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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Sakit Demam, Hospital Dan Komplain/ Sicknesses, Hospitals and Dissatisfactions

Hello all,

Today is Sunday the 26th. It's weekend but I refused to do anything outside home and I refused to drag my butt out from home, at least for yesterday and today.  I am beat and overly exhausted. It had been a chaotic weeks for me and the family.

Ismail, my husband had a fever a couple of weeks ago. At first we thought it was just one of those fever. He came home one evening and said his body ached all over. He took a serious turn the next day that I decided to take him see a doctor. Doctor later confirmed that he had a dengue fever. For my readers abroad, you may not know of this fever but in Malaysia it is considered one of those, at times, fatal fever. It could lead to death if not properly treated.
Since Sophie has started working, that leave me alone to run around back and forth from sending Sophie for work and frequenting hospital for my husband admission and treatment.

As if that's not enough, my car had to show her tantrum on that very day. The day I was driving my husband to the clinic to ascertain his type of fever. All of a sudden, the meter on the dashboard showed the car temperature had reached boiling point. What the ....? I really was trying to keep my cool but I don't know for how long. What make me sick to the stomach was that, just a week prior to this I had the same exact problem. Sophie and I was stranded at one of the busiest road in the city and we had to call my niece for her help to take us to the nearest garage. That guy charged us RM280.00 saying he had changed  my motor fan.
Less than a week, the same brand new motor fan stopped fanning and the car temperature rose to boiling point. He robbed me in a broad day light!

Both Sophie and I were running around like there was no tomorrow. Poor Sophie! She too had to juggle between working, taking care both me and my husband and preparing for her graduation day which fell on the 17th.October, whereby my husband was still being admitted at the general hospital.

It was supposed to be D-Day for her yet here we are praying for my husband speedy recovery and hoping for the best.
Not wanting to giving in to this unfortunate situation, I assured Sophie I will be there with her on her graduation day.So, there I was at her college, sitting in the auditorium amongst elated parents cheering for their kids. I promised myself, I will not cry, I will not cry, I am a big girl now. This is a happy day for us. Well, me being me, I cried all the same. Just listening to the M.C calling out her name, made me sobbed. Mothers!

While my husband was being treated in the hospital, I fell sick at the same time. I was down with fever too. We were all worried that I got the dengue fever too. Thank God it was just a fever. Still, my body was weak and I was dragging and forcing myself to run around home and hospital.

What I did was, after sending Sophie to work, I came home and fell asleep until noon. I woke up not feeling any better but still had to head to the hospital and check up on my husband. The hospital parking..urghhh.. what can I say, it's a war zone. And since my car was still under repair, again I borrowed the Prado jeep from my sister to run around. Imagine that type of vehicle making rounds around the narrow lane to find a parking spot. I was near to tears but I managed to find one parking bay outside the hospital compound.

My husband condition was quite worrying at that time. I called up all my three other children updating them on their dad's conditions. Soffian got a one week leave. So did Sara, she got a green light to leave the college for a few days. All except for Ariff was home. He had just started at a new place so he couldn't apply for leave.

Whatever it is, I was glad we all made it brilliantly. My husband has been discharged and he is recuperating well. Soffian has gone back to Langkawi and so did Sara, she's gone back to her college. The house is back to it's usual quietness.

I sat alone at home surrounded by this quietness and I thought to myself. What if one day, when I am old and the children have each their own family to attend to, I got sick suddenly. What would I do? Will I call them? Will I want them them to visit me or will I be driving myself to the hospital? This is because I am a very independent person. I'd do anything and everything on my own. I hated the thought people taking pity on me.
I felt ashamed if I needed to ask for an assistance from anybody even though they're my own children.
The last time when I had to undergo the mastectomy, I told my husband and children, "Do not see me after the surgery. I don't want any of you to see me in that condition."
You think they'd listen? Each and everyone of them were there waiting for me to gain consciousness. So much for privacy!

That is me. Too stubborn for my own good and overly independent. I hoped and I prayed that I will never again had to spend another day in a hospital. I mean, hospital these days had improved tremendously both in their services and facilities.
Even though the hospital has improved, I still wouldn't want to spend a night there. I've been in and out hospitals to last me a life time. (As usual, I am exaggerating but I mean it)
The doctors and nurses were superb too.

Many times we heard complaints being filed against the doctors and nurses. Looking through my perspective, I'd say most of it comes from us. If we ourselves were always unhappy with everything, rude towards others and finding fault with everything, how could we expect better thing from others?

