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Sunday, 26 April 2015

I Am Sweet But....

Hello my dear readers,

Last Tuesday (21st.Apr) I sent Sophie to her office. Like I said before, if I were to drive using the highway, I  most probably got stuck in the traffic congestion for more than 45 minutes. So, to avoid that terrible congestion,I usually use the trunk road. Slightly further but acceptable. What I can't accept to this day is, the way the drivers behave. Oh God! They're like a bunch of hooligans ready to pick a fight with anybody who is bold enough to question their way of driving.

Since most of the morning I will be sending Sophie to her working place, I had to face these dreadful people and they never failed to bring out the monstrous side of me. With Sophie next to me, we normally start our morning with full enthusiasm, talking animatedly about almost everything until one of these idiots began to spoil our beautiful morning. When that happened, I immediately lost my sweetness. I became aggressive and my mouth is now at par with any truck drivers outside there. That Tuesday morning, one reckless driver zig-zagging in and out my lane and gave me a look that annoyed me like hell. I said to Sophie, "You know what, if only I am your age at this moment, I would wind down the window and show him one of those signs. I know a few of those signs you know, but thinking that I am in my golden years, I had to refrain and be a good citizen hence a noble grandma." I said to her while making suggestion what I am capable of. Sophie laughed so hard that she had problem to stop laughing. At least her sense of humour was still intact! Just for the record, I wouldn't dare to curse or use some vulgar words when Sara is around!

So, you see, I am actually sweet but people turned me into an ugly person. I treat people nice and I expect the same in return.

So how do you rate yourself as a person? Interesting? Bold? A go-getter? Bitchy? None of the above?
Whoever or whatever we are, deep down at the core of our hearts, we still have something in common, that is the feeling of love. One can be a murderer or a villain or a robber but the feeling of love is in everybody's heart. That's what makes us human. Deny all you want, but that's who we are.
What differs us is how we dealt with that emotion and transform it into something beautiful.

I have a lot of love within me and a lot of respect for others as well but I failed to keep my cool when confronted with rude, impatient, self centred and annoying people. Suddenly my temper will flare up to maximum limit and I became a totally different person.
You think I am being overly sensitive? No, don't judge me yet! Let's see, okay, here's a situation. You were already on a long queue in a busy street. Your tummy was giving an excruciating sign that says you HAD to be in the john immediately. The light turned green and you quickly shifted your gear to "D". Suddenly out of nowhere one special moron came from nowhere and tried squeezing in his way onto your lane. In a matter of a few more seconds the light will turn red.
What would you do? Would you smile graciously at him and let him in without any cursing sentence coming out from your mouth? I very much doubt so. You could very well curse that fella worse than I did, for all we know. Hah...admit it. You guys are the same as I am. (It makes me feel much better if you guys were behaving the same as I do)

Many a time, I tried to be a sweet,gentle and graceful elderly woman but each time something will come up that triggered the anger that I wish I didn't have to display. There was a case when we had just gotten a new car. The very next day the car engine went dead while on the road. It is a brand new car, mind you! After the third engine failure (within 3 days), we sent back the car to the manufacturer. To cut the long story short, they kept the car for one and a half month. What makes me went berserk was that nobody from the manufacturer called and advise us what was going on and what can be done to solve our problem. Instead I am the one who kept calling and asking for update about the car. One fine day, I guess I had had enough of being nice and polite that I stormed in right into their head quarters and demand to see their director. I was near to screaming when they sent a young customer service girl to attend to me. I threatened to sit on the floor and will not budge until I see someone with authority. They finally sent someone out to see me and the matter was solved even though not entirely.

My girl friend who accompanied me there said to me, "You're not an easy person to please, aren't you? If it's were me, I would have give in and talked to the young girl they sent."
I said to her, it's not me who is difficult to please, it's them who didn't do their job. They can easily win my heart if only any one of them pick up the phone and update me every now and then. That's all I am asking but none of them did that. And if I were to speak to that girl, what good does it do to me? She doesn't have any authority regarding the matter that I wish to discuss."

For the record, I am the easiest person to please. Anybody could just come up to me and smile and I'd go gaga over that little smile. I am soft spoken and I don't judge people for whoever they are and I have a lot of respect for everybody. That being said, I want people to have a little respect for me as well. I don't go around blowing my top off frequently. It only happened when I feel I am being cheated or being mistreated.
And I've never, not even once use harsh and abusive words towards any of my children. Not even the word idiot towards them. I don't believe in demoralizing them in order to make them a better person. And I am glad I raised them the way I did because I swear I am the luckiest mom to have these four children bestowed upon me. They had been nothing except precious jewels to me and that they will shine within me eternally.

That's all for today folks...Have a pleasant week ahead and stay healthy.

