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Wednesday, 6 April 2016

What Is It With Women?

Hey everyone!

I haven't been writing on regular basis lately. Writer's block. Every once in a while my head became blank and I am totally lost, lost in thought, lost in ideas and lost in writing.

Suddenly today, as I was sitting down taking a breather from my busy day, something caught my eye on Diva Channel that triggered me to write. It's about women. Yeah I know, I know, Diva channel is all about women. But does everybody need to be reminded how strong the women are, how great the women are? Didn't anybody notice that in every move we (the women) made, we wanted an acknowledgement of some sort from others especially the men?

When we excelled in our high ranking job, we made it clear that women can be better than men.
When women drove an 18 wheeler truck, we applauded that women were awesome species.
When our children excelled academically, we applauded ourselves and said we are the better parent than our spouse. (of which I agreed whole-heartedly)
I mean, don't get me wrong, I am not men's defender. Mind you, I've met some of the worse type of men throughout my fifty three years of life and they are more than I could chew but I wish that women shouldn't be too extravagant in show-casing themselves as someone superior. It's cloying to be fed with updates about how admirable a woman can be.

What are we trying to prove? That we are the better species than men? Okay, let's say we are great in everything we do and much much better than men, so...what is it that we want? A standing ovation for being awesome? An accolade for being superb?
Shouldn't we be walking hand in hand with them, the men? After all, there are only two species of mankind in this world, men and women.
Maybe I am an old fashion and conservative type of woman, I still need men to be around me and felt protected. By nature, it's  men's world. Period.

It's not like I am against the honouring for women. It's just that, I feel we are overstating it. Too much hype about it makes me empathize for men. They deserve as much recognition if not more than us. I agree men can be hopeless, mean, brutal, insensitive species and loads more unflattering words about them, but that is beside the point.
Men with qualities do and still exist, only thing is they're becoming a rare commodities to acquire.

Deny all we want, men still are the leader whereas we, the women still depend on them in a lot of things. Not happy with my observation? Take a look at a few things below:
* We feel protected having men around
* Men are better in decision making. They're quick, precise and straight-to-the-point
* The presence of men make us feel safe
* Kids listen and obey their daddies better than they did to their mom simply because men are authoritative.
*  Many preferred men as their bosses because they are authoritative, they have that commanding quality, they don't talk much, gossip less and less emotional.

Women were so adamant to portray themselves as being superbly able and better (than men) that they came up with, what men can do, we can too, but what women can do, men can't. And they cited child birth as the thing that men can't do. Like seriously people!! How shallow can that be.

Nobody had to hold me at gunpoint to make me choose between men and women. Without hesitation I am all for women. Most of the men in modern days are hopeless. They are either too pretty or too full of themselves. Gone were the days when men didn't have to frequent gymnasium to achieve the six pack torso or the bulging arms. These days men are equally conscious about their looks and bodies that they became lame to my eyes. They were not as I hoped and wished for anymore. Why, they even squirm at the sight of a spider. They were even not as handy as they used to be. My grandpa could dig a well with his bare hands, build a little shack for grandma to cook. Can you say the same with modern men?

And then there is women. We placed ourselves up on a pedestal thinking that we are holier than thee. We make certain our voices were heard in any issues relating to abusing of women's right. We want men to take notice that we're a force to be reckoned with. Sadly, many a time, it's women themselves that disgraced their own species.
The true nature of a woman is that we were always craving for attention. We dolled up to attract attention, we walked suggestively to attract attention, we worked our ass off in the hope that someone superior would notice us.

Suddenly the realization of the above statement hit home. Is this why the extensive publicity were made? Because women were so wrapped up in the glory of being the center of attention? I hope not, I honestly hope that's not the major reason. Because if that was the reason, then it's as good as saying women were unsure and have a low self confidence in themselves that they need to display their accomplishment for all to admire.

Me? I have nothing to display. I have nothing to admire. I have nothing to show off. I am a nobody yet I am a somebody to the eyes of my loved ones.

There bound to be some women out there who disagreed with me but it's just my thought. Nothing more, nothing less. Smile!

Have a pleasant day wherever you are.

7th.April '16

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