I gave one example at the hospital where my husband was being admitted the other day. There was this old man, probably in his mid sixties. Two young doctors were attending to him and they were poking his arm to extract some blood for blood sampling. When they couldn't find the right vein, they poked at another place. He was unhappy with what they were doing and started raising his voice saying, That's too much, that's too much."
I mean why was he upset? You're a man, for God's sake. Just a little poking wouldn't kill you.
I thought to myself, what if he were to go through what I had been through during my chemotheraphy treatment back then. Doctors were poking my vein numerous times to find the right vein and at times blood gushed out unstoppable. Watching him that day, I'd say there's a possibility that the doctors could be kicked by him.

Two beds away from my husband, there was another old man. I don't know what his sickness were but this is a typical dirty old man. He was wearing a hospital green garb sarong. Every time any young nurse attended him, he would slid up the sarong to flash his thing. We got a flasher right in the hospital. But the young nurses were professionals. They'd told him off quietly. He didn't like it but had no other choice but to cover himself back.

From what I see, we the patients should know where we stand. Do not expect too much from the over-crowded government hospital. We only pay RM1.00 (equivalent to USD 0.30cent) each time we visit. In my husband case, he was there for two nights, being attended by numerous doctors and nurses day in day out and three time rides in an ambulance. Full three meals daily. Not mentioning the drips and medication given.
To sum it up, I'd say, we paid RM1.00 for a five star service from the hospital staff.

These people were doing the best they can. But we cannot expect them to always be perfect in our eyes, as they are only human. Just like us, they have their ups and downs.

Thank you to all doctors, nurses and all hospital staff (especially Ward 7) for being there for us. I don't know if I can do the same if I were to be in you guys shoes. I don't think I have what it takes to be in that position.

Good nite all and sweet dreams! May tomorrow be a better day than today.

26th.October '14


Assalamualaikum semua,

Hari ni Sabtu 25hb.Oktober '14. Saya tak kemana hari ni. Badan dah teramat letih sangat sebab terlalu sibuk dengan bermacam-macam hal dalam masa dua minggu ni.

Mana taknya, suami saya yang pada mulanya kami sangkakan demam biasa rupanya kena demam denggi. Nak di jadikan hal, kereta saya pun meragam time ni jugak. Temperature naik sampai ke tahap boiling point, padahal baru tukar motor fan sebab masalah temperature tu. Yang lebih sakit hati tu, motor fan yang kononnya baru di tukar tu, tidak berfungsi. Rupanya saya ditipu hidup-hidup oleh kedai Cina kat Kota Damansara tu. Siap dalam resit dia tulis no warranty.
Saya dan Sophie menjadi sangat sibuk dengan semua yang berlaku ditambah pulak hari konvokesyen-nya jatuh pada hari Jumaat 17hb, dimana suami saya masih di rawat di Hospital Sungai Buloh.

Kesian Sophie, pada hari yang sepatutnya menjadi hari kebanggaan kami sekeluarga, kami di timpa musibah yang agak mencemaskan. Walaupun begitu, saya tetap menghadirkan diri memberi sokongan moral kepada Sophie pada hari konvokesyennya itu. Saya telah berjanji pada diri sendiri tidak akan menangis apabila namanya dipanggil nanti. Ehmm..namanya pun ibu, benda sedih kita menangis, benda susah kita menangis, benda yang baik pun kita menangis.. Saya menangis sebab bangga dengan dia. Saya sangat bangga mendapat anak-anak seperti mereka.

Semasa suami di rawat, saya pula jatuh demam pada masa yang sama. Badan rasa macam tak berdaya nak bergerak lagi dah. Mana dengan Sophie bekerja, dengan suami sakit, terakhir saya pun nak jatuh sakit pada masa yang sama.

Apa yang saya buat, selepas saya hantar Sophie pergi kerja, saya balik kerumah dan tidur sekejap. Lepas tengahari baru saya bangun dan pandu menuju ke hospital pulak. Ni lagi satu hal, nak cari parking kat Hospital Sungai Buloh macam nak pergi berperang.  Pulak tu, disebabkan kereta saya rosak, lagi sekali saya pinjam jeep kakak saya, jeep Prado tu. Paham sajalah bawa jeep besar gedabak macam tu. Rasa nak menangis pun ada, bukannya apa tapi disebabkan demam, badan saya sakit-sakit dan lemah, jadi semua perasaan bercampur aduk. Tau saya dapat parking kat mana? Tepi susur masuk ke highway Plus. Mau nya tak kebah demam saya!
Keadaan suami agak serius pada satu waktu tu. Saya telefon anak-anak update keadaan abah dia orang. Soffian cakap dia dapat ambil cuti selama seminggu. Alhamdulillah, right timing. Sara cakap dia dah minta dengan pihak kolej untuk balik dan dah dibenarkan. Yang tinggal cuma anak sulung saya, Ariff. Hanya dia yang tak dapat balik disebabkan baru mula bekerja ditempat baru.