26th.April '15

Saturday, 18 April 2015

Makan Time Di Boat Noodle Jaya One

Salam hujung minggu,

Minggu lepas Sophie ajak saya keluar makan, katanya nak belanja saya pulak. Jadi dengan hati yang terbuka saya terima pelawaan dia.

Kami ke Jaya One yang terletak di Jalan Universiti, Petaling Jaya. Banyak yang saya dengar tentang tempat ni tapi belum pernah sampai sebelum ni. Tempat ni lebih happening disebelah malam tetapi memandangkan kami pergi untuk brunch, jadi suasana tak seberapa meriah.

Sophie ajak saya makan kat satu restoran ni, namanya The Boat Noodle. Pandai depa nak attract orang untuk pergi ketempat ni. Strategi yang digunakan ialah satu mangkuk mee harganya RM1.90. Maunya tak berbaris orang menunggu. Rupa-rupanya 1 mangkuk tu, sekali atau dua kali sedut mee tu, dah pun habis. Mau tak mau, kita order lagi. Sekurang-kurangnya 2 mangkuk seorang. Jadi, kalau ikutkan harga, lebih kurang harga semangkuk mee ditempat lain.

Ini rupa mee semangkuk RM1.90 tu. Yang saya kurang minat ialah, banyak mangkuk yang diguna untuk serve pelanggan adalah mangkuk yang sumbing. Kalau arwah tok wan saya dulu, mangkuk macam tu harus di angkat dan dilempar keluar rumah dah.  Nak kata tak untung, berjela-jela orang menunggu nak makan disitu.
Kepada tuan punya kedai, eloklah keluarkan sikit modal untuk membeli pinggan mangkuk baru untuk meraikan pelanggan anda.

Makanan di sini kebanyakannya dah siap seperti mee ayutthaya. Ini menjadikan servis lebih cekap dan cepat. Kami order 2 jenis mee, 2 mangkuk seorang, 2 grill bebola ayam, 1 fruit salad dan kuih tako.

Yang menjadi favourite saya ialah fruit salad di sini. Sangat refreshing dan sedap.
Kuih tako dia pun sedap.

Apa pendapat saya tentang tempat ini? Saya mungkin akan kesana lagi sebab saya sukakan fruit salad dia. Tetapi pada masa yang sama juga, saya mungkin tak akan kesana lagi disebabkan mangkuk sumbing tu. Sangat mengganggu fikiran. Mungkin bagi orang lain tak ada masalah tetapi bagi saya, ia adalah sesuatu yang harus dititik beratkan oleh pemilik. Mereka harus menganggap pelanggan sebagai tetamu dan tetamu seharusnya diberi layanan yang istimewa.

Makanan disini pun tidak lah semurah seperti yang di promosikan. Untuk bebola ayam bakar itu harganya RM4.90. Cuba lihat menu dibawah. Jadi apa salahnya mereka menjaga kualiti dan nama kedai itu sendiri sebaik mungkin sebab makanan yang dihidangkan boleh dikategorikan sebagai menyelerakan.

Kepada anda yang teringin nak mencuba, bolehlah mencuba ditempat ni dan kalau boleh bagi feedback kepada saya di ruangan komen supaya kita boleh bertukar pendapat.

Salam dari saya,
19th.April 15

Friday, 17 April 2015

Kerabu Betik

Salam semua,

Hey all, how's everybody doing? Letih dan pening kepala dengan segala masalah yang tak pernah habis di dalam kehidupan seharian kita kan? Saya faham sangat, saya pun macam tu. Tapi itulah, kita manusia, harus belajar menerima segala masalah dengan tenang dan cuba untuk mengatasinya.

Untuk mengurangkan masalah di dada, jom kita cuba buat kerabu betik.
Saya masak apa hari ni? Hari ni saya masak cara orang malas. Saya goreng ikan favourite saya iaitu ikan kembong, saya buat sikit sambal ayam dan terakhir saya buat kerabu betik.

Jadi untuk entri hari ni saya letakkan resipi kerabu betik versi saya.

Bahan-bahan :

1/2 biji betik (saiz sederhana- 1/4 masak)
1 sudu teh udang kering disangai dan ditumbuk
2 sudu teh sos ikan
 sedikit gula
sedikit garam
2 cili merah/hijau
4 bji cili api
1 labu bawang besar di mayang
1 batang bunga kantan yang dihiris nipis dan halus
2 sudu makan jus lemon (boleh ditukar dengan limau nipis)
1 sudu makan cuka (kalau tak suka tak payah pakai)
2 sudu makan kacang tanah yang ditumbuk kasar

Caranya :

Parut betik biar nipis dan memanjang.
Hiris nipis bunga kantan dan masukkan kedalam betik tadi.

Tumbuk cili merah dan cili api.

