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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Kari Dhal Buah Remunggai

Alhamdulillah, dapat juga saya makan kari remunggai ni. Bukan apa, makanan yang agak lain dari kebiasaan, selalunya tak mendapat sambutan di rumah ni. Tapi dek kerana teringin sangat nak makan, saya buat jugak. Asik ikut selera dia orang ja, kita yang memasak ni, sekali sekala nak juga jamah makanan yang kita suka, ya dak?
Oh ya, di sebelah utara iaitu Kedah,Perlis dan Pulau Pinang, kita sebut buah remunggai, kalau disebelah selatan rasanya dia orang sebut buah kelo.

Jom tengok bahan apa yang diperlukan :

1/2 cawan kecil kacang dhal (rendamkan dulu selama lebih kurang 4jam)
4 batang buah remunggai (di potong anggaran 3inci )
1 biji telur
1 sudu makan udang kering di tumbuk halus
1 atau 2 biji ubi kentang di potong empat (boleh potong lebih kecil)
3 biji buah keras (ditumbuk halus)
1 inci halia di hiris halus
3~ 4  tangkai cili kering yg disangai tanpa minyak
1/4 cawan santan
2 sudu makan serbuk rempah daging dicampur dengan sikit air sebagai pes
1 keping asam keping/ gelugor

Kita mula memasak :

Ini rupa buah remunggai. Harus disiat kulitnya sebelum memasak ya!

1) Rebus kacang dhal sehingga empuk dan hancur.

2) Semasa kacang dhal separa empuk, masukkan ubi kentang, rempah daging dan halia.
    Tutup periuk. (Kita tak nak kentang terlalu lembik kalau dimasukkan terlalu awal)

3) Buah remunggai boleh dimasukkan semasa ubi kentang hampir empuk atau lebih awal lagi.
    Ikut kegemaran masing-masing.

    Tapi kalau ikut cara saya, saya masukkan buah remunggai semasa
    kentang hampir empuk dan saya biarkan mereneh selama lebih kurang 10 minit.
    Saat ini, bolehlah dipecah masuk telur, garam, sikit gula (pengganti Aji), buah keras dan udang kering.

4) Terakhir, tuang masuk santan dan asam keping, juga cili kering yg di sangai tadi. Biarkan mendidih dan dah boleh tutup api.

4 ulas bwg merah di mayang
2 ulas bwg putih di mayang
2 tangkai daun kari di lurut dari tangkainya
sedikit minyak utk menumis

Di kuali berasingan, panaskan sikit minyak dan tumis bwg merah, bwg putih dan daun kari.
Bila dah garing, tuang masuk kedalam kari dhal tadi. Ini di panggil tumis darat.

Dah siap Kari Dhal Buah Remunggai.

Selamat mencuba!

25th.Sept '14

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Ketam Masak Tau Chu

Assalamualaikum semua,

Tengahari tadi saya masak ketam dengan cara yang paling ringkas dan cepat. Dah tinggal kami berdua je kat rumah, Sophie dan saya. Nak masak berbagai pun macam tak berbaloi la pulak.

Baki ketam yang saya beli itu hari ada lagi tiga ketul. cukup untuk kami berdua. Jadi jom tengok apa bahan yang diperlukan :

Ketam dibelah dua (quantiti ikut keperluan rumah)

Sepotong halia dan 4 ulas bwg putih (kedua2 bahan ni ditumbuk agak halus)

Tauchu ni saya lenyek2kan menggunakan sudu supaya lebih halus 

1 sudu makan tauchu (saya pakai 1 sudu tauchu untuk 3 ketul ketam, jadi kalau lebih ketam lebihkan tauchu)
1/2 gelas air
3~ 4 biji cili merah di kisar kasar
1  1/2 sudu makan kicap manis
1/2 sudu makan kulit oren yang di parut

Cara menyediakannya :

Mula-mula lumurkan ketam dengan sedikit garam dan kunyit. Kemudian goreng dalam minyak yg banyak selama lebih kurang 10 saat. Balik-balikkan  biar masak rata. Angkat dan ketepikan dulu.

1) Panaskan kuali dengan sedikit minyak dan tumiskan halia dan bwg putih yg ditumbuk tadi.

2) Bila dah agak kekuningan, masukkan cili yang dikisar pulak. Kacau rata.
3) Sekarang masukkan tauchu dan air, terus dimasukkan ketam sekali.
4) Balik-balikkan ketam didalam sos tauchu dan biarkan sehingga sos agak pekat.