Apapun, saya bersyukur kami dapat melalui semuanya dengan selamat. Dan sekarang suami dah pun dibenarkan pulang. Soffian pun dah balik ke Langkawi, juga Sara dah balik ke Kuala Pilah. Rumah kembali sunyi dengan hanya kami bertiga di rumah.

Bila dah sunyi begini, saya terfikir sendirian. Macam mana satu hari kelak, bila saya dah tua dan anak-anak semua punya keluarga sendiri, tiba-tiba saya jatuh sakit. Apakah saya akan menelefon dia orang untuk datang dan melawat saya atau saya sendiri yang akan memandu ke hospital? Sebabnya saya seorang yang terlalu independent. Semua kerja saya lakukan sendiri dan saya jenis yang tak suka orang kesiankan saya.  Saya rasa malu sekiranya saya memerlukan dan mengharapkan orang lain untuk membantu saya walaupun anak-anak sendiri. Anak-anak sangat arif dengan perangai saya yang satu ni.
Dulu pun semasa saya menghidap barah payudara, saya pesan dengan anak-anak dan suami, "semua boleh balik dulu. Jangan tunggu ma keluar dari bilik bedah, ma tak mau semua orang tengok ma dalam keadaan yang tak berdaya macam tu." Agak-agak dia orang dengar tak cakap saya? Tak adanya..semua tercatuk menunggu saya ditolak masuk ke wad. Nasib baik saya masih tidak sedarkan diri.
Tapi sebaik saja saya sedar, saya minta anak-anak lapkan badan dan sikatkan rambut saya supaya nampak lebih presentable, walaupun masih dalam keadaan yang amat lemah dan sakit.

Itulah saya. Sangat degil dan  terlebih independent. Saya harap dan berdoa yang saya tak akan pernah lagi dimasukkan ke hospital. Walaupun keadaan didalam hospital sekarang banyak berbeza daripada dahulu, saya masih tidak suka tinggal di hospital. Dah berpuluh kali saya keluar masuk hospital dan saya kerap memerhati tatakerja doktor-doktor yang bertugas disana. Sepanjang saya berumah di hospital-hospital ini, baik semasa di Langkawi, di Arau Perlis, di Pulau Pinag dan sekarang di Sungai Buloh, saya sangat terkesan dengan cara doktor-doktor ini bekerja.

Selalu kita dengar orang ramai membuat aduan yang doktor-doktor ni semua teruk. Pada pandangan saya, ini mungkin datang dari sikap kita sendiri. Kalau kita sendiri bersifat kurang manis, agak kurang ajar dan selalu marah-marah, macam mana kita nak harapkan orang lain bersifat baik dengan kita.
Saya ambil contoh di hospital Sungai Buloh baru-baru ni, katil yang berdepan dengan katil suami saya, ada satu lelaki tua ni, umur mungkin dalam pertengahan enam puluhan begitu. Dua orang doktor datang merawat dia dan mereka terpaksa mengambil sampel darah. Dah namanya pun sampel darah, dah tentu-tentu kena pakai jarum. Dan bila urat tak dapat dikesan, doktor-doktor ini harus mencuba dua tiga tempat sebelum dapat mengambil darah. Pak Cik ni dah naik angin, saya dengar dia jerit kat doktor tu, " dah melampau ni, ni dah melampau ni..."
Kenapa dia nak marah dan jerit macam tu. Awak tu orang lelaki, tak kan sakit sikit macam tu dah tak tahan. Saya yang dengar pun rasa nak marah. Saya terfikir sendirian, kalau dia kena macam saya dulu semasa nak buat kemoterapi, terpaksa cucuk beberapa kali sampai memancut darah disebabkan silap urat, ada kemungkinan disepaknya doktor-doktor di depan dia.

Selang dua katil disebelah kiri suami saya, ada satu uncle tua ni, jenis miang tak ingat diri. Awak tu dah sakit, tua pulak tu, buat la cara sakit. Ini tak, kain sarung hijau kepunyaan hospital yang dipakainya tu, sengaja di selak biar nampak anu dia. Dia buat macam tu bila nurse-nurse muda datang untuk merawat. Mula nya suami dah bagi tau perangai dia tapi saya tak sempat tengok, kali yang kedua baru saya perasaan. Bila nurse tegur suruh tutupkan kain dia, dia melenting. Macam tu pulak!

