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Thursday, 11 July 2013

What's In Langkawi: Accommodation (Part 3)

Dear All,

I have updated a few hotels and inns for year 2015 for your hotel hunt in Langkawi.

Okay, today is the final entry for What's in Langkawi.  Accommodation.
I will select some hotels and motels and decent places to stay while you are here. If ever you couldn't find a room on the date you've chosen, worry not, hop in your plane and head here. Walk around  or drive around the island, you'll surely find one decent place to rest your body for that night. Maybe not entirely your preference but still you found a place to sleep over. You can do the hotel (of your choice) hunting the very next day.

Let us start with budget hotels and motels at the popular Pantai Cenang and Kuah Town area.
AB Motel - by the beach

1) AB Motel :Pantai Cenang
2) Chenang Memories   (from RM 180 per nt)
3) T Star Cottage :
4) The Cottage Langkawi
5) Desa Motel
6) Salsa Resort (new hotel) - from RM 120.00/nt
7) Charlie Motel
8) Citin Hotel
9) Casa Idaman Motel
Cosy Inn
10) Eagle Bay Hotel
11) Cosy Inn
12) My Hotel 
13) Landcons Hotel
14) Hotel Bahagia

i) Casa Idaman Motel: Newly built and was opened somewhere in the mid of 2015. 
AB Motel,The Cottage Langkawi and Landcon Hotel, all in Pantai Cenang.
*The Cottage has rooms for backpackers and a cabin. It's cheap, it's new and well positioned in the main Pantai Cenang. So does Landcon.

Landcons Hotel room
*For Kuah Town, I can only come up with one new hotel, The Cosy Inn. Very practical and clean. The rest of other hotels looked a little rundown.


Now let's see the affordable hotels :

1) Bayview Hotel  Langkawi   
Fave Room
( from RM 220.00/nt)                  

2) Grand Continental Hotel  (from RM 190.00/ nt)
3) Century Langkawi Beach Resort  (from RM 300/ nt)
4) Casa Idaman Motel   (from RM 150/ nt)
5) Cenang Plaza Beach  (from RM220.00/nt)
6) Langgura Baron Hotel  (from RM 160/nt)
7) Langkawi Seaview Hotel  (from RM 180/nt)
8) Adya Hotel Langkawi   (from RM 270.00/nt)
9) Malibest Resort   (from RM180.00/nt)
10) Sandy Beach Resort    ( from RM 110.00/nt)
11) Best Star Resort  (from RM 180.00/nt)
12) Aseania Resort Langkawi  (from RM 270/nt)
13) Fave Hotel     (from RM 260.00/ nt)
14) Bella Vista Resort   (from RM 140.00/nt)

(Prices shown are an estimation from few travel sources  and valid during low season.)
Updated on 24th.Dec '15

These are the kind of hotels which you would either love it or you have loads of complaint to write about. Why did I say that? Because if you are staying at a budget hotel, you knew what you are in for. It's cheap so we can't complaint much but for these type of hotels  we expect a better place and service.

Here's what I think:
* Adya Hotel is one of the newest hotel in Langkawi. Located in Kuah Town. Opened in January '15.
* City Bayview in Kuah Town is acceptable. The Grand Continental has seen it's better days.
* Bella Vista (Kuah Town) has got a new management so they are doing slightly better than before.
*Sandy Beach has got very good location. No need to rent motorbike or car as you are right in Pantai Cenang.
* The Lanai has a good beach. This hotel has closed down.  
* Langkawi Baron Hotel & Aseania Resort: These two hotels receives more complain than compliment. The good thing about Langkawi Baron is that it's just a few steps away from the beautiful beach.

Fave Hotel  could be a good choice.
 Four Point (changed name to Century Langkasuka Resort. (However Four Point is out from the main Pantai Cenang area. It's close to airport,  room-wise they are good but location wise it's away from everything.)

Latest info : 1) The Lanai Hotel has closed down. 
                     2) The Aseania Resort is being revamp and they have a few restaurants now.  
                         (Worth trying)
                         (entry updated on 26th.Aug '14)
                      3) Four Point Hotel has changed it's name to Century Langkasuka Resort.      (Updated on 24th.Dec '15)


Next, the in between price ( from RM 300.00 ~ RM 550.00 and above)

 1) Resorts World Langkawi (Formerly known as Awana Porto Malai)
 2) Sheraton Langkawi Beach Resort
 3) Berjaya Beach & Spa Resort
 4) Meritus Pelangi Beach Resort
 5) The Frangipani Langkawi
 6) Taj Hotel (formerly known as Rebak Marina Resort)
 7) Holiday Villa Langkawi & Federal Villa
 8) Langkawi Lagoon Resort
 9) Century Langkawi Beach Resort   ( from RM 300 per nite)

Berjaya Beach & Spa Resort

*Okay let's see. Beach-wise, Berjaya/ Meritus Pelangi/The Frangipani and Holiday Villa has got it. 
*Taj Hotel situated on a private island. Need to board a 15 minutes hotel speed boat to reach the hotel.
*Langkawi Lagoon room is beautiful but they lacked on their beach and the hotel is away from the hype of activity.
* Even though Resorts World hotel is next to the ocean, the hotel doesn't have a beach. It is a port where one can see big cruise ships and yachts docked there. Breath taking scenery though.
* Sheraton Langkawi was a great hotel once, unless the management do something about it, they're gonna lose more guests than they already are. 


The last category is for the most expensive hotels on the island. Their rates start from RM800 and above :
Casa Del Mar
Premium Ocean View Room
The Westin Langkawi

1) The Westin Beach & Spa Resort  (from RM1100 per nite)
2)  The Datai Langkawi
3) The Andaman Hotel
4)  Casa Del Mar 
5) La Villa Langkawi  ( from RM 1500 per nite)
6) Tanjong Rhu Beach Resort
7) The Four Seasons Langkawi
8) The Danna Langkawi

*Among the six hotels, The Four Seasons is the most expensive at about RM 2000.00 per nite. 
It is situated at the north tip of the island. What do I think of this hotel? If I have money, I'd stay here. Simple as that.

* The Westin is the only hotel of this category that situated close to Kuah town. They have the beach but not as good as some other beaches.

* The Datai & The Andaman are fabulous too. But they are too far out to my liking. If you are traveling with young or teenage children, be sure to find something interesting for them to spend their time with. It's right in the tropical jungle and very,very quiet. You don't see any other people walking around except for hotel guests and their staff.

* I like where The Danna Hotel is located. It looks cheerful and serene. This hotel is near to Berjaya Beach & Spa Resort. The Cable car Langkawi is within walking distance to these two  hotels.   

* Casa Del Mar is located right in Pantai Cenang. Very small hotel just with about 34 rooms but beautifully managed. Great rooms and great beach. 

Latest info : Mutiara Burau Bay has closed down. 
                     (updated on 12th.Nov '13)


Home Stay Or Vacation Home

I passed by a few vacation homes or home-stay as widely known in Malaysia. Home stay means a house equipped with furnitures, cooking appliances, electrical appliances such as iron and iron board, stove and fridge. I will update in a few days time. Got to take a break now.

Okay, I guess I've covered up some of the places to stay while you are here in Langkawi. If you wish to know more about any other places or where they are located, just drop me a line. I'll find out for you guys.
Until next time. Have a great day. :)

12th.July '13

(updated on 24th.Dec /15)


  1. Useful information. Thank you so much.

  2. ada cadangan homestay/guestroom bawah rm100 tak?

  3. Akak rasa kebanyakan homestay semua lebih dari RM100. Paling murah pun rasanya dia orang RM130 satu malam sebab dia orang kira ambik satu rumah.