5) Terakhir masukkan kicap manis dan kulit oren yang di parut tadi, kacau sebentar.
6) Bila sos dah betul-betul memekat, bolehlah diangkat dan dihidangkan.

Resipi ni sangat mudah terutama bagi ibu-ibu yang bekerja. 

Selamat berhari minggu dan selamat mencuba.

21st.Sept '14

What The Family Is Up To

Hey everybody!

I know I've been slowing down in blogging these past couple of months but I've been quite busy lately. Today is Saturday and Sophie is not working so here I am sitting and writing for the blog.

Sophie is working? For those of you who has been following my blog would know that she was in college for the past two years. Yeap! She had completed her two and a half year course last July. Her graduation day will take place next month, that is October.

She told me she wanted to take a break for a month, doing nothing, laze around the house and meeting up old friends. She did all that. By mid August, she confessed of being bored to tears.
"I know you will say that at one point", I teased her.

Who in their right mind (especially youth) would want to stay cooped up in their room with no social calender whatsoever to attend to? She spent the next one week applying jobs everywhere. Within two weeks she got the reply. It was from a firm that she was familiar with. The firm that sent her to U.S for student exchange program in 2011. Thus she started her new life as young working adult. Next come another problem.
"Ma, I got nothing to wear". Story of every girl's life.
I go with, "Just put on whatever you got in your wardrobe". (wardrobe???? sounds like she got an extensive line of clothing).
Anyway, we mixed and matched her clothing and whaddaya know. She looked great in any one of them.
One problem settled. Next comes the daily trip to her office. At first we agreed on her taking the train which was very convenient. One day after she got home, she told what to me was a chilling thing, four foreign guys who boarded the same train as she does, rode the same bus as she does and at the same time. They exchanged some kind of weird handshake and stole glances at her way.
What scares me the most is they got down at the same place with her and it usually is very quiet and still in the morning. (Most businesses or offices open at 09.00 or 10.00) These guys probably worked at a nearby construction site.
Not taking any chances, I became the hero in diving through the massive jam by sending her every morning. Oh by the way, she finally managed to sit for her driving license and passed the test last month. She's got a valid driving license together with Sara. Both of them sat for the test together.

Sara was in the college up south when she had to take two days leave to attend her driving test. Like I said before, she is our little Miss Prim and Proper. She loved the idea of getting the chance coming home and snuggling next to me yet she hated having to skip her classes, but she got no alternative. Good thing she passed the test.
In our family, Sara got the best brain when it comes to mathematics. Don't expect much from her singing though, or dancing for that matter! But last Tuesday when we spoke on the phone, she said she got a B+ for her Additional mathematics. I was slightly taken by surprise with her latest result. I asked her what happened.
She said, " I don't know ma. I thought I got all the right answers. There must be some silly mistakes that I didn't realize I made."
"Ohh". I knew I sounded down and she felt it.
"Ma, please don't get upset.. I got As both for my physics and chemistry. You know how I was in these two subjects before."
"Wow, that is something. And I wasn't that upset for you not getting the A in your maths. It's just that you always got the A for that particular subject. Whatever it is, you did great and I am so proud of you.
But knowing Sara, my "Oh" respond had left an unsettling sense of failure within her. I shouldn't have said that but it just got out.
Do you people want to know how she got an A for her physics? Not only she got the A in physics, many of her classmates did well in that subject too. The credit had to be given to their lecturer, Ms Sali. She knew she is a genius in physics and she nicknamed herself Sali Einstein. And it seemed she had led her class from previous years to score the highest marks throughout the college. A great gift for students to having a teacher like this one.

Soffian, my number two child is still working in a hotel in Langkawi. He now lives with his brother in the house that we used to live before moving up here, Selangor. Every now and then one of them would call me and complain about the other. One would say the other one was not cleaning up the dishes. Next day, the other one would call and said I need to use the car, but he's gone without telling me where he's gone to.
Can you believe that?
I am glad that he's now trying to change his life for the better. He is not your normal mischievous next door boy. He is a highly strung person, can't stand losing to anybody and always had to have his way.
I've done my very best to bring him up the way I think it should be. I truly hope and pray that he will one day change and be a better person than he is today.

The big brother to them all, Ariff, my eldest son has finally been promoted to Chef De Partie. I was so proud of him. He called me three days ago and told me that the sous chef called him to have lunch at the chef table the other day.
"Ma, it felt awkward. I never dreamt of sitting down together with other chefs on a working day."