Dari apa yang saya nampak, kita iaitu pesakit lah yang lebih mengada-ngada daripada doktor atau jururawat itu sendiri. Kita tak payah tengok jauh lah. Kita mulakan dengan rumah kita dulu. Anak kita empat orang, setiap sorang balik rumah dengan fi'il dan perangai masing-masing. Sorang marah sebab bajunya hilang, sorang lagi merajuk tak nak makan sebab lauk tak kena dengan selera dia, sorang lagi mood tak elok sebab datang bulan dan sorang lagi marah sebab kena denda di sekolah. Kita yang tak tahu menahu apa-apa yang jadi mangsa. Kadang-kadang kita pun ada tempoh naik turun juga kan? Sama juga lah seperti mana para doktor dan jururawat ini rasa. Kita tak bolehlah nak harap servis yang tip top sepanjang masa daripada mereka-mereka ni. Cukup kalau kita ikut apa yang mereka tetapkan semasa kita dibawah pengawasan mereka. Ataupun kalau kita nak tegur, tegur lah dengan cara yang lembut dan sopan.
Itu yang saya lakukan semasa saya dirawat di mana-mana hospital. Dan Alhamdullilah, hampir kesemua doktor dan jururawat sangat menyenangkan hati saya semasa dan selepas menerima rawatan.

Sebelum semua ni, saya dah ada appointment untuk mamogram dan ultrasound di hospital Sungai Buloh ni. Sekali lagi, dari kerani kaunter nombor, ke jururawat bertugas, sehingga ke doktor yang memeriksa saya, semua mereka bertugas dengan penuh dedikasi beserta senyuman yang ikhlas. Kalau saya ditempat mereka, belum tentu saya akan dapat melayan orang ramai yang datang yang memerlukan rawatan dengan wajah yang manis. Dengan hanya RM1, suami saya mendapat rawatan kelas pertama.

Terima kasih kepada semua doktor dan jururawat yang bertugas di Wad 7 Hospital Sungai Buloh, dan kepada semua doktor dan jururawat dimana saja anda berada. You people are the best!

Salam dari saya,
25th.October '14

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Roti Pisang Ringkas

Hari tu saya ada menonton masterchef Australia. Tengok dia buat roti pisang ataupun kek pisang. Senang sangat. Dah dua kali saya buat dan dua kali juga jadi elok. Banyak cara penyediaannya  dan ini adalah salah satu caranya.
Nak cuba?

Jom tengok bahan-bahan yang di perlukan :

125gm butter ( suhu bilik)
3/4 cawan gula kastor
2 sudu besar susu pekat manis (ini saya tambah sendiri)
2 biji telur
5 biji pisang emas (masak ranum)-- kalau pisang agak besar boleh kurangkan ke 4 biji
1  3/4 cawan tepung
1 sudu teh soda b.
secubit garam
Pisang emas
Kalau tak ada pisang emas, boleh pakai pisang lain seperti pisang berangan.

Pukul mentega dan gula sehingga warna agak keputihan. (saya pakai hand whisk saja)
Tuangkan pula susu pekat manis dan pukul lagi.

Pecahkan telur dan masukkan satu persatu kedalam adunan tadi bersama dengan pisang yang di lenyek.
Bila semua dah sekata, masukkan pula tepung, soda b dan garam.

Gaul lagi sampai semuanya menjadi mesra.
Panaskan oven pada suhu 180 C dan bakar selama lebih kurang 40~ 50 minit.

Saya letakkan sikit grated butter diatas kepingan roti pisang untuk menyedapkan lagi

Cuba cucuk dengan garfu atau lidi, sekiranya tidak melekit, bermakna dah masak roti pisang kita tadi.

** Kalau anda menggunakan salted butter, then tak payah masukkan garam lagi dah.

Kek pisang kita di sini selalunya tak menggunakan butter, rasanya memang sedap, tapi saya sengaja nak cuba cara yang ada butter pulak. Sama juga, rasa tetap sedap. Jadi anda boleh pilih nak cuba cara mana.

Masa penyediaan : 30 minit
Masa memasak    : 40 ~ 50 min

Anggaran Kos     : Pisang              : RM 2.50
                             Butter separuh :  RM 4.40
                             Telur                : RM 0.80
                             Lain lain           : RM 1.50

Jumlah Kos                                   : RM 9.20 untuk 6 orang

Salam dari saya,

20th.Oct '14

Saturday, 11 October 2014

Road Trip To Nowhere / Perjalanan Yang Tak Di Rancang

Kita baru saja menyambut hari Raya Haji lebih kurang seminggu yang lalu. (5hb.Oct '14) Kalau Raya Haji ni selalunya kita tak berlebih-lebih sangat,  ala kadar saja.

