makna nya dah masak.
Masukkan sikit minyak masak semasa proses mencelur supaya laksa tadi tak melekit seperti  gam.

25th.Oct '13

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Kuih Lompang

Salam buat semua,

Saya adalah seorang yang sangat meminati kuih muih melayu ni. Setiap hari terutamanya sarapan pagi saya haruslah ada satu atau dua jenis kuih melayu. Saya takut satu hari nanti kuih tradisi kita akan lenyap kalau kita tak rajin nak membuatnya lagi.
Anak-anak sekarang pun dah kurang minat nak makan apatah lagi nak membuatnya. Jadi walaupun malas saya buat juga dan masukkan kedalam blog supaya tak hilang kuih muih kita di masa akan datang.

Selalunya kuih lompang ni dibuat menggunakan tepung beras dan sikit tepung ubi. Tapi saya suka rasa tepung hoen kee (kacang hijau) sebab rasanya lebih halus kalau dibandingkan dengan tepung beras.
Jadi saya pun tukar selera buat pakai tepung hoen kee ni.

Bahan2nya :
1 tiub tepung hoen kee (hijau)
1/2 cawan air pandan
1  1/2 cawan air (saya pakai rose water utk lebih aromanya)
1 sudu kecil air kapur (kalau ada)
sikit pewarna hijau
1/2 cawan gula putih (kalau boleh kurangkan sikit gula sbb sukatan ni pun dah sangat manis)

(Kesemua bahan diatas digaulkan hingga gula hancur dan sekata)

Bahan utk topping :
Kelapa parut (putih ) dikukus sekejap dan gaulkan dengan sikit garam)

Untuk memasaknya :

kalau takut melekat, bolehlah disapukan sikit minyak dikeliling acuan ni

Pasang periuk kukus kita dulu dan masukkan acuan lompang sekejap biar suam.

Setelah itu, bolehlah di ceduk adunan kita tadi dengan senduk kecil  kedalam acuan lompang dan tutup.
Biar lebih kurang lima belas minit.

Bila dah masak, angkat keluar dan bolehlah ditabur sikit kelapa parut yang dikukus tadi.
Tersangatlah senangnya nak buat dan murah.

Penyediaan dan masa memasak pun sangat singkat dalam 20 minit kita dah boleh makan.
1 tiub tepung hoen kee boleh dapat dalam 18 biji.

Anggaran cost :

Tepung hoen kee     : RM 2.00
Kelapa parut            :RM 0.50
Pandan                    : Free
Lain-lain bahan        : RM 1.00

Total                         RM 3.50

Salam dari saya,

23rd.Oct '13

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Pulut Serunding Ala Sushi

Salam semua,

Saya baru buat pulut untuk makan petang semalam. Serunding hari Raya Haji pun masih ada. Jadi saya terfikir macamana nak buat bagi nampak cantik dan menarik pulut serunding ni.
Lepas tu saya dapat satu idea. Saya ikut macam Jepun buat sushi.
Kita kena ada bahan dia. Tapi tak mahal pun.

Tikar sushi
Tikar sushi ataupun sushi rolling mat, harga dia dalam RM4.00 macam tu saja. Kat kedai barang-barang plastik pun ada jual.

Nori seaweed ataupun rumpai laut
Dan lagi satu ialah nori seaweed. Ni pun tak mahal sangat. Saya beli dengan harga RM7.90. Boleh simpan lagi sebab tak guna semua. Rasanya kat semua pasaraya pun ada.

Jadi macam mana, nak try dak? Okay kalau nak try, jom kita buat. Untuk pulut, saya tak payah tunjuk lagi dah sebab dalam post yang lalu dah ada. Ini link dia: Pulut Inti .

Nak resipi serunding juga? Actually resipi serunding sama macam kita nak buat rendang. Tak kiralah rendang daging ke, ayam ke, sama ja. Tapi tak apa. Saya tulis juga serba ringkas

Bahan2 untuk serunding:

1/2 kilo daging
Daun kunyit dihiris halus
serba sikit kulit k.manis, buah pelaga, bunga cengkih/lawang
3 sudu besar cili kering yang di kisar
3 sudu besar kerisik
4 sudu besar gula merah
sikit jintan manis dan serbuk ketumbar

1 inci lengkuas & sikit halia hidup
5 ulas bwg merah/ 4 ulas bwg putih
sikit kunyit hidup
(semua bahan dlm tulisan biru di kisar)

Mula-mula tumis bunga cengkih, bunga lawang, kulit kayu manis dan buah pelaga.
Selepas tu masukkan semua bahan (dalam tulisan biru) dan biar sampai naik bau dan agak kekuningan.

Sekarang masukkan cili yang dikisar tadi bersama dengan daging.
Masak sehingga daging betul-betul empuk. Jangan lupa masukkan garam dan gula merah serta serbuk jintan manis dan serbuk ketumbar.
Didalam serunding kita kena lebihkan sikit gula sebab ia akan menjadi inti untuk makanan yang lebih dominan seperti pulut. Baru naik rasa dia.

 Masukkan air sehingga menutupi daging dan tutup dengan tudung periuk.Masak sehingga kuahnya betul betul kering. Kalau ada non-stickpan lagi senang. Saya tak pakai santan. Tanpa santan makanan boleh disimpan lebih lama.

Bila dah kering angkat. Disini saya buat kerja senang. Masukkan kedalam blender dan kisarkan daging tadi sehalus mana yang kita mahu. Separuh orang suka carik2kan daging tu. Saya suka jadi halus. Ikut selera kita.
Daging dah dikisar
Bila dah selesai kisar, saya masukkan balik kedalam kuali dan masak lagi tanpa minyak atas non-stick pan sampai betul-betul kering dan seroi.
Kalau rajin, bila dah siap masak daging ni, bawa keluar kat depan atau belakang rumah, tengok matahari terik, jemurkan dalam 3 jam macam tu. Bawa masuk dan masak lagi sekali  diatas api perlahan tanpa minyak.

Boleh di simpan dengan lebih lama.

Selesai sudah cara nak buat serunding. Sekarang kita cuma nak balut pulut kita dengan serunding.
Mula-mula letakkan tikar sushi dulu. Lepas tu saya lapikkan dengan aluminium/tin foil supaya tak melekat pulut di tikar nanti.
Sekarang ambil sekeping nori sheet dan letakkan diatas tikar/aluminium foil. Tengok gambar diatas.