I said to him, "Well you earned it. You are good at what you're doing and they know that. But you still never showed me your real skill in making any of those pastries or cakes. And I am still waiting for your ciabatta bread."

I can hear him chuckling down on the other end. Tongue in cheek! He teased me saying my kitchen was not well-equipped as his hotel kitchen. He's lucky he's hundreds of miles away from me, else I could have knock his head.

At time, I missed my two boys so much that I became moody. I know this is the best time for me to enjoy my life. The two boys are up in the northern state while Sara in the south. That leaves the three of us at home here in Selangor, Sophie, my husband and I. One of these days, Sophie will have to leave me too. The thought of this alone is devastating.

I am enjoying my life but I still can't let go any of them totally. All these years, they had been my world, the center of my life, and now to let them go is hurting me so much.

Ariff, Soffian, Sophie and Sara, no matter where you are and who you become, I will always be right next to you. Ma loves all of you with all of my heart. I'd do anything for any one of my children. Please take care and be good. May Allah bless all of you. Ma sayang semua banyak-banyak!

That's all for today folks. Thank you for reading. Have a safe day everybody!

20th.Sept '14

Friday, 5 September 2014

The Who's Who In The Malaysian Film Scene

Hey guys!

I was at the street vendor this morning when I saw one of Malaysia's gorgeous actor in a magazine. I put down the newspaper that I was about to pay and read a little about his new movie. See how a handsome face can do to you. Even at fifty one, (that's me) one can still appreciate the beauty of something or someone.

So, today lets lighten up a little and feast our eyes on some of the gorgeous faces in Malaysia.
I will start will the guy that made me dropped my newspaper. His name is Farid Kamil. He is an actor. If I were to comment on his acting, there's nothing much to brag about, but his face sells.
filem pe3 farid kamil
picture copy and paste from beautifulnara
He came from the state of Kedah. My beautiful island, Langkawi is in the state of Kedah. He spoke the same dialect as I do. Slightly rough than other states in Malaysia but many like to imitate our dialect.

He is married to the actress below, Diana Danielle. She comes from a mixed parentage, Malay and American, I think. She is twenty four and he is thirty three.


Let's see who's next. Oh yeah, Rosyam Nor. I will watch a movie or a telemovie when he's in it. A great actor. Not too much in the look department but worth watching him acting.

Below is the beautiful Rita Rudaini. I would say she's got a classic Malay beauty. She is mostly remembered for the controversial divorce from her footballer husband.

Then we have Rozita Che Wan, she was a flight stewardess once. She is in her early forties and had recently married a fellow actor who is in his thirties. She too from Kedah state. Many love to listen to her dialect which is thick and pure.

Actor below is Aaron Aziz. He is Singaporean but make a living here in Malaysia since their film industry is much much smaller than us here to even call it an industry. Many women out there were crazy over him. Me? Nope, not the clean cut type. Just not my type.

The once bad girl in the industry has now mellowed and she is considered as one of the most beautiful women in Malaysia, for me at least. Her name is Fazura. Sophie loves her style.

This is my type of good looking. The unkempt and brooding look. Good actor too. Remy Ishak.

Remy Ishak

The up and coming Zul Ariffin is making his presence felt after a recent hit TV series ended about a week ago. He reminds me of Matt Le Blanc in younger version.

zul ariffin
Zul Ariffin
Model turned actress Fasha Sandha went through series of controversy that could last her a lifetime. She is now married to the son of a former Chief Minister in one of the states in Malaysia.

The beautiful Maya Karin, mixed blood as well (Malay/ German). She had once won an award for best actress but if I were to review her acting, she is not up to what I expect from an award winner.

Maya Karin

Erra Fazira, is considered as queen of Malay movies. She was once a beauty queen back in the 90's.
Still acting though in a slower pace.
Erra Fazira
Below is one of my favourite actors, Que Haidar. Too bad he decided to temporarily stop acting. Hope to catch him if he ever thought of making a comeback.

Que Haidar with his wife Linda Jasmin
The last one is Sara's favourite, Lisa Surihani. She is one of Malaysia's top actresses. An intelligent one as well. If ever she wanted to switch profession, she can do so  anytime as she holds a degree in law.
                               Lisa Surihani Nafi Hamil - ROTIKAYA

Well, that's about it for today. I tried not to be biased but can't help it. Most of the pictures above are the faces and actors that I liked and admired. I might get you acquainted with Malaysia's best voice in my next entry. They may not have the face as the above people  but their voice were as good as those of great singers.

Enjoy your weekend people. Out for now.

6th.Sept '14