Seperti selalu, kedua-dua anak lelaki saya, Ariff dan Soffian kena bekerja pada hari Raya. Walau macammana pun terubat juga hati saya apabila anak bongsu saya, si Sara dapat balik bercuti selama empat hari. Saya pergi ke stesen keretapi Kuang untuk menjemput dia. Nampak saja dia turun dari tangga stesen keretapi tu, saya perasan dia agak kurus. Memang selama ni pun dia dah kurus, tapi nampak semakin kurus. Kesian anak mak ni! Bila dah berjauhan dengan famili, macam ni lah jadinya.

Raya Haji jatuh pada hari Ahad, Sara balik pada hari Jumaat petang. Pada mulanya kami ingat tak mahu kemana-mana hanya duduk dirumah saja.
Jadi pada pagi Sabtu selepas Subuh, saya mengadap desk top saya sambil menjawab email yang perlu di jawab, komen sikit sebanyak di face book, kerja-kerja offis yang harus dipantau dan check blog saya. Bila dah habis semua tu, saya jadi boring. Nak buat apa ni?

Lepas tu saya terfikir, jeep Prado ada dengan saya. Saya pinjam dari kakak saya, Mariam. (Kakak saya ni kerap membantu saya dalam apa-apa hal pun) Since jeep dah ada di tangan, kenapa tak pergi ke mana-mana kan?
Dengan semangat berkobar-kobar, saya kejutkan suami saya yang dah pun separuh bangun, kemudian saya kejutkan pulak Sophie dan terakhir Sara. Dengan cerianya saya cakap "Jom kita pi Pahang tengok gajah." Dia orang dengan mata separuh buka dan masih mamun setuju jugak la dengan mak depa ni.

Dalam pukul sepuluh macam tu, kami keluar rumah dan berenti kejap untuk sarapan. Dah siap makan, semua ready dan excited nak memulakan perjalanan, tiba-tiba jeep tak mau start. Hah punah. Try dua tiga kali tak boleh juga, tak ada bunyi apa pun. sah bateri weak. Saya call kakak saya cakap jeep tak boleh start. Dia suruh saya tunggu sat, dia minta anak dia, Musa tolong mai tengok and jump start jeep tu sat.  Semuanya siap lebih kurang pukul 12 tengahari.

Suami dan anak-anak saya nak pergi melawat tempat pemeliharaan gajah di Kuala Gandah, lanchang, Pahang. Tapi itu lah orang kata kan, kita hanya merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan. Perjalanan yang seharusnya mengambil dua ~ tiga jam sahaja menjadi empat setengah jam. Mau nya tidak, semua orang nak balik kampong, esok raya. Yang kami tak ada sebab-sebab konkrit pun sibuk nak pergi time tu jugak. Terhenjut-henjut Prado tu bergerak, gear satu gear dua, gear satu gear dua. Masuk gear tiga henjut makin teruk. Gerak perlahan, naik bukit pulak tu.. Kami sampai ke Kuala Gandah jam 4.30petang. Pak guard yang ada di situ dah tak benarkan kami masuk sebab time melawat dah nak habis. Tutup jam 5 petang. Ada sikit rasa kecewa tapi kami buat plan lain pulak.

Sebelum bertolak pagi tadi, kami terfikir nak camping kat Kuala Gandah ni atau mana-mana tempat yang provide camping site. Tapi kami lupa nak masukkan dalam plan kami kebarangkalian ada nya hujan. Ya, hujan sepanjang jalan. Lebat pulak tu. Saya memang sukakan hujan jadi saya tak berapa kisah sangat cuma plan kami harus di tukar. Jadi saya cakap dengan dia orang jom kita pusing-pusing menikmati keindahan negeri Pahang. Bunyi macam penyair la pulak!

Hampir jam 6.30petang, selepas kelaur dari Karak Highway, sedar tak sedar, kami dah sampai ke Temerloh. Kami nampak sebuah masjid, berenti sat nak buat 'Asar, takut terlepas pulak nanti. Kat depan masjid ada orang jual lemang dan rendang. Kami beli satu tiub saja, simpan, mana tau malam nanti kalau tak dapat cari makan, belah saja lemang tu dan makan untuk menyambut raya Haji.

Bila dah siap 'Asar dan lemang pun dah dibeli, kami tak ada hala tuju sebab dah semakin gelap sangat. Akhirnya kami semua setuju untuk ke Melaka sebab kalau nak cari camping site time tu pun dah lambat sangat. Saya tengok papan tanda ke Taman Negara pun agak jauh lagi, ditambah pulak dengan hujan.
Jadi, slowly, kami drive balik menuju ke Melaka. Waktu tu dah pukul lapan lebih. Saya pun dah letih. Kalau nak pandu terus ke Melaka ambik masa lagi dua jam. Saya perlukan rehat. Suami tak berapa sehat jadi dia memandu sekejap - sekejap saja.