Tarik nori sheet sampai kehujung tikar kemudian mula gulung. Gulung dengan kejap (makna kejap ketat atau kuat)

Bila dah habis gulung, buka perlahan-lahan sebab nori sheet ni senang koyak. Oh ya, saya sapukan sikit butter kat nori sheet ni supaya tak  senang koyak.

Tengok, dah siap pulut serunding ala sushi. Walaupun kita jarang buat benda-benda macam ni, elok juga sekali sekala kita buat terutama kalau ada jamuan makan atau harijadi di rumah. Nampak lebih menarik.
Dan rasanya, sangat sedap sebab nori seaweed ni kalau makan macam tu saja pun sedap.

Anggaran cost :

Pulut 1/2 kilo    : RM 2.50
Nori sheet        : RM 2.00 ( 3 keping)
Daging 1/2 kilo : RM 12.00 (daging segar)
Bahan2 lain      : RM  3.00

Jumlah             : RM 19.50

Salam hormat dari saya
22nd.Oct '13

Monday, 21 October 2013

The Men In My Life (Part 2)

Hello again!

Today is my wedding anniversary. 25th.anniversary. Through many tears and happiness, both of us are still standing tall and strong.

As promised, I am back with The Men In My Life (part 2) post. Where was I? Ahh yes, I stopped until the part about my husband.
Today I will continue with my uncle. I've got many uncles but my favourite one was my late uncle, Othman. He was a police officer. His wife is my biological aunt. I was so attached to both of them that I once called them mom and dad. Come to think of it, I was much more attached to them than I did towards my parents. By the way, my aunt is still around but we live too far apart for me to visit her regularly.

As I grew older, I soon started to call them aunt and uncle as I was continuously teased by my peers and friends alike. I totally loved him dearly. And so did he towards me perhaps because he 's got five boys and I was like a daughter he and my aunt never had.

He was a very funny person. He was  respected by his staff and colleague at the precinct. I had this incident when I was working at an island resort in Perak (about three hours drive from Kuala Kedah/Langkawi). The hotel is situated on a private island. Only guests staying at the hotel has the access to the resort. And the hotel has a site office on the mainland pier. Every week, one of us alternatively had to man the site office for one week.
So one day, I had to be the staff on duty for that week. I left by the first ferry and when I reached the pier, I started to walk to my office which was about 200 meters away from the pier. Suddenly, I was stopped by a police officer and asked where am I going. I told him to the office. Are you alone, he asked again. I said yes. Do you have any other bags or luggage? By now I am getting annoyed and puzzled at the same time. I asked him what's going on. He asked me to get inside the police patrol car. I refused since I don't know what's going on. He said again in a quiet voice, please follow us as we don't want to embarrass you.
My mind was racing trying to figure out what was happening. Anyway I followed them and got into the car. The police station was just 5 minutes away. Once there they took me into the office and ask me to sit down.

And then the interrogation began. What time did you wake up this morning. What was your shift yesterday? Who were you working with yesterday? I was terrified at first not knowing what had I done. After I regained my composure, I started to ask them. Why was I brought here? Did anything happen to anybody and what are you doing with my lipstick? One of the officers was toying with my lipstick. He took off the upper cover of my lipstick and watched closely. He looked like an idiot. What the hell was he doing. By now I was livid with anger. What are you doing? I raised my voice slightly. Guess what he said. " This looks like an expensive lipstick. Where did you get the money from. And your handbag looked expensive. I stared at him with so much anger that he could be dead if looks could kill. I thought of answering him by saying I sold my body but I held my tongue.

Just for the record, I can afford to buy those expensive clothes or make ups since the hotel provide food and lodging for their staff and I am still single then, and living inside the secluded island where there was no shopping mall. I've got bundles (fine, I am exaggerating a little) of money to throw away.There, I let off my steam even though it happened years ago.
Anyway, once the interrogation wrapped up, I was told they had to bring in all the hotel staff that came out that morning for questioning following reports from one of our guests from Hong Kong who lost some money the day before. Okay, that explained it.
After I was sent back to my office, I picked up the phone and called my uncle (his precinct was not too far from where I worked, about half an hour by car),. Once I heard his voice I started crying. He was trying to calm me down. What's going on? Are you all right? I spilled out to him between sobs at what had just happened. He consoled me and after I calmed down, he asked me what was the officer's name. I gave him the name.
Months later when I went to visit him, sitting next to him watching T.V. I asked him about that officer as I hadn't seen him at the resort lately. My uncle simply said that the officer was transferred elsewhere. He didn't elaborate. I don't know if he's got anything to do with it or it was just a coincidence.
I realized now that the officers were just doing their jobs but at that time I can't think straight. It was humiliating being whisked into a patrol car witnessed by many. I am sorry if I had caused his transfer.
As for my uncle, as I was about to sleep last night after writing about him, I cried missing him. May he be placed among the chosen one.  I believe if he had intervened with that officer's transfer, he did it as a father would for their daughter and I loved him for that.

My next person  is our mutual friend (my husband and I), Muhaiyuddin. We knew him when we were at the same resort that I was talking about (above paragraph). We've known each other for about twenty seven years. I was a receptionist then and he was just a bell boy. A smart bell boy though. He is now a group General Manager at one of the leading hotels in Subang Jaya. He is a true friend. I can talk to him about anything without the usual reticence with other male friends.
I remember when my husband and I were to get married (in 1988), all of us were young and enjoying life tremendously,  with no savings whatsoever to start our new life as a family. We got married just the same. We had a pleasant surprise when Din (we call him by that name) and a few other great friends chipped in among themselves and present us with quite a big amount of money to start our new lives.
And we still are like that to this day. Din, it's great to know you and stay friends with you always!

Another family friend is Izzat, he was my husband's classmate since their elementary years. He is a lawyer in Kuala Lumpur with his private firm. I said quite a big name because, once he recommended me to see this guy for my cancer alternative treatment, I couldn't get to see the actual person that he recommended, as there were too many people queuing up to see him. I was given number to see another person.