Bila semua bahan dah siap ditumbuk atau dipotong, masukkan semua sekali kedalam mangkuk berisi betik tadi.
Campuran liquid seperti, jus lemon atau cuka haruslah dituang mengikut kesesuaian selera kita.
Begitu juga dengan garam dan gula.
** Sukatan yang saya beri diatas adalah sebagai panduan. Kalau suka lebih masam, maka lebihkan jus lemon, begitu juga dengan lain-lain bahan.

Inilah rupa Kerabu Betik yang dah siap untuk dimakan.

Salam dari saya,
17th.April '15

Saturday, 11 April 2015

The Running Man Makes My Day

Hello friends,

This is my first entry for month of April. Too many things have been bugging my head that I can't focus on anything right now, let alone writing. But I need to keep myself occupied, else I'd go nuts.

Not too long ago I used to be a cheerful and untroubled person. Don't know what went wrong, I find myself easy on tears these days. Little things can make me cry. I read or heard somewhere, that older people cries easily. Okayy.. I am in the old people category and I cry a lot these days, so how do I go about unwinding this feeling?

To unwind this miserable disposition I am experiencing, I watched sitcom series, fun reality shows and light hearted movies. It helps a lot since I am naturally a fun loving and good-humoured person.

Currently my favourite TV show is a Korean variety show called The Running Man. Why do I watched this TV variety show? First, they are fun to watch and secondly I can relate to them, in a sense that they are who they are. They don't portray themselves as someone they're not. Can you understand what I am trying to say? Simply put they're a nice bunch of people.

Why Running Man? If it was your first time watching this variety show, you'd find it confusing and can't get a grip of what's going on in that show. You had to get to know the casts first, then focus on their mission or task for that day. The cast consist of 7 people, 6 men and 1 girl.Their names are a mouthful to pronounce but then again we are not Korean, so yeah, we are forgiven for not able to memorize their names in the first few episodes. There are Yoo Jae Suk, Kim Jong Kook, HaHa (Ha Dong Hoon), Kang Gary (Kang Hee Gun), Ji Suk Jin, Lee Kwang Soo and last but not least the only girl in this show Ms Song Ji Hyo.

I love all seven of them but my favourite would be HaHa. He is the shortest among all and has bad reputation among invited guests especially the ladies. He would never backed down or give way to anyone even though their special guests on that day was a pretty girl from a popular K Pop group. Word gentleman doesn't apply to him. If he had to win, he'd play hard and dirty just to win, period.
Yoo Jae Suk is a Korean national MC. A very modest person and loved by all, one would know his character and personality just by watching him in any show that he appeared.

The other five cast members have their own charm and personality too. I don't elaborate because then it would be too long to read.
What I find interesting about the seven of them is, they are genuinely comfortable and at ease with one another. They often poke fun at one another about anything, be it their physical appearance, their not-so-attractive habit or just plain annoying fun-poking. They treat everybody the same and that include Ms Ji Hyo too. They were so familiar with each other that sometimes any one of the boys would undress and left only their boxer shorts on with Ms Ji Hyo in full view. To them she is one of the boys.

The 1 hour show will kick off with cast members being briefed by their PD (Program Director) about their mission on that day. This is when the havoc began. Argument ensued between the cast and their PD. The game chosen at time was way beyond their expectations. Some of the things they had to endure was walking around the city looking for their clue in the harsh cold and snowing day. Other times they would have to wrestle in the rice field filled with mud and murky water. At one time, they had to climb up a 63 storey building albeit it's a relay mission.
All these missions were carried out good-naturedly by them. And to think that these people are in their 40s, that takes a true grit and strong determination.

From left: Gary, Haha, Jae Suk, Ji Hyo, Jong Kook, Suk Jin and Kwang Soo

I would say the cast members were actually a group of intelligent people given the way the mission was laid out to them was sometimes absurd to our mind. They don't have a prepared dialogue although some guideline were hand out prior to the show. They will have to crack the clue even though it's way after midnight.
That's why I said it's an interesting and entertaining show to watch since the game played was not some kind of a lame and slapstick play. Between the seven of them Ji Suk Jin is the oldest. He is 49years old. Among them all, he is deemed to be a slow-paced person  and almost always came out last or losing to other team members and their guest stars. But then again, he is 49, what do you expect from someone that age?

When I was first introduced to this show, I said to Sophie, what kind of a show is this? I don't understand head or tail let alone enjoying it. But Sophie being Sophie, keeps on persisting me to watch with her week after week until I finally found myself glued to the TV every time the 7 cast members appeared. Next she got her big brother Ariff to join our club. I could vouch right here and now that the two of them (Ariff and Sophie) never missed a single episode.
I used to record the show and watched it with Sara late afternoon when nobody at home. It was very entertaining and it still is.

So, for those of you who has never watched this variety show before, just give it a try. For Malaysian, you can turn to Channel 393 every Friday night.

Until then, smile always and be nice people!

11th.Apr '15