Tau apa kami buat selepas tu? Kami singgah di R & R Genting Sempah dan bercadang untuk bermalam di situ. Apa susahnya. Bantal dan selimut kami dah bawa dan longgokkan dibelakang Prado. Nak pakai bilik air? Ada. Nak makan? Semua jenis makanan ada. Nak solat? Ada. Nak parking? lagi. Nak sejuk? Genting Sempah suhunya memang agak nyaman ditambah pulak dengan hujan. Dah hampir beku saya.. (Saya melebih-lebih sikit...) Tapi memang betul..sejuk.

Suami saya tidur di seat penumpang depan. Kami turunkan penyandar kebawah, letak bantal, tarik selimut dan zzzz...zzzzz...
Sara dan Sophie tak habis lagi bergaduh sapa dapat tempat lebih besar. Suami saya tak ambik pot dengan kami, dia dah lali dengan perangai tiga-tiga perempuan ni.

Sebelum tertidur, saya memandang kelangit dan dalam cahaya oren dari lampu jalan, saya nampak  titisan hujan jatuh. Ada sikit perasaan sayu di hati. Tak tahu kenapa.. tapi saya sangat happy waktu tu. Umur dah setengah abad, dapat buat benda yang macam ni, rasa lain sikit.

Seperti yang saya kata tadi, suami saya ni agak pendiam, kat rumah pun kalau kami bersembang dia tukang dengar. Hanya sekali sekala dia mencelah. Ada satu ketika tu, kami semua membuka sikit tingkap untuk membiarkan udara segar masuk. Saya dengan selambanya kata, " Kalau tengah tidur nanti, ada air jatuh ke muka mama, dah tentu-tentu tu hujan."
Sophie tergelak dengan kuatnya, "Ma, memang la hujan. Orang yang tak pandai pun tau tu. Kami semua tergelak dengan lawak yang tak berapa nak lawak tu tapi suami saya cuma senyum sikit. Kesian kat kami..

Kami terfikir nak ke Melaka sebab Sophie kata nak try dia orang punya assam pedas. Sara dan suami saya tak berapa suka sangat tapi depa ikut saja. Mula-mula kami ingat nak buat macam food hunting, Lagi sekali, kami buat plan yang kurang cerdik. Kan esok nya nak Raya? Sapa yang nak bukak kedai makan untuk kami? Jadi lupakan sajalah hasrat nak food hunting, kita ronda-ronda pekan Melaka saja.

Pukul 6 pagi: Suami kejutkan saya dan cadangkan kami bergerak lebih awal supaya tak terganggu dengan jam nanti.Jadi kami bergerak meninggalkan Genting Sempah dalam keadaan cuaca yang sejuk dan gelap dengan jalan yang agak licin.
Kami sampai Melaka pada lebih kurang pukul 9 am. Kedua-dua Sophie dan Sara dah bangun. Saya bagi tau depa, saya nak pergi ke pantai, sebab saya sangat-sangat merindui Langkawi. Saya nak jalan berkaki ayam di atas pasir laut. Saya nampak papan tanda tunjuk arah ke Tanjung Bidara. Sebelum sampai kesana, kami saja drive around melalui, Masjid Tanah, Kem Terendak, Kem Sungai Udang, Alor gajah, Cheng, Ayer Keroh, Bukit Katil dan akhir sekali baru saya pusing pergi ke Pengkalan Balak. Mula-mula ingat nak ke Tg Bidara tapi sebab dah jumpa Pengkalan Balak dulu, tukar fikiran pi Pengkalan Balak saja.

Pantai Pengkalan Balak ni panjang, tapi maaf cakap, air laut kat sini agak keruh dan warna kelabu dibandingkan di Langkawi air laut nya hijau kebiru-biruan. Tapi saya tetap rasa puas sedap dapat sedut angin laut.

Dah habis ronda-ronda Melaka, akhirnya kami sampai ke bandar Melaka. Sophie nak ke Jonker Street. Katanya nak cari rantai-rantai hand-made. Tapi disebabkan ramainya manusia waktu tu, saya dah tak ada hati nak berjalan lama-lama. Terlalu ramai. Banyak kenderaan dari Singapura dan bas-bas pesiaran yang membawa pelancong dari Taiwan. Saya memang tak suka kalau terlalu ramai, rasa macam nak pitam.

Kami ada terfikir nak ke Umbai untuk mencuba makanan lautnya disana. Sophie cuba call satu restaurant tu tapi tak berjawab. Kami tak nak membuang masa pergi kesana, tengok-tengok kedai tutup. Rugi masa dan minyak saja. Dah la minyak pun dah naik harga.