After about 1/2 hour waiting, Izzat called me and asked did I get to see the guy.. I said no as there were too many people. He insisted that I request to see the person. I told him it's alright, I will see the other person. He said ok and put down the phone. A few minutes later my name was called. I went up to the counter and the receptionist said they will change and give me another number so that I can see the actual person that Izzat wants me to see. As if an afterthought the guy asked me how did you get to know Tuan Izzat. In Malay, Tuan means Sir.  I said he is my husband's friend. And as you may guessed it, I was called not too long after that.

He had helped us many times and on numerous occasions under his capacity as a lawyer and never once charged us for his services or legal fees. Whenever I faced any problems pertaining to court order or being sued, I would consult him as what needed to be done next.
He had at one time drove all the way from Kuala Lumpur just to appear in court for us. It took about 5 hours to reach Kedah state from Kuala Lumpur. When we were sued he was there for us and paid the fine for us without asking anything in return. You can read about me being sued at this link The Ups And Down of Life .To Izzat and Zana, we will forever be grateful to having you as our friend!

My last  favourite male are my two boys. I've wrote and spoken about them a few times. Ariff and Soffian. Ariff has always been the gentler one whereas Soffian has the typical bad boy trait. The same thing both of them shared is whenever they got home, they will surely asked whomever they see first, where's mom? I mean our house isn't a bungalow but they still ask if they didn't see me upon entering. Ariff has this telephone pick-up manners that I like. Whenever I call him, his first answer will be Hello, yes ma. Or if I asked him to do something, he would say Sorry ma, I can't. There will always be a "Ma" at the end of his conversation. It sounded sweet.
Soffian or Pian as we called him has always been a headache to me. Bad boy as he is, he would still kiss my  head and uttered a "Mom, I'm going". He would sometime roughed me up by twisting my arm to the back and mocking me to pull my arm free. He played this little wrestling game with me like he did to his sisters. I don't know if he will ever grow up.
These two boys had given me much love and care that I don't bother much what other antics they might pull on me.

To all the men above, thank you for all the love, attention and support that was given to me. God bless you all.

Have a great day everyone and good night to those who live half way across the world from us here.

22nd.October '13

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Gulai Udang Dengan Keledek

                                       GULAI UDANG DENGAN KELEDEK

Assalamualaikum semua pembaca saya,

Kita orang melayu sangat sukakan kari dan juga gulai. Kalau tak ada dalam hidangan harian rasa macam tak sah hidangan kita tu. Ada perbezaan ke antara kari dan gulai? Dari apa yang saya dengar, kari tu kuah dia lebih pekat dan rempah lebih, manakala gulai pula rempah kurang santan lebih.

Apapun, jom kita buat gulai udang pulak hari ni.
Bahan-bahannya :

4 ulas bwg merah dimayang
2 ulas bwg putih dirincik halus
Sikit halia, kulit kayu manis,bunga cengkih/lawang dan daun kari.
(Bahan tumisan)

Udang (saiz sederhana)- ikut banyak mana yg kita perlukan
2 sudu besar rempah daging (saya pakai Baba's)
1 biji ubi keledek (saiz sederhana dah cukup)
1 biji tomato di belah empat
4 kcg panjang dipotong lebih kurang 2 inci
1/4 cawan santan (kalau nak lebih lemak boleh lebihkan santan)
sikit garam
satu sudu teh gula pasir
1 keping asam gelugor
Kita mula masak :
Tumis dulu semua bahan-bahan (tulisan merah) ni sampai kuning.
Kemudian masukkan rempah daging(  2 sudu besar) yang telah dicampur air  dan juga ubi keledek yang dipotong kecil.
Biarkan sampai pecah minyak.

Setelah itu baru dimasukkan santan  dan masak lagi sehingga keledek tadi empuk.

Bila dah empuk, baru masukkan udang,garam dan sedikit gula (gula dlm 1 sudu teh).
Biarkan lagi sehingga mendidih. Jangan biarkan sampai udang terlebih masak. Hilang manisnya.
Kemudian masukkan sekeping asam keping dan kacang panjang yang telah dipotong.

Biarkan dalam 2 minit dan sekarang dah boleh diangkat dan dihidangkan.

27th.June '12

Friday, 18 October 2013

Beef Curry (Malaysian Style)

Hello everyone,

Today I am writing beef curry recipe in English as I wish to dedicate this recipe to my international readers. There are many ways and ingredients about preparing it. I am doing it Malaysian style and if you may not know it, Malaysians loved curries especially Malays and Indians.

Here are the ingredients needed :

1/2 kilo of beef brisket or any part(slice it into small and thin pieces)
2 potatoes ( skinned and cut into 4 ~ 6 pieces) depends on how big the potato is
6 table spoon of coconut milk
1  1/2 glass of water
1/2 tblspoon sugar
4 tblspoon cooking oil
1 1/2 tbl spoon roasted coconut (and pounded) **
roasted & pounded coconut

curry paste

1 tea spoon of poppy seed **
5 pcs of candle nuts (crushed) **
1 teaspoon fennel seed (powder)
4 tbl spoon beef curry powder
(pour some water into the curry powder and mix other  items in green writing together to make a curry paste)

1 inch ginger (you may either slice it into fine pieces or crushed it)
5 shallots (slice )
3 garlic (crushed and cut into pieces)
1 sprig of curry leaves **
1 stick of cinnamon
a few pcs of star anise and cloves

Before we start cooking, please do not feel dampen if you can't find the items that I marked with asterisk symbol. You can still make a good curry without it. I know what I am saying cause I do it all the time.

Okay lets start.
1) First heat up your skillet or pot and put some cooking oil in it. When it's hot, dump in the cinnamon, star       anise and cloves. If you can find some curry leaves, then put in as well.

2) Then, throw in all the other ingredients (in blue writing) and stir it with your ladle. Let it be until the onions        turned translucent and the aroma started filling your kitchen.

3) Now, pour in your curry paste together with the beef. Pour in a glass of water first and close the pot with       its lid. Let it simmer for about 45 minutes.

4) Open the lid, and check the beef if its already tender. If it's not then pour in another 1/2 glass of water and
     by now, you may put the cut potatoes in as well as the beef will be tender in about 5~7 minutes time.

5) When the beef is soft and tender, bring in the coconut milk, the roasted coconut, some salt and some
    sugar. (Sugar is to bring out the full taste of the curry).
picture by Ariff Ismail

6) Voila! You've made it. See, it's not as hard as you may think it is. It is best when you have it with this
    Malaysian favourite rice (among others) we called it Nasi Minyak (or Ghee Rice) and some pineapple           salsa to go with it.
    Or you can always have it with some paratha bread or naan. Believe me, it's to die for.