Habis pusing-pusing Jonker Street , kami ambik kereta dan pandu ke Stadhuys. Tempat ni dah biasa datang dulu, tapi sebab dah habis satu Melaka kami jalan, kami pergi jugak lah ke sini. Kat sini pun, punya lah ramai manusia. Kami tengok barang-barang souvenir yang dijual tapi tak ada yang menarik hati saya. Oh ada satu, saya beli belacan bakar dari sana.

Dah masuk lunch time. Semua pun dah lapar. Kami panjat tangga naik keatas dan jumpa food court. Ada banyak juga kedai makan Melayu yang buka. Kami singgah ke satu gerai ni dan ambik asam pedas ikan pari, daging seketul (besar), siput sedut, ayam, sayur dan minuman, semua sekali RM 33.00. Sangat berbaloi. Sedap pulak tu.

Sebetulnya kami teringin sangat nak makan kat Umbai yang famos tu, tapi macam yang saya kata tadi, takut tempat tu tutup, buat penat je kami ke sana.

Jadi selepas makan tengahari, kami buat keputusan untuk balik saja. Perjalanan yang agak meletihkan tapi I had a great time. Sayang nya kedua-dua anak lelaki tak dapat ikut sekali, kalau tak tentu lebih ramai jadinya.
Kesemua perbelanjaan termasuk minyak, tol dan makan ialah RM 350.00. Kalau pakai kereta biasa tentu lebih jimat kos minyak.

Saya rasa trip ni lebih untuk diri saya daripada untuk anak-anak atau suami. Saya sukakan plan kami yang agak tak menjadi dan perkara yang kami lakukan secara rawak dan spontan. Dari dulu kita menjaga keluarga dengan selalunya perhatian diberikan kepada anak-anak dan suami. Apa salahnya sekali sekala kita hiburkan hati kita pulak. Saya tahu anak-anak dan suami suka tengok bila saya ketawa macam ni.

Salam dari saya dan di dalam masih ada suasana hari raya ni saya ingin memohon maaf sekiranya ada kata-kata dan tulisan yang menyakitkan hati sesiapa yang membaca.

11th.October '14


Hey people!

We had celebrated another religious celebration about a week ago, Eid Al-Adha (5th,Oct '14). Unlike the Eidul Fitr, this one was celebrated in a smaller and moderate scale. Even I wasn't around to celebrate it.

As usual, my two boys were working on that holiday season but at least Sara can get away from her jam packed study schedules. I went to fetch her from the train station. The first thought that strike my mind was that she had lost a little weight. Poor baby!

The Eid Al-Adha fell on Sunday. Sara got home on Friday evening. At first we thought of doing nothing, just laze around the house.
On Saturday morning while everyone was still sleeping, I was already by my desk top running through my emails, office job, face book comments and checking the blog. I got restless after a while.

Then I thought since I got the jeep, (Prado jeep borrowed from my sweet sister,Mariam) why not make the full use out of it? I wake my husband up, then Sophie followed by Sara. I said cheerily to them, "hey all, wanna go for a trip to the East Coast. Both the girls are still groggy from their sleep but they agreed anyway.

We set out about 10:00am and stopped for breakfast at a local restaurant. All of us had roti canai (Malaysian favourite breakfast) and was ready to leave via the expressway when the jeep refused to start. I tried the second time and there was no sound whatsoever. I knew then it's the battery. Thank God it happened close to my sister's home. I called her up  and she sent her son, Musa to come and fix it for us. The jeep was ready by 12:00pm.

My husband and the girls wanted to visit the elephant conservation center in Pahang. The place called Kuala Gandah. Since we got nothing better to do, I agreed with them. But we can only planned. The road were jammed with vehicles going home for the festive season. The usual trip will only take 2 hours or three but we ended taking four and a half hour. We reached there at 4.30pm. The security wouldn't allow us to enter as they were about to close. Feeling slightly dejected, we had to come up with another plan.
Before we set out, we were talking about camping somewhere along the way. What we forgot to include in our plan was, the rain. Yeap, the rain. It was raining heavily throughout the way. What can we do now? Since I am behind the wheel, I said to them, lets just drive and drink in the beauty of this place.

By 6.30pm we stopped at a nearby mosque and did our 'Asar prayer. We bought a tube of lemang (special Malay delicacy during Eid) with beef rendang for us to enjoy it later.
The rain keep pouring with no sign of stopping. At last we all agreed to turn back and visit another state, Malacca, one of the smaller state in Malaysia. But then, it was already late. The clock on the dash board showed eight something. It will take another two hours or so to reach Malacca and I needed some rest. My husband was not feeling well so he only drove a short distance.