Happy cooking!
18th.Oct '13

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The men in my life (Part 1)

Good morning everybody,

How's thing with you guys today? The boss is being good to you? You got a wind that there might be a promotion waiting for you? Good for you. We need some kind of perks every now and then to boost our lives.

Me? I have everything I want and happy with my life as it is. What  I like the most now is that I don't have to rush getting ready for work and to meet the ever-present deadline and I don't have to find excuses whenever I don't have the suppliers payment ready as promised. I totally enjoyed it, I mean  with my life currently.

The past years had seen me and my family in the dark side of life. We had too many unfortunate event transpired the previous years. I thank Him for giving me strength and created me and made me what I am today. Physically I am a woman but I know I have the head of a man. And I am blessed that I am surrounded with all the the good and real men that is hard to find nowadays.

They all have their drawback but that what makes them endearing. Men in my life consist of grandpa, father,husband, brothers,sons, uncles and friends.
I will start with my grandfather. He was a small man , a farmer and slightly a stern person. But since I lived with him since I was a baby, I became one of his favourite persons. He didn't show it as much but I knew it all the same. His own children didn't communicate well with him. I felt sorry for him whenever he was treated that way. He loved each and everyone of us but he was not a man of emotions. He didn't know how to show it.To me, he was an intelligent person. It's a shame that he didn't live in this era. Otherwise he could have been a somebody. He was able to read and write very well and he spoke one of Chinese dialect. From him I learned to be a person who worked well without any help around. He even taught me how to catch a snake using a coconut leaf-bone.

Then, came my father. He too was an intelligent person. He spoke very good English, very good Tamil and very good Hokkien (one of Chinese dialect). He was a trucker who worked non-stop to feed the eight of us, his children plus my mom.To this day, I don't understand why he didn't end up in any corporate office or became a manager or a chief officer, for that matter, in any kind of corporate world. He can be the best father in the world and at the same time he can be mean too. He was a very good cook. Every sunday, if he was free from work, he'd cook for us. He'd be in the kitchen and called out our names to ask what do we want to eat. He obliged our wishes and cooked for us. I was closer to him than I did to my mom.
 I learned two significant things from my dad. One, he'd listen to your story attentively even though he'd heard it before. He made you think that was the first time he heard the story. Two,  he didn't get influenced easily.One may come and tell him stories about one of his boys being bad somewhere. He didn't blow up right away, instead he kept it to himself and investigate before taking any action. And when he took action, boy, you wouldn't want to be that person.
Then I got married to my husband. He was my first love. I was a shy person years ago, remember? Ever heard a line saying "a thin line between love and hate". That's how I felt towards him before. Believe it or not, here, on this very island was where we first met. I hate him then because he was a short tempered person. He doesn't have patience to teach me (we were in the same department, front office) and he would throw things or speak harshly whenever I can't follow what he was saying.
Then we got married. Like every normal married couple, we went through our ups and downs during our marriage. Well what do you expect? We've been married for 25 years (this month on the 22nd. will be our 25th year anniversary). Before that we dated for about five years. All in all we've been together for almost thirty years. Amazed? I am too, considering both of us are hard headed. Both of us are Taurean and our birthdays fall on 16th and 17th.May. Fated? Destined? Most probably.
He was someone who cared for his family and never run away from his responsibility.

I had to  stop now as I need to do something urgently. Will continue with the second parts soon. Have a nice day everybody. Keep smiling!

17th.Oct '13

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Nasi Briyani India

Assalamualaikum dan selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha buat semua,

Raya haji ni selalunya kita tak la menyambut berlebih-lebih macam raya puasa. Saya sekeluarga pun bersederhana saja. Tapi untuk memberi sikit suasana rasa raya tu, saya buat juga sikit ketupat palas, rendang daging dan juga nasi briyani. Selepas mencari-cari beberapa resipi yang ada, saya tertarik dengan satu resipi dari India ni. Saya improvise sikit dan saya ikut sikit dari resipi sepupu kesayangan saya, iaitu Jasmin Mahathir. Saya cuba untuk menepati semua selera sesiapa yang membaca.

Memang sedap dan baunya jiran rumah seberang pun boleh bau. Harum sungguh.

Mari kita sediakan bahan2nya dulu:

2 1/2  cawan beras (Basmathi)
6 ketul ayam ( kalau dari seekor ayam tu dipotong 14)
3 biji telur rebus (dibelah dua)

2 biji tomato (ranum dikisar kasar)
Kismis (optional)
Kcg gajus atau lain-lain (optional)
4 sudu makan minyak ghee (utk marinate ayam)
4 sudu makan    "         "     (utk nasi briyani)
4 sudu makan  yoghurt

serbuk pelaga, tomato, pes bwg putih dan halia


Ramuan lain:

3 sudu besar serbuk briyani  masala (utk setiap lapisan nasi dan bumbu ayam)
1/2 sudu teh jintan manis
2 helai daun bay
1 biji bawang besar dihiris nipis
Sikit buah pelaga, bunga cengkih dan kulit kayu manis (utk direbus bersama air)
sikit saffron, rendam kan (kalau ada)
segenggam daun ketumbar
4 sudu besar bwg goreng (2 sudu utk setiap lapisan nasi)
sikit serbuk buah pelaga (yg hijau)
sikit daun pudina (kalau ada)
sikit halia dan 3 ulas bawang putih (dikisar halus bersama)
1 sudu teh rempah cili
1 sudu teh gula

Sekarang kita nak mula masak:

Basuh beras(Basmathi) kemudian rendam lebih kurang 30 minit. Selepas tu toskan.
Masak air dulu dan masukkan sikit garam, buah pelaga, bunga cengkih dan kulit kayu manis. Kalau ada kain kasa lagi elok. Simpulkan rempah ratus kedalam ni kemudian campak masuk kedalam periuk.

masak air sampai mendidih

Jangan risau pasal air yang terlebih sebab kita hanya masak nasi sehingga 3/4 masak. Bila 3/4 masak, cedok keluar nasi dari periuk tadi. Tak payah tunggu air kering, kalau air kering, masak pulak nasi tu nanti.
 (Nak tau 3/4 masak tu ialah bila kita pecahkan nasi tu , ada rasa sikit berbiji, macam nak mentah sikit.)