What we did next was fun, at least to me it was. We looked out for the nearest R & R (Rest & Relax) stop and decided to call it a night there. Guess what we did? We recline all the seats in the jeep starting with my husband who slept by the front passenger seat. The three of us slept at the back. Was it hot inside? It was near freezing (okay, okay I am exaggerating a bit), but honestly, it was cold. The thermometer showed 19 degrees. We didn't even need air condition from the vehicle as the rain had helped us throughout the night.
Before dozing off, while the two girls were fighting over who was getting the bigger space, I looked up the sky and watched forlornly at the rain dropping on the roof of the jeep. I thought to myself, I am feeling blissful and pleased with what I am doing at that moment. Who would have thought of spending the night  in a vehicle at the age of fifty one? Oh I almost forgot, we brought along our own pillows and blankets from home to keep us comfortable for that night.

My husband, always the quiet one, couldn't be bothered with our antics. We unwind the windows a little to let some fresh air in. It felt so good.With full seriousness and unrehearsed I said, "Tonight, while sleeping, if there's water dripping on my face, it's the rain for sure." Suddenly Sophie broke out laughing so hard and she said, "Ma, it doesn't  take a genius to figure that out. Of course it's the rain, it is raining as you speak." We talked and poked jokes for a while before finally all fell asleep.

Malacca came to mind since we're thinking of food. We thought of doing some food hunting. Again, we made stupid plan. It's the festive season..most of the hawkers food are closed. So, forget food hunting. Let's just drive around.
At six am, my husband woke me up and suggested we leave earlier to avoid crowd. And so without waking  the two girls, we made our way to Malacca, the historical state. We reached Malacca by 9am. The two girls were wide awake  now. I said to all of them, I want to go to a beach. I missed Langkawi so much and I need to walk on a sandy beach to make me feel better. They knew how I felt and went along with me quietly. I drove to a place called Pengkalan Balak. It was a long stretch of beach but it wasn't Langkawi beach. I am not being biased but I can't help comparing the blue/green water of Langkawi ocean to Pengkalan Balak's murky water and coarse sand. I breathed deeply to inhale the salted air and I felt rejuvenated. (exaggerating again)
After the beach, we drove at leisure passing by scenic Malay village. The four of us were talking animatedly about how beautiful the place is. (I snapped a few pictures, will post it later on)

Finally we made our way to Malacca city. Sophie wanted to visit a place called Jonker Walk. It is a place where tourists usually flocked in and on the day we were there, the placed were swamped with Singaporeans and Taiwanese. It was so seriously crowded that I thought I could faint. ( exaggerating again but not far from truth) Just a brief info, Jonker Street is a place where one can find hand crafted souvenirs, antiques, food and so on. Sophie wanted to find some hand made necklace but ended up not getting any. We lost interest after a while due to the overwhelming crowd. Honestly I got claustrophobic being around to too many people. We've lost for ideas as to where else should we be heading. We thought of going to Umbai, a place famous for it's seafood. Sophie placed a call to one of the restaurants there but there was no reply. I don't want to waste any of our time  going there and finding it close due to the holiday.
Sara and my husband went along with the two of us since we (both Sophie and I) were the ones that looked up for information for places to visit.

We left Jonker Walk/Street and drove to nearby Stadhuys building. Here too, the place was crowded but what do you expect? It's holiday. We browsed around some souvenir stalls but didn't buy anything. I was never a good tourist. A tour guide would terribly be unhappy with me. It's lunch time and we were all hungry.  We walked up the staircase and found a food court up there. Great! A few Malay stalls were open. Malacca is famous for it's Assam Pedas (it's a sort of a fish stew but cooked with chilli paste and lots of tamarind juice. ) This is one of my many favourite dishes.  We had our rice with a big chunk of beef, chicken, some clams, sting ray fish, vegetables plus soft drinks. All in we paid RM 33.00. It was a very good price and the food was good.

Prior to our lunch, we planned to have dinner at Umbai but as I said earlier, I don't want to take chances of going there and finding it close. So we agreed to leave for home. It was tiring and we didn't sleep in any warm or comforting hotel, but we had fun. Too bad the two boys can't be with us, else it would have been better. All in all, we spend about RM 350.00 (all include : toll, gas, meals) for four of us.

I supposed this trip was more  for me than for any one of them. I loved the stupid plan we made that didn't work out. I loved the thing that we did at random and at the spur of the moment. My husband and the girls didn't say much about it but I know they were pleased to see me having a great time. All the time, we looked after the children and do the best to accommodate and make them happy, it's time for us to flatter our hearts, and I did just that.

Stay safe and be good people!
11th.October '14