Okay sekarang kita sediakan rempah briyani bersama dengan ayam pulak.
Masukkan ayam kedalam satu besen. Campurkan dengan halia dan bwg putih kisar tadi beserta tomato yang dikisar kasar. Juga serbuk cili, serbuk jintan manis, garam, gula, yogurt, 1 sudu serbuk briyani masala, serbuk buah pelaga, daun ketumbar, daun pudina ,bawang goreng dan minyak ghee.

Gaul semua bahan ini sampai mesra. Terakhir masukkan sikit serbuk kunyit dan air saffron tadi. Masukkan air lebih kurang secawan. Gaul lagi.

Pasang api, dan masak ayam ni sehingga separuh masak. Kalau ada daun pandan bolehlah  dimasukkan satu. Sedap baunya. (Saya tak masak ayam ni tapi saya tulis separuh masak supaya lebih senang bagi pembaca utk mengagak tahap masak ayam ini beserta nasi sekali.)

Biarkan berkuah sikit. Jangan terlalu kering. Kalau ada kismis atau kcg gajus bolehlah dimasukkan sekarang.

Tengok butiran nasi, elok berderai dan tidak terlalu masak.

Lepas tu ambil separuh dari nasi tadi dan taburkan diatas ayam yang di masak separuh masak tadi seperti gambar di atas. Sehingga menutupi semua bahagian ayam itu.

Kemudian, taburkan sikit dengan daun ketumbar, daun bay, daun pudina, telur rebus,serbuk pelaga, 1 sudu serbuk briyani masala dan bwg goreng.

Lagi sekali, lakukan perkara yang sama spt tadi iaitu taburkan semua baki nasi keatas lapisan di-atas kemudian di susuli dengan bwg goreng, 1 sudu serbuk briyani masala, serbuk pelaga dan terakhir dengan saffron dan kunyit. Kalau nak warna yang menarik titikkan sikit pewarna merah atau kuning.

Tutup periuk ketat-ketat.  (Saya pakai aluminium foil supaya semua wap diperangkap didalam.)

Biarkan lebih kurang 1/2 jam. Jangan dibuka semasa memasak. Kita boleh agak yang nasi dan ayam dah betul-betul masak apabila nampak asap keluar.

Dah pun masak nasi briyani India. Kita cuma bolak balikkan nasi ni supaya sekata. Memang renyah nak buat nasi ni. Kalau kita nak masak cara senang pun boleh, macam buat nasi tomato tu. Tapi sekali sekala cuba cara yang sepatutnya pun apa salahnya.

Nasi ni tak melekat dan seroi. Baunya yang harum pun dah rasa nak makan. Ini cara nasi briyani yang saya sediakan. Ada banyak lagi cara penyediaan nya. 

Salam hormat dari saya,
15th.Oct '13

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Macaroni Daging

Salam semua,

Dah jemu nak makan nasi malam ni? Tak tau nak masak apa untuk famili? Jom kita cuba masak makanan kegemaran mat salleh pulak. Macaroni. Tapi saya tak buat yang selalu dia orang buat tu iaitu macaroni and cheese. Saya buat macaroni dan daging. Rasanya lebih sesuai dengan selera kita di sini.

Bahan yang diperlukan :
170gm daging cincang (saya guna corned beef)
1 labu bwg besar dipotong nipis
2 ~ 3 ulas bwg putih di rincik kasar
2 sudu minyak zaitun
1/2 sudu teh serbuk cili kasar (chili flakes)
1 tin tomato puree
segenggam daun ketumbar (dipotong kasar)
1 sudu besar lea & perrin sauce
sikit serbuk lada hitam, sikit garam dan sikit gula

Semua barang dah ada kan? Jom kita mula:

Kalau hidangan untuk 4 orang, kita pakai lebih kurang 250gm macaroni cukup lah. Jangan buat semua nanti membazir pulak.(dipacketnya ada tertulis)
Panaskan air dulu sehingga mendidih. Tuangkan sikit minyak zaitun anggaran 1 atau 2 sudu.Lepas tu baru masukkan macaroni tadi dan biar sehingga lebih kurang 10 min. Angkat dan toskan.

Sekarang kita mula masak :
Seperti biasa panaskan minyak zaitun didalam kuali. Kemudian masukkan daging cincang tadi dan masak sampai agak kekuningan.

Kalau kuali agak kering, tambah sikit minyak dan masukkan pula bwg besar dan bwg putih. Kacau lagi sampai bawang merah jadi layu.

Sekarang masukkan tomato puree tadi bersama dengan garam dan gula serta serbuk lada.Kalau nak pedas, masukkan serbuk cili, kalau tak suka tak payah. Kacau biar rata. Sekarang bolehlah di campak masuk macaroni yang dah kita masak tadi dan gaul rata. Terakhir masukkan lea n Perrin sos dan juga daun ketumbar.

Kacau sebentar dan dah boleh di angkat.
Hidangan yang senang dan murah utk disediakan.

Selamat menikmati hidangan anda.

Anggaran Costing :
Daging 250gm          - RM 4.50
Macaroni  (1/2 pck) - RM 2.50
Lain-lain bahan         - RM 2.00

Jumlah                        RM 9.00 utk 4 orang    

Salam dari saya,

Saturday, 12 October 2013

Diabetes, Cancer, Me And My Diet

A few days ago, my husband came back from work and told me an acquaintance of his had passed away in his sleep. Another one suffered from stroke. Last month a hotel staff that he used to know died because of diabetes. All of them suffered from diabetes.

I am diabetic too. I had it since late 2010. My diabetes was most probably hereditary. My grandma had it. My grandpa had it. Both my parents had it too. I was never a sweet tooth person. If somebody were to bring me a box of chocolate, it could well be frozen inside my fridge for some time. The children were not really into it too. We all ate chocolate but once in a while. Even ice cream. We rarely indulge ourselves in this all time favourite except for Mr Hubby. He simply loves it. Sara & Sophie hardly drank carbonated drinks. I did years ago. But I had got rid of that habit a few years ago.
So, when I was told that I have diabetes, it took a while for me to gulp the news down.

It is compulsory for a diabetic person to watch their daily dietary. I remember my late dad, he used to love this mung bean dessert, very sweet and creamy. Whenever he had the crave for this dessrt, my mom would cook for him. Since he was a diabetic patient, my mom had lessened out the amount of sugar as per doctor's  instruction. He grumbled something like, "As long as we can eat, we should eat it. If we were to die, we will die no matter where we are. So, my mom,whether she liked it or not, had to cook the same way as before. I personally think, the older generation or the generation prior to us loved sweet food.

After the news of my diabetes, I was told I had gallstone. The pain was unbearable so I agreed to go for an operation. That was two years ago. Within a few months after that, I was shook with the news of breast cancer. And while under going chemotherapy treatment, I had to endure another unbearable pain, I had shingles. And it lasts about a week but the pain was more than that. I watched one documentary on T.V, it says at times the pain of shingles can be more that of a labour pain. I second to that.  

If only I am a doctor., I could be a damn good doctor, considering all kind of sicknesses and diseases that I had gone through.
What I am trying to say is how I watch my daily diet. Well, I was never good in dieting, ever! But this time around, I had to. It's for my own good. I received many words of encouragement from my well-meant friends and acquaintances.

What I do was, I read all kind of health related news be it from watching it in T.V, radio, google, magazines or newspaper, I read it all. From there, I do my own conclusion and pick the best to suit my way.
Lets see, my daily fluid source comes from hot Milo (chocolate) and just plain water. I drink it without cream or sugar. My afternoon tea will be the same, without sugar. But there are times, especially for diabetic person, we had this cravings for sweet things every now and then. When I had that cravings for sweet iced-tea, I would make a pitcher full of iced-tea with normal count of sugar. Since I can't drink the way normal people do, I'd pour maybe about a quarter of the glass , then mixed it with a half glass of plain water. So I got a little taste of iced tea. If any one were to drink my drinks, they could have just throw it away. As for me, I've gotten use to it already by now.

The same goes for my breakfast, I don't take the Malaysian favourite Nasi Lemak (rice cooked in coconut cream) or noodles or anything that is too heavy for me. I will usually have two piece of currypuffs (look up malaysian currypuff in one of my posts if you don't have the idea of how it looks like) and one smal piece of another malay delicacies. That's all for my breakfast.

After breakfast, I don't go for in between snacks or tea until lunch. I use only Basmathi rice now at home. It's because this rice is low in sugar level. Too much of dairy products are also not advisable for the diabetic. I had always love these fatty creamy food.
Now, it has all become a memory (being melodramatic).

My dinner is even simpler. I eat whatever leftover there is to eat. Maybe a slice or two of sandwich loaf goes with some chicken curry or prawn sambal. Or some fried noodle (pad thai). Noodles, any type of noodles has become a favourite of mine, but still I can't indulge much more than I supposed to. Or I'd bake myself a paratha-like bread and dippped in curry. Heavenly!

I used to weigh about 79 or 80kg a couple of years ago. After diagnosed with diabetes, I noticed I am losing weight slightly. I feared the cancer was back again. I quickly consulted my doctor and after some blood test and what not, he told me it's natural that I am losing weight since I watch my food and keep sugar away as much as I can. Phew! That's a big relief. The culprit of all the diseases comes from diabetes. We all should watch what we eat in order to keep away all other diseases especially the hypertension, kidney problem and cardiovascular disease.
I am trying my very best to stay healthy and keep away all other unwelcome diseases. My weight now is at 69kg.

I know it's tough to refrain ourselves from all those mouth-watering food being laid right in front of our eyes day in day out. But we had to be strong for our own sake. Fruits are good for diabetic person but we still can't over do it. Sweet fruits like papaya, watermelon, banana and many others are to be taken in a small portion.

If I were to sum up what is my daily consumption, it will come to this : breakfast; 2 currypuffs and a piece of malay delicacies. Lunch; a little rice with some malay salad and fish (fish is my favourite, thank god I can still take this without much reservation) and dinner with 2 slices of bread or rice noodles or paratha roti.

I don't blame people with diabetes and high blood pressure  if they can't control the food temptations. I truly understand them. No sweet taste, no salty taste no greasy fries or burgers. That's tough. You think everybody can sit and enjoy a selection of steamed food all the time? Or green vegetables with boiled fish every time? Whoever can follow the regime, he or she is truly a saint.
Now you know why I am slowly losing weight, which is a good thing if I were to look on the bright side.

Moral of the story, we had to be positively strong mentally and physically. Feast upon the food temptations with our eyes only not by chewing them. Watch what we eat and hopefully we will be healthy till the ripe old age.

13th.Oct '13

Kek Nenas Mini

Assalamualaikum semua,

Hari ni saya nak ajak pembaca semua buat kek nenas mini. Hari tu saya baru buat. Sedap dan tak sempat nak simpan pun, dah habis. Kek mini ni pun sangat mudah nak buat dia.
Ada banyak versi cara nak buat kek ni. Setengah resipi pakai nenas keping tu terus, untuk adunannya pula setengah resipi pakai air instead of susu. Saya pakai melted butter. Ikut kitalah. Mana-mana pun boleh. Tapi saya pakai nenas tu dan hancurkan ia menjadi seakan -akan jem.

Kita hanya perlukan :

1 tin kiub nenas ( ambil nenas saja dan hancurkan. Jus nya diasingkan)
2 ketul butter di keluarkan dulu dari peti sejuk( anggaran 2jari setiap satu)
1/2 cawan gula perang
(Masak semua bahan diatas sehingga agak pekat dan keperangan. Kalau masih agak cair, renjiskan sikit tpg gandum utk melekitkan inti ini)
Ini dia inti atau jem utk mini kek . Anda juga boleh mengisarnya lebih kasar drp ini supaya senang nak keluarkan dari loyang.

Untuk kek nya pulak :

3 biji telur
1/2 cwn melted butter
1 cawan jus nenas
1/2 cawan minyak canola
2 cawan tepung kek (moist)
1 sudu teh soda b.
sikit garam

Dalam satu mangkuk, masukkan semua bahan dan putar pada speed perlahan dulu sehingga sebati dan berkilat. Bila dah sebati, putar laju selama 2 minit .

Adunan harus kelihatan begini

Sekarang, ambil loyang dan griskan dengan sikit marjerin dulu kemudian tepung utk mengelakkan dari melekat. Ambil sikit inti atau jem kita tadi dan letak didalam loyang. Kemudian tuangkan pula adunan yang baru kita siap tadi.

Letak inti dibase loyang kemudian tuang adunan

Sediakan oven pada kadar 160darjah. Bila dah panas bolehlah dibakar selama lebih kurang 25 min. Kalau kek tidak melekat ditepi loyang, bermakna kek kita dah masak.
Angkat keluar dan biarkan sejuk. Bila dah sejuk, terbalikkan kek diatas permukaan yang rata dilapik dengan kertas minyak atau apa-apa saja yang sesuai.
Untuk mencantikkan ia, hiaskan dengan sebiji ceri merah.

Ni dia, kek nenas mini. Saya suka rasanya yang sikit berbeza dari kek-kek lain sebab penggunaan jus nenas tadi.

12th.Oct '13

Friday, 11 October 2013

Kencing manis, Cancer, Saya dan Diet Pemakanan

Assalamualaikum semua,

Beberapa hari lepas suami beritahu saya, ada satu kenalan dia (tak berapa rapat) meninggal dunia dalam tidur. Ada yang lagi sorang tu kena stroke. Bulan lepas ada sorang hotel staff meninggal dunia akibat kencing manis (paras gula terlalu tinggi). Kesemua yang diatas ni ada penyakit kencing manis.

Saya pun pesakit kencing manis. Dah tiga tahun iaitu sejak tahun 2010. Tapi saya kena ni kemungkinan besar disebabkan keturunan. Arwah tok dan tok wan saya ada kencing manis, mak dan bapa saya ada kencing manis. Ikutkan saya memang kurang berminat dengan benda-benda manis. Kalau ada sesiapa hadiahkan saya sekotak chocolate, alamatnya berbulanlah chocolate tu dalam peti sejuk. Budak2 dirumah pun kurang makan. Ais krim pun saya tak berapa gemar. Sekali sekala tu okay la tapi bukan selalu. Air minuman bergas pun saya kurang. Jadi bila dapat tau saya kena kencing manis ni, saya agak terkejut jugak lah.

Kencing manis ni sewajibnya kena pantang makanan bergula tinggi ataupun terlalu manis. Saya masih ingat arwah bapa saya dulu, dia suka bubur kacang. Bila dia teringin dia suruh mak saya masak. Mak saya pun masak dan cuba kurangkan gula ikut arahan doktor. Apa lagi, bising lah bapa saya. Lebih kurang begini katanya, " Selagi boleh makan kita makan, kalau nak mati bila-bila pun boleh mati. Jadi mau tak mau mak saya kena masak ikut sukatan macam selalu lah.Saya rasa generasi dulu memang suka makanan yang sangat manis kot sebab kesemua mereka suka sungguh dengan manisan.

Selepas kena kencing manis, saya dimaklumkan pula ada batu hempedu. Harus dibedah. Dah pun dibedah dua tahun lalu. Selepas tu darah tinggi.  Tak lama lepas tu, saya dikejutkan pula dengan breast cancer. Dah pun dibedah juga dua tahun lalu iaitu dua bulan selepas pembedahan batu hempedu. Semasa mengambil rawatan kimoterapi,saya terbaring pula dengan kesakitan yang amat perit selama lebih kurang seminggu disebabkan shingles ataupun bahasa melayu kayap. Ya Allah! Sakitnya sangat-sangat memeritkan. Saya tengok satu rencana di TV mengatakan sakit kayap ni kadang-kala mengatasi sakit orang nak bersalin. Apa pun,alhamdulilah, setakat ni saya masih sihat berkat doa semua dan kasih sayang dari ahli keluarga.

Kalaulah saya ni seorang doktor, agaknya dah jadi doctor yang hebat sebab hampir semua jenis penyakit pernah saya hidapi.

Apa yang ingin saya kongsi ialah, cara saya menjaga makanan harian. Ada ramai kawan dan kenalan yang memberi petua dan nasihat bagaimana nak jaga makanan terutama bagi pesakit seperti saya ini. Mana yang boleh saya ikut, saya ikut. Terlalu banyak pantang dalam makanan dan minuman harian.

Jadi apa yang saya buat ialah, saya baca apa saja bahan berkaitan penyakit yang saya hidapi ini. Tak kiralah bahan bacaan tu dari, T.V ke, radio ke, google ke, majalah  atau suratkhabar , semua saya baca. Dari situ saya buat kesimpulan sendiri dan saya ikut cara saya sendiri.
Contohnya, minuman harian saya pada pagi hari ialah Milo O tanpa gula. Petang Teh O tanpa gula. Tapi bagi pesakit kencing manis ni, kadang-kadang  terasa macam  teringin sangat nak makan atau minum yang manis-manis. Jadi apa yang saya buat ialah, Saya buat Teh O ais dengan gula seperti biasa. Ahli keluarga yang lain boleh tumpang minum. Untuk saya pula, saya akan tuangkanTeh O ais tadi kedalam gelas anggaran suku gelas saja. Selepas tu saya tambahkan dengan air kosong setengah gelas. Memang la kalau orang lain minum, mahu dibuangnya air tu. Tapi sebab saya dah biasa, rasa okay saja. Saya buat macam tu bagi nak buang rasa teringin tu ja. Ikut peribahasa kita, alah bisa tegal biasa.

Macam tu juga dengan sarapan pagi saya, saya tak makan nasi lemak, saya jarang makan mee atau bihun goreng, kalau roti loaf pun tak banyak, setakat sekeping atau dua keping saja. Tak boleh bakar sebab bila dibakar ia akan produce karbon yang mana tidak baik untuk pesakit kencing manis. Kalau roti canai saya hanya makan sekeping saja. Selalunya setiap pagi sarapan saya ialah dua biji karipap dan satu jenis kuih yang manis. Itu saja.

Selepas sarapan, saya tak makan apa dah sampai lunch time. Sekarang dirumah saya pakai beras Basmathi, bukan sebab kaya atau perasan tapi sebab beras ni kurang paras gulanya. Daging juga kurang elok untuk pesakit cancer. Susu, cheese, butter dan produk yang seangkatan dengannya pula tidak elok untuk pesakit kencing manis. Kalau nak makan pun secara berpatutan. Saya pula benda berlemak ni yang paling saya suka. Kalau buat spaghetti, kalau boleh setengah cawan pun boleh saya tabur parmesan. Sekarang dah sebab semua benda ni boleh memudaratkan, saya kurangkan atau tak makan langsung sampai berbulan lamanya.

Bila saya berpantang makan, maknanya saya harus berpantang untuk dua penyakit, kencing manis dan cancer.  Benda yang paling saya suka ialah durian dan pulut. Dua-dua makanan ni mempunyai peratusan gula yang tinggi didalamnya. Macam nak menangis juga masa mula-mula dulu nak ikut pantang ni. Ada separuh orang pulak kata, pesakit cancer tak boleh langsung makan pulut. Jadi seperti yang saya kata tadi, saya ikut cara sendiri, saya makan juga makanan kegemaran saya tapi tak banyak. Kalau pulut tu saya makan dalam dua tiga suap saja. Bab durian pulak, habis banyak pun saya makan dua ulas saja. Janji dapat rasa. Mungkin ada yang tak percaya, tak kan saya boleh tahan makan macam tu. Pelik tapi benar! Haha.. Betui, saya tak buat lawak ni. Memang macam tu saya makan.

Makan malam saya lagi senang, saya tengok apa yang tinggal. Kalau ada sambal tumis siang tadi, saya ambik dan saya makan dengan roti loaf sekeping atau dua. Saya memang tak berapa gemar makan nasi, jadi senang la sikit nak control. Kadang-kadang saya buat roti (lebih kurang paratha macam tu) dan saya makan dengan kari apa-apa yang ada. Haa, kalau roti macam ni saya boleh makan sampai dua keping.

Dulu berat badan saya 79 atau 80 kg. Selepas kena kencing manis hampir setahun, saya mula rasa badan saya semakin susut. Mula-mula saya risau juga ingatkan cancer saya balik semula. Bila saya jumpa doktor dan tanya dia berkenaan hal ni, dia bagi tau sebabnya . Katanya gula boleh menyebabkan kita menjadi gemuk. Jadi bila saya dah kurangkan gula seminimal yang boleh, dengan sendirinya badan saya mula susut.
Kata doktor tu lagi, penyakit yang paling jahat ialah kencing manis sebab dari kencing manislah akan bermulanya penyakit lain pulak seperti darah tinggi, jantung dan buah pinggang.
Sekarang selepas tiga tahun berat saya dah jadi 69kg. Tak payah nak diet.

Tapi apapun, memang payah nak kurangkan segala jenis makanan yang kita suka. Buah baik untuk kesihatan kita. Tapi bagi pesakit kencing manis, walaupun buah memang kena makan tapi tak boleh banyak-banyak terutamanya buah yang manis seperti pisang, tembikai atau betik. Kalau nak makan, cuma makan sepotong saja. Bukan sepotong yang besar ya.

Jadi kalau saya buat ulasan selari mengenai pemakanan harian saya, ia akan jadi begini : sarapan pagi; 2 karipap & sepotong kuih manis (seperti tepung talam), lunch; nasi, ulam dan ikan (ikan yang paling saya suka,nasib baik boleh makan yang ni) dan malam roti dua keping cicah dengan kari.
Saya tak salahkan pesakit2 kencing manis yang lain sebab saya tau godaan makanan tu macam mana. Segala macam makanan yang manis dan sedap dah tak boleh makan. Ouii, payah tu nak control.
Tambah kalau orang yang macam saya ada tiga jenis penyakit ni lagilah banyak pantangnya. Gulai ikan masin, sangat-sangatlah saya menyukainya. Dah tak boleh nak makan banyak sebab masin. Telur masin tak boleh, ikan talang kering tk boleh, potato chips pringles tu pun tak boleh. Semua ni berasaskan garam yang banyak. Mana la badan tak susut. Kesian kat saya.

Jadi, moral of the story, kena kuat iman. Cuci mata ja dengan makanan yang boleh buat air liur meleleh tu. Apa nak buat dulu muda-muda makan tak hengat dunia. La ni baru nak bersedih. Dah terlambat sikit dah.
Saya harap dan ajak kawan-kawan yang ada penyakit terutamanya kencing manis, jagalah pemakanan anda sebaik mungkin. Satu penyakit saja masih senang nak jaga cuma kurangkan gula saja. Jangan biar ia melarat ke penyakit lain. Masa tu dah susah nak jaga.

Salam dari saya dan selamat malam.

11th.Oct '13

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Nasi Goreng Telur Masin

Salam semua,

Hari ni saya nak masukkan satu resipi yang mungkin semua blogger masakan di Malaysia akan masukkan juga ke dalam blog masing-masing. Resipinya ialah nasi goreng. Hidangan ni dah macam sebati dengan kita rakyat Malaysia.
Jadi untuk memberi sikit kelainan dari nasi goreng yang biasa kita buat dan makan, saya mencuba Nasi Goreng Telur Masin. Haa..mesti cuba. Sedap. Ada sikit kelainan dari nasi goreng yang biasa kita buat di rumah.

Bahan-bahannya :

2 cawan nasi putih
1 biji telur masin yg di rebus ( dipecah-pecahkan)
sikit udang basah
Bawang putih dan bawang merah yang dirincik kecil
3 biji cili merah (yg ditumbuk kasar atau dikisar)
1/2 besar sudu sos tiram
1 sudu besar kicap manis

Kita mulakan dengan menumis bwg merah dan cili merah.Sejurus selepas tu, masukkan bwg putih.

Tumis sehingga bawang menjadi warna jernih, sekarang masukkan telur masin dan udang dan gaul rata sehingga udang di salut telur tadi.

Sekarang, masukkan nasi dan gaul lagi. Masukkan sos tiram dan kicap manis. Kacau sekejap dan dah siap.
Mesti cuba. Kalau pakai beras Basmathi lagi sedap sebab beras ni tak berkanji jadi kita dapat rasa telur masin tu bersalut dengan nasi dengan lebih baik lagi.

Bersama dengan nasi goreng ni, saya buat sambal kering tempe sebagai hidangan iringan.
Tempe frozen

Tips : Tempe di atas ni saya simpan dah berminggu dalam peti sejuk. Kalau kita biarkan di bahagian biasa dlm peti sejuk, ia akan rosak atau jadi berkulat. Jadi saya goreng tempe ni separuh masak, biarkan sejuk. Lepas tu saya masukkan dlm zipper bag macam diatas dan simpan dalam freezer. InSyaAllah tahan lama.

10th.